Details of the Ras Jamila area and its location in Sharm El Sheikh

Details of the Ras Jamila area and its location in Sharm El Sheikh

The region of Ras Gamila is considered one of the foremost areas in Sharm El Sheikh, South Sinai Governorate. Urban and touristic development plans akin to those of Ras El Hekma are underway, rendering it a distinctive investment opportunity due to its strategic location and myriad other advantages that have led to its selection for development.

The name of the Ras Gamila land development project in South Sinai occasionally circulates in local media, especially following the success of the Ras El Hekma city development deal, though the commencement of concrete steps in this domain has yet to be confirmed.

The most important information about the Ras Gamila area, Sharm El Sheikh

The Ras Gamila area in Sharm El Sheikh epitomizes its exceptional and unique beauty. Situated in one of the finest regions in the Sinai Peninsula, it stands out as a distinguished tourist destination offering a variety of recreational, touristic, diving, and other activities that attract visitors.

What renders this area a luxurious tourist destination is its splendid natural beauty, manifested in its enchanting coral reefs, breathtaking landscapes, diverse marine life, and vibrant colors. Hence, naming the area Ras Gamila is indeed a precise embodiment of its natural beauty.

Below are the key details about the Ras Gamila area and its development project, based on official statements, local media reports:

  • Situated in Sharm El Sheikh, the most renowned tourist resort in South Sinai, the Ras Gamila area encompasses approximately 860,000 square meters of land, as announced by the Minister of Public Business Sector, Mahmoud Esmat, in February last year.
  • The lands are owned by two companies: “Al-Montazah for Tourism and Investment,” a subsidiary of the Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels, one of the companies of the Ministry of Public Business Sector, and “Emac El Aqaba,” a subsidiary of the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
  • The government’s declared plans for the area’s development aim at establishing a hospitality tourism project through a partnership with the private sector, including the construction of a 5-star hotel offering rooms, apartments, and world-class services according to international standards. The land has been evaluated by specialized entities to determine the ownership shares of the two companies in 2021.
  • Al-Montazah Company announced on its website that it has completed the infrastructure works for the first phase and part of the second phase of the project, including necessary networks to further activate the project, such as roads, electricity, water, sewage, irrigation water, telephone, and lighting.
  • The Minister of Public Business Sector mentioned in February that the government is considering selecting the appropriate investment model for the Ras Gamila area.
  • In 2016, the government negotiated with Wadi Degla Real Estate Investment Group, as well as with Saudi Arabia’s Al-Futtaim Group and the UAE’s Emaar, but no agreement was reached at that time, according to local media reports.
  • The Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels estimated the project’s investments in 2020 at around 3 billion Egyptian pounds.

Location of Ras Jamila City, Sharm El Sheikh and its advantages

Ras Gamila stands as one of the most picturesque areas in South Sinai, nestled in Sharm El Sheikh facing the islands of Tiran and Sanafir, near the planned site for a bridge across the Red Sea.

This exceptional location elevates it to one of the prominent spots in South Sinai, given its proximity to Sharm El Sheikh Airport and its status as one of the city’s premier tourist destinations. Hence, it is favored by tourists and Egyptians alike for leisure and entertainment.

Noteworthy is Ras Gamila’s stunning vista overlooking the Red Sea coastline, boasting one of the longest beaches in the region after Naama Bay. It boasts several aesthetic elements, including:

  • Enchanting views of the Red Sea.
  • Mesmerizing turquoise waters.
  • Marvelous diversity in marine life.
  • Beautiful coral reefs.

Ras Gamila space Sharm El Sheikh

Ras Gamila in Sharm El Sheikh spans across a vast expanse of approximately 860 acres, distinguished by possessing the second-longest beach after the Naama Bay area. The area is divided into two parts, consisting of two parcels of land:

  • Al-Montazah for Tourism and Investment Company, owned by the Holding Company for Tourism and Hotels.
  • Emac Real Estate Company, owned by the Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Saudi Arabia tourism project in the Ras Jamila area

Similar to the highly successful and widely acclaimed Ras El Hekma deal in recent times, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has presented an offer to open up investment opportunities in both real estate and commercial sectors within the Ras Gamila region.

Ras Gamila Deal

The Ras Gamila deal stands as one of the most anticipated real estate transactions, with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia proposing to unlock investment potential within this area. The deal entails the Kingdom relinquishing $10 billion in exchange for approval from the Egyptian government, which is currently under consideration. The offer comes from the Ajlan & Brothers Group, ranked among the top 100 family-owned real estate companies for 2024, securing the 32nd position.

The Residential and Hospitality Project

According to consistent reports, the Ajlan & Brothers Group plans to construct a tourist project comprising a luxurious 5-star hotel, offering a variety of hotel services including rooms, apartments, and diverse amenities, alongside necessary infrastructure networks to support the project. Additionally, Al-Montazah Company has decided to provide numerous services and infrastructure, including road networks, electricity, water, sewage, irrigation water, and lighting.

Features of the Ras Jamila tourist area

Ras Gamila area substantiates the beauty of its name through its numerous natural features, among which are:

  • Winning the prestigious “AFASU” African-Asian Union Golden Award for Best Safe Area.
  • Possessing diverse aesthetic and alluring qualities.
  • Its extensive, sandy beaches, which impart exceptional beauty.
  • Being recognized as a global hub for diving.
  • Its crystal-clear azure waters.
  • Offering a plethora of recreational activities.
  • Hosting a variety of water sports.

Statement from the Egyptian Ministry of Public Business Sector

In this context, Mansour Abdel Ghani, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Business Sector, stated in a previous television interview regarding the development of Ras Gamila land: “A committee has been formed by decision of the Cabinet to study, propose, and prepare a strategic vision for utilizing the area.”

Abdel Ghani added: “The aim of the meeting was to establish a strategic vision for utilizing the land, not only Ras Gamila, but also the surrounding area, the geographic space, and adjacent regions,” indicating that efforts are being made to devise a vision that maximizes the benefit and returns of this distinctive area.

He continued: “The issue will be addressed through either a global consultant or a global consultancy firm to develop a vision for how to utilize this land.”

Ras Jamila Project Services

Al-Montazah Tourism and Investment Company presents a unique experience in Sharm El Sheikh, pledging to build a five-star hotel that offers world-class rooms, apartments, and services. The project relies not only on its prime location but also on the unparalleled expertise we ensure, which will be hard to forget.

This investment site spans 800,000 square meters, including 750 meters of beautiful beach, ideal for marine adventures such as jet skiing and diving. The land features a 35-meter slope from the main road to the beach, providing magnificent views of the Sinai Mountains and the Red Sea from every angle.

Infrastructure works for the first phase and part of the second phase have been executed by the company, including road networks, electricity, water, sewage, irrigation water, telephone, and lighting, to ensure the continuity of this ambitious project. Three major projects have been undertaken by its specialized companies for this purpose.

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Details of the Ras Jamila area and its location in Sharm El Sheikh

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