Looking for a serene and prestigious place to live with stunning natural landscapes and luxurious amenities? The Brooks Compound in Fifth Settlement offers this and more. It features modern European architectural designs and a unique community lifestyle. Developed by PRE Pioneers, a company with decades of experience and a history of innovation and quality.

Prices and Features of The Brooks Compound Fifth Settlement

If you are seeking the perfect location for your project, The Brooks Compound is the ideal choice. Selecting the compound’s location took a long time to ensure accuracy and quality, and we found that New Cairo is the perfect place to establish this project, combining tranquility and sophistication. The strategic location ensures easy access to major destinations for your convenience and entertainment. Additionally, there are many nearby places such as Saray Compound.

The Brooks New Cairo boasts elegant and modern architectural design that combines sophistication with practical functionality.

The “The Brooks” project in Fifth Settlement enjoys a vast area of up to 160 acres, featuring a range of residential apartments and villas. The project was designed by Engineer Yasser El Beltagy, who has experience in designing several renowned projects such as Alamein Towers and Azha Sokhna. The project boasts a large proportion of green spaces and services, with only 15% of the area being built up, while all units enjoy breathtaking views of the artificial lakes and gardens.

The design of “The Brooks” Compound aims to be comfortable and modern while maintaining privacy and tranquility. The designs feature high quality and intricate details, utilizing the latest technologies in the architectural field. YBA Engineering Consultancy, owned by Yasser El Beltagy, has extensive experience in designing large residential and touristic projects and has been hired to execute this project.

The developer ensures that the designs of “The Brooks” are fresh and innovative, catering to all tastes and reflecting a unique vision for the residential community.

The project offers units of various sizes and designs to suit all residential needs and interests.

Units on the ground floor are available, consisting of one bedroom, starting from 105 square meters, with a garden ranging from 50 to 120 square meters. There are also ground floor units consisting of two bedrooms, starting from 129 square meters, with a garden area ranging from 80 square meters.

As for the upper floor units, they consist of two bedrooms, ranging in size from 124 to 126 square meters. Meanwhile, penthouse units range in size from 212 to 216 square meters, with a roof starting from 19 square meters up to 26 square meters.

The terrace duplex units range in size from 236 square meters, while the loft units range in size from 251 square meters.

The garden duplex units range in size from 235 to 249 square meters, with a private garden starting from 70 square meters up to 150 square meters.

Enjoy a wide range of diverse services and recreational facilities, including swimming pools, health clubs, green spaces, shopping, and entertainment venues.

The Brooks project in Fifth Settlement offers comprehensive services and develops an integrated urban lifestyle, inspired by great European architecture. The project features a master plan linked to the valley and prestigious open spaces, offering a variety of unique amenities that meet all needs and services.

The Brooks boasts vast green spaces that reflect the creative view within the compound, in addition to magnificent swimming pools and artificial lakes that add a beautiful appearance. The compound also provides sports clubs and integrated commercial areas, including Strip Mall and a variety of international restaurants and cafes.

The Brooks also features a dedicated walking and jogging area, in addition to underground parking garages and parking spaces to ensure comfort and safety. The compound is secured 24/7 by security systems, surveillance cameras, and guards.

Enjoy competitive prices and flexible payment plans tailored to your budget and financial needs.

Units within The Brooks project in Fifth Settlement are offered at competitive prices that are unparalleled compared to the services and features provided by the compound. The owning company strives to provide these prices to avoid any issues facing customers.

Payment and installment systems have been facilitated for customers interested in purchasing units in The Brooks project, where a 10% down payment is made, and the remainder is paid over 7 years on a quarterly payment basis. Maintenance fees are estimated at approximately 8% of the total unit value, and units are delivered within 4 years from the contract date.

The developer offers extremely competitive prices starting from 3,000,000 Egyptian pounds for units with an area of 140 square meters. Prices start from 5,990,000 Egyptian pounds for ground floor one-bedroom units and range up to 6,790,000 Egyptian pounds. Penthouse unit prices range between 11,720,000 Egyptian pounds and 13,210,000 Egyptian pounds, while terrace duplex unit prices start from 13,250,000 Egyptian pounds. The total price for loft units starts from 14,090,000 Egyptian pounds, and garden duplex unit prices range between 14,500,000 Egyptian pounds and 14,910,000 Egyptian pounds.

Get a lucrative investment opportunity that offers stable and guaranteed financial returns in the long term.

The Brooks project in Fifth Settlement offers a range of investment benefits that make it the ideal choice for various investors seeking a safe and guaranteed investment. Among these benefits are:

– Generating a fixed monthly income through renting out the residential unit, as units in the project are among the most sought-after units for rent in Fifth Settlement.
– Preserving a stable capital value unaffected by various economic factors such as inflation, contributing to achieving investment stability and consistency.
– Achieving significant financial profit upon reselling the residential unit, due to the continuous increase in unit prices, making it a lucrative investment opportunity for the future.

The Brooks compound, developed by a trusted real estate developer with a proven track record of delivering high-quality projects and distinctive residential experiences.

PRE Pioneers is the executing company for The Brooks project in Fifth Settlement. Established in 1992, PRE Pioneers is a major corporation with 57 companies listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange.

Some of PRE’s notable real estate projects include:

– Stone Park
– Stone Residence
– Telal El Sahel Plateau
– Telal El Sokhna Plateau