If you want to live in an area close to all services in the heart of the bride of the Mediterranean Sea, and join the first steps of the comprehensive development plan for the coastal city, and enjoy a life full of luxury and elegance, then Frat Square project is for you.

The compound, which is being created within the neighborhood directly supervised by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces and the General Authority for Urban Planning.

The Frat Square project was designated and launched as part of the “Building the Future Together” initiative, which supports cooperation between civil society in real estate development.

What distinguishes the Frat Square project the most is that it is located within the Sawari neighborhood, which receives great attention from the city’s largest official authorities, up to the governor himself, the Ministry of Housing, and the Engineering Authority.

Location of the Frat Square project:

The Frat Square compound is located in the heart of the Sawari neighborhood in New Alexandria, which enjoys a privileged location, as it is located behind Carrefour City Center and the Police Hospital, at the end of the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the junction between the Tanta-Alexandria Agricultural Axis, the Ring Road, the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the Coastal Road.

This place is characterized by its proximity to various services, with a unique view of Lake Mariout, the yacht marina on the lake, and Alexandria’s family promenade.

This place is close to many services, which we will clarify in the following points:

10 minutes to reach the beaches of Alexandria, Alexandria University’s Colleges Complex, Al-Ittihad Alexandria Club, and Al-Salah Alexandria Club.
15 minutes away from Sporting Club, Al-Ittihad Club, Smouha, and Equestrian Owners Club.
5 minutes to reach Alexandria Airport.
15 minutes to reach Pharos University, Alexandria Private University, New Alexandria University Colleges Complex.
30 minutes to reach the New Port of Alexandria.
Overlooking Carrefour City Center Mall.
5 minutes away from Alexandria International Stadium.

Frat Square Project Design:

The Frat Square project was designed on an area of ​​20 acres, according to the developed engineering code supervised by the Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces, which ensures that only 20% of the land area is used for buildings, and 50% of it is green spaces and water bodies.

The Frat Square project has been designed in a way that ensures open views for all units, which vary in views to include the following:

Carrefour City Center Mall.
Lake Mariout.
The garden and landscape of the project.
Villas area.
Sawari Club.

The buildings in the Frat Square compound are designed in a U-shape, so that the compound units are distributed over 9 buildings, and in the heart of the compound is the services area, landscape, and the internal garden of the compound, in a way that ensures privacy, luxury, and open views for various units.

Types of units in the Frat Square project:

The areas of units within the Frat Square project in Sawari, New Alexandria, vary in a way that meets the different needs of all customers, as it includes a variety of apartments and residential units, with areas starting from 143 square meters, up to 186 square meters, in addition to units with a private garden or a private roof.

Features of the Frat Square project:

In addition to the fact that the Frat Square project enjoys all the various services of the Sawari neighborhood, it also has some other advantages, among which you can enjoy in the Frat Square compound all of the following:

The natural landscapes of the project.
Specialized schools, providing advanced educational services for various educational stages.
Luxurious hotels and a conference hall.
A fully equipped medical center.
Large commercial centers and shops.
Above-ground garages for each building separately.
Security patrols, surveillance cameras, integrated security system.
Running tracks.
Children’s entertainment area.
Elegant reception.
Vast green spaces between buildings.
Underground garages covering three-quarters of the population.
Clubhouse for entertainment.
Sports and health club on an area of ​​14 acres, Sawari Club.
Marina for yachts, and a promenade on the shore of Lake Mariout.
An automated system for waste disposal at its best.
Cleaning and maintenance services around the clock.

Prices of units in the Frat Square project and payment systems:

The price per square meter in the residential units of the Frat Square compound starts from 36,000 Egyptian pounds, and in return, the Frat Company provides its customers with various payment systems, starting from 3 years, up to 4 years, as follows:

3-year system: In this system, no down payment is requested, with the remaining value of the unit paid over the entire 3-year payment period.
4-year system: This is the longest repayment system provided by the Frat Real Estate Development Company, which extends for 4 years, starting with a down payment of only 10% of the unit’s value, and the rest of the amount paid in full over the installment period.

The units will be delivered fully finished, starting in 2025.

The real estate developer of the Frat Square project:

The Frat Real Estate Development Company is the developer of the Frat Square project, boasting extensive experience in the real estate development field within the Egyptian market, spanning a quarter of a century.

Since its establishment, the Frat Real Estate Investment Company has operated with a strong strategy and vision, stemming from the company’s unwavering commitment to providing the best value for the projects it undertakes. This commitment provides numerous avenues for collaboration and communication with its clients through an integrated team, primarily aimed at completely satisfying the client and delivering distinguished performance by all measures.

The company consistently strives to deliver the best in real estate development, evident in the scale of projects it has undertaken. The company’s portfolio includes 30 different projects over the relatively short period, including:

– Frat House Kafr Abdou Compound.
– Interances Compound.
– Frat Kafr Abdou 2 Compound.
– Jawar Compound.
– Frat House Zezenia Compound.
– Frat Ahmed Yehia Compound.
– Saba Compound.