Explore the coastal village of El Masyaf in the North Coast, and uncover its unique beauty and prime location nestled in the heart of the North Coast. This village was meticulously crafted by Emtoo Real Estate Development Company, dedicated to providing an exceptional experience for its clientele. Distinguished by its reasonable prices starting from 11,000,000 Egyptian pounds, with a repayment period of up to 8 years, making it a splendid opportunity for investment and indulging in distinctive coastal properties.

The project’s designs exude modernity and elegance, offering breathtaking views of the sea and natural landscapes, rendering El Masyaf an ideal sanctuary for relaxation and leisure. The residential units within the project vary between apartments, twin houses, townhouses, and chalets, providing diverse options to meet the needs of all clients.

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Al Masyaf Village North Coast

Location of Al Masyaf Village, North Coast

The El Masyaf North Coast enjoys a distinguished strategic location at kilometer 211 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, overlooking Ras El Hekma Bay, and at kilometer 75 adjacent to Foka Bay Village before Marina Matrouh, and is 10 kilometers away from the modern Foka Road.

The El Masyaf North Coast village provides easy access to many vital and important locations due to its prime location, including:

  • The city of Dabaa, approximately 50 kilometers from the village.
  • Alamein International Airport, about 60 kilometers away.
  • The heart of Marina Matrouh city, approximately 75 kilometers away.
  • Foka Road, which can be reached in about 8 minutes by car.
  • The Foka city, at the same distance from the village.
  • The Marina area, approximately 90 kilometers away.
  • Alamein Towers, also located near the village

Area of ​​Al Masyaf North Coast Resort

Emtoo Real Estate Development Company has dedicated its efforts to constructing the El Masyaf Village North Coast project on a vast expanse, providing a diverse array of residential units to suit the varying needs of clients. The resort area spans approximately 171 acres, with 20% of it allocated to buildings and residential units, while nearly 80% of the total area has been reserved for creating green spaces and landscapes, ensuring a tranquil and comfortable ambiance for the project’s residents

Design of the resort project, Al Masyaf Village

The El Masyaf North Coast resort distinguishes itself with its splendid design, overseen by teams of the most skilled real estate designers, both within and outside of Egypt, transforming it into a captivating masterpiece of beauty and magnificence. The village has been constructed in a manner that allows each residential unit to enjoy direct views of the Mediterranean coast, adding exceptional allure to the place.

The El Masyaf North Coast project has been enhanced with unique details, including distinctive external facades and interior architectural designs, with a particular focus on tranquil and modern colors that add a touch of elegance to each residential unit.

Furthermore, vast green spaces have been provided, along with swimming pools and artificial lakes, surrounding the residential units from all sides, granting inhabitants a serene and revitalizing atmosphere that enhances their comfort and quality of life in their daily endeavors.

Al Masyaf Village North Coast

Services of Al Masyaf Village, North Coast

Emtoo Real Estate Development Company has provided a comprehensive range of services and facilities in the El Masyaf North Coast project, among which the most notable are:

  • Green spaces: All residential units overlook picturesque green landscapes, providing a tranquil and comfortable environment for residents.
  • Children’s recreational areas: The El Masyaf Village North Coast project is equipped with an integrated recreational area for children, ensuring their enjoyment in a safe environment.
  • Crystal lagoons: The project features expansive crystal lagoons where residents can indulge in water and sports activities along the beach.
  • Security services: The project includes an advanced security system with surveillance cameras and round-the-clock security to ensure the safety of residents.
  • Mosque: The North Coast resort features a spacious mosque offering religious services to residents.
  • Sandy beach: A sandy beach with multiple recreational activities has been designed for enjoyable beachside leisure.
  • Diving center: The project includes a large diving center offering exceptional services for diving enthusiasts.
  • Cafés and restaurants: A wide range of cafés and restaurants offering diverse and delectable cuisines are available.
  • International hotel: The project features a world-class hotel providing luxurious services to residents and visitors.
  • Fishing marina: A yacht marina and fishing marina have been established for maritime activities.
  • Swimming pools: Several swimming pools are available in the project for residents to spend enjoyable and refreshing times.
  • Garages: The project includes multiple secure garages ensuring the highest level of safety.
  • Social club: A social club with multiple sports facilities is available in the project.
  • Medical center: Medical clinics for all specialties, in addition to emergency medical services, are available in the village.
  • Gym: The project includes a fitness center equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • Clubhouses: Several clubhouses in the project offer distinguished services to residents.

All of these facilities have been carefully designed and implemented to meet the needs and desires of residents, making El Masyaf North Coast an ideal place to live.

Advantages of Al Masyaf North Coast Resort

The developer of the El Masyaf project has provided a range of benefits aimed at encouraging clients and investors to invest in this village. Among the most prominent of these advantages are:

  • Diverse services: El Masyaf Village offers a wide array of recreational and essential services, making it an ideal place to live.
  • Affordable prices: Emtoo company has offered residential units at affordable prices suitable for various demographics, easing the investment process for everyone.
  • Flexible reservation and payment systems: Convenient payment systems over extended periods facilitate the payment process for clients and investors.
  • Low reservation costs: Unit reservation costs have been reduced and the application process streamlined.
  • Renting options: The company allows clients and investors to rent out their units at any time during the year, increasing financial returns.
  • Property value appreciation: It is expected that the value of residential units will increase over time, enabling clients to realize gains upon selling and maintain the financial value of their investment.

With these advantages, investing in El Masyaf Village is considered an attractive option for clients and investors seeking favorable investment opportunities and a promising future.

Al Masyaf Village North Coast

Unit space in Al Masyaf North Coast project

The residential units in El Masyaf North Coast resort are distinguished by their vast diversity to cater to all tastes, with varied spaces to meet the needs of each individual. The area of the residential apartments ranges from 175 square meters, while the chalets start from 150 square meters and extend up to 189 square meters.

As for the townhouses in El Masyaf Village North Coast, their areas vary from 162 square meters to 230 square meters, while the twin houses in El Masyaf coastal village range from 232 square meters to 280 square meters.

As for the villas in El Masyaf North Coast resort, their areas start from 200 square meters and extend up to 425 square meters, providing customers with a diverse range of options to achieve comfort and excellence in coastal living.

Prices and payment systems for El Masyaf Village, North Coast

The developer of El Masyaf North Coast resort has ensured to provide a diverse range of prices to accommodate all customers, while maintaining the quality of services offered in the village. The prices are as follows:

  • The price per square meter in the project starts from 50,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • In chalets, the price per square meter starts from 65,000 Egyptian pounds, while in residential apartments it starts from 70,000 Egyptian pounds, in townhouses from 80,500 Egyptian pounds, in twin houses from 95,500 Egyptian pounds, and in villas from 115,000 Egyptian pounds.

The company offers flexible and convenient payment systems, including:

  • Payment of a 10% down payment and the remainder over 8 years.
  • Or payment of a 15% down payment and the remainder over 7 years.

These prices are suitable for various social classes and are in line with the quality of services and facilities provided in El Masyaf North Coast.

The real estate developer, Al Masyaf North Coast Resort

Emtoo Real Estate Development Company owns El Masyaf North Coast village, but its activities are not limited to real estate alone. The company possesses extensive experience in diverse fields such as industrial, agricultural, and food production, as well as in the fields of gas and oil. The company began its real estate activities in 1998 and quickly became a strong competitor to the largest real estate companies in Egypt.

The company’s projects are characterized by luxury and exquisite designs, encompassing a variety of styles including residential, commercial, coastal, and administrative projects. Thanks to its long experience and commitment to deadlines, the company has gained the trust of clients and investors. It started with significant investments amounting to 2 billion Egyptian pounds and aims to increase the size of investments for its projects in the future.

Al Masyaf Village North Coast

Among the company’s projects are:

  • Trio Gardens Compound, Fifth Settlement: A residential project characterized by modern and luxurious designs, featuring an upscale residential community, luxurious villas, and diverse residential units.
  • Ashgar Darna, Maadi: A residential compound located in Maadi near vibrant areas, featuring residential units of various sizes at reasonable prices.
  • 41 Business District: A commercial project featuring medical and administrative units of various sizes, located near the Katameya Ring Road next to Carrefour Maadi.

These projects reflect the company’s vision of providing high-quality products and achieving customer and investor satisfaction.

Investment advantages of the Masyaf North Coast project

The El Masyaf North Coast project boasts several features that make it an attractive investment opportunity, including:

  • Strategic location: Situated in a strategic area near Ras El Hekma Bay, ensuring easy access from several important areas in the North Coast.
  • Diversity in housing units: Offering a variety of residential units, including apartments and villas, catering to the diverse needs of clients and investors.
  • Advanced infrastructure: The project features comprehensive and advanced infrastructure, including roads, lighting, sewage, and water systems, providing a comfortable and safe environment for residents and visitors.
  • Facilities and services: The project includes a range of luxurious facilities and services, such as pools, recreational areas, restaurants, commercial centers, and health resorts, attracting investors and enhancing the project’s appeal.
  • High financial returns: Due to the increasing demand for real estate in the North Coast region, investors can achieve high financial returns from their investment in this project.
  • Future property value: It is expected that the property values in El Masyaf North Coast will increase over time, making it a lucrative investment opportunity for the future.