Discover now Alura North Coast, the newest and most exciting addition to the real estate market.

This latest investment project by Serac Real Estate Development and Investment Company has been meticulously designed to be a unique and distinctive place that combines hidden beauty with modern style.

Alura North Coast stands out for its stunning architectural simplicity and elegance, along with the comfort and amenities that cater to all your needs and allow you and your family to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Thanks to a consortium of major companies, this massive project has been executed with the finest global architectural designs.

Choose the unit that suits you and your family from a diverse range of available spaces, and enjoy the numerous features and services offered in Alura North Coast village.

Don’t worry; we will explain all the details about the project so you can make the best decision. Book now and enjoy living in Alura North Coast resort.

Where is Alura North Coast resort located

Choosing the location is one of the key factors that determine the success of any real estate project. Therefore, SIRAC, the real estate development and investment company, has chosen a unique location for its magnificent project, Alura North Coast, precisely located at kilometer 134 in Sidi Abdel Rahman.

It is distinguished by its proximity to Marsa El Alam, La Vista, and Ce La Vie projects, and it’s just a few minutes away from Marassi, providing residents with easy access to vital areas in the North Coast.

Stella Heights Sidi Abdel Rahman boasts a unique and distinctive location in the heart of Sidi Abdel Rahman, just 150 kilometers west of Alexandria. It also stands out for its proximity to famous tourist destinations on the North Coast like Marina and Amwaj.

Alura Village is strategically located just 4 kilometers from New Alamein City, carefully chosen by the project’s owning company, making it easily accessible and close to diverse vital areas on the North Coast, including New Alamein City Airport. Additionally, it’s approximately 266 kilometers away from the Egyptian capital, Cairo.

What about the design of Alura North Coast in the North Coast

The design of Alura North Coast in the North Coast incorporates the finest global architectural designs. Serac, in collaboration with major companies, executed this extensive project.

The project features contemporary design, offering stunning views of expansive green spaces and artificial lakes from most of its units, with a variety of unit sizes available.

The company appointed top engineering consultants to ensure meticulous project execution, including the renowned consulting engineer Hani Saad, who has designed a vast array of over 800 projects across Africa and the Middle East.

Additionally, the company enlisted Icon Engineering Industries, specializing in construction, architecture, and the planning and implementation of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems for industrial, residential, and commercial projects.

Icon is a publicly traded company listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, focusing on construction and engineering. Established in April 1977, it enjoys the trust of clients worldwide due to its high-quality MEP designs.

Types and Sizes of Units in Alura North Coast, North Coast

Serac Real Estate aims to cater to diverse preferences, a commitment reflected in its selection of unit sizes at Alura North Coast village. The unit sizes vary as follows:

– Studios: Ranging from 46 to 72 square meters.
– One-bedroom chalets: Sizes range from 73 to 123 square meters.
– Two-bedroom chalets: Sizes vary from 87 to 147 square meters.
– Three-bedroom chalets: Ranging from 149 to 161 square meters.

Services and Advantages of Alura North Coast Village

In the Alura North Coast project, SIRAC Real Estate Company aims to provide comfort and luxury to visitors by offering convenient amenities and a wide range of services and facilities that meet the highest standards of tourist resorts. The services, both essential and complementary, available in the resort include:

1. Kids’ area.
2. Sports club and various activities.
3. Green areas scattered throughout the project.
4. Swimming pools for both children and adults in Alura North Coast project.
5. Water activities at the Alura North Coast resort.
6. Home management service in Alura North Coast village.
7. Fitness club comprising a gym, spa, and Jacuzzi.
8. Golf carts in the Alura North Coast project.
9. Commercial area featuring several famous brands.
10. 24/7 security and surveillance service.
11. Surveillance cameras equipped with the latest technology, distributed across all village areas.
12. Car garage to avoid congestion in Alura North Coast village.
13. Separate gates at the Stella Heights site used in the Alura phase.

Prices of units in Alura North Coast project

Here is a list of prices for units in Alura North Coast offered by Siraq Real Estate Company:

Studios: Prices for studios in Alura North Coast start from 1,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
One-bedroom Chalets: Prices for chalets in Alura North Coast start from 2,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
Two-bedroom Chalets: Prices for chalets in Alura North Coast reach up to 2,600,000 Egyptian pounds.
Three-bedroom Chalets: Prices for chalets in Alura North Coast start from 4,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

The Alura North Coast project features modern designs and stunning views of green spaces and artificial lakes. It is being implemented to the highest quality standards in collaboration with international companies specialized in construction, engineering, and architectural design.

Available installment methods at Alura North Coast

Serrac Real Estate Development and Investment Company offers flexible and suitable payment options for customers in the Alura North Coast project.

The company facilitates installment payments for customers, allowing them to choose and determine the suitable amount for them. Payment options include interest-free down payments, and customers can choose from installment plans that suit their financial income.

Customers can acquire the unit by paying 10% of the amount as a down payment, with financing and repayment of the remaining amount over a period of 6 years, in addition to 10% maintenance fees.

The unit is expected to be delivered within 4 years, and it can be acquired within a 24-month period by paying 70% of its price, with the unit being delivered fully finished with super lux finishing.

What do you know about Serac Real Estate Development Company

Serac Real Estate Development and Investment Company has an exceptional character thanks to its owner, Tarek Sleiman, who is considered one of the pioneers in the gold and diamond jewelry industry for the past fifty years. He also founded several successful companies such as “Glamour,” “Richie,” “Elegant,” and “Marly.”

The company represents one of the newest and largest real estate companies in the Egyptian real estate market.

The company owns the “Stella Walk” shopping center in the North Coast, and has opened the “City Hall” business complex in a prime location in New Cairo, near “Waterway,” “Garden 8,” and “Al Jazi.”

The complex includes commercial and administrative units and was executed in collaboration with Hany Saad, Valley Group, BCO, Mohamed Hafez, Ideas, and Assistance.

Additionally, the company plans to announce a new facility in the North Coast, and Mr. Tarek Sleiman owns a land portfolio between the New Administrative Capital, New Cairo, and two lands in the North Coast.

The company’s portfolio also includes more than 5 projects in five different locations in Fifth Settlement, the New Administrative Capital, the North Coast, Shorouk City, and October.

The company has a successful track record, with the completion of two projects: “City Hall” in the Fifth Settlement in the Northern Investors area, the first being commercial and administrative, delivered within 3 years with a construction rate of 40%, and the second being commercial, administrative, and medical, delivered within 3 years with a construction rate of 70%.

“Strip Mall” was constructed in the North Coast, and 130 hotel apartments and 60 villas were delivered. The company also owns a group of buildings in New Cairo containing several global brands such as “StarBucks,” “Dip&dip,” “Bodyshop,” “Butcher’s Burger,” and others.