Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Company aspires through the “AT East Mostakbal City” compound to provide a comfortable life for many families, combining tranquility with proximity to vital areas.

For this reason, the company chose “Mostakbal City” as the location for the project, offering a variety of luxurious villas with stunning designs and different spaces that meet the needs of modern life.

The project’s location is distinguished by its strategic location, in addition to providing price facilities and flexible payment systems for the “AT East” compound.

Just as the suitable location is considered a fundamental pillar in the success of any residential project, the choice of the “AT East” compound location by Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company is strategically and carefully considered. The project is located in the heart of New Cairo, near commercial centers and foreign universities, making it suitable for residents seeking a comfortable and peaceful life.

Among the prominent features of the strategic location of “AT East Mostakbal City”, one can mention its proximity to the Suez Road and the location of the Canadian University directly in front of the project. It can be reached from two cities in a short time ranging from five minutes and is about ten minutes away from the New Administrative Capital.

Additionally, it is close to the Olympic Village and a few minutes away from the Middle Ring Road, making it an ideal location for quiet and comfortable living amidst the thriving urban life.

AT East Compound Area

The area of the “AT East” compound project exceeds approximately 181 acres, with the vast majority allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes, providing all residents with breathtaking views.

There is a huge diversity in luxurious residential units, ranging from townhouses and twin houses to independent villas, at prices suitable for all spaces.

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company has also provided units in its latest project in Mostakbal City, suitable for large families looking for a new life in “AT East Mostakbal City” compound to experience a different level of unparalleled luxury in the surrounding area, whether in Mostakbal City or New Cairo.

AT East Mostakbal City Compound Design

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company has presented the best modern designs in its “AT East Mostakbal City” project.

Customers are expected to be attracted to the architectural designs that the company will implement due to the utmost attention given to these aspects, as they have been carefully selected by architectural design experts in Egypt and are in line with European style. “AT East” compound combines elegance and excellence in designs, giving the project a distinctive architectural personality.

The units are designed to allow residents to enjoy the surrounding natural landscapes, and the compound has been condensed to include only residential villas, adding value to it and enhancing the feeling of luxury and comfort.

AT East Project Services

Residents of the “AT East” compound, developed by Al Ahly Sabbour, will find all the elements of happiness thanks to the services and facilities provided by the project’s developer. Additionally, care has been taken to provide entertainment factors near the residents of “AT East Mostakbal City” at any time. The facilities, services, and entertainment in “AT East” include:

– The project includes many restaurants and cafes.
– A fully secured modern garage is available inside “AT East Mostakbal City”.
– “AT East” compound includes integrated security services, including advanced surveillance cameras and security.
– Maintenance and cleaning services operate around the clock to maintain the project’s aesthetics.
– There is a children’s area with their favorite games.
– There is a landscape area, water formations, and a promenade.
– Swimming pools, a gym, and a spa are available within the project.
– The project includes a commercial area that provides a convenient shopping experience.
– Security personnel and guards work around the clock to ensure security.
– Modern surveillance systems are used to increase the level of security in “AT East Compound”.

Advantages of AT East Mostakbal City Compound

“AT East Mostakbal City Compound” combines all the features that residents desire to enjoy a comfortable, luxurious, and happy life. This starts from choosing the ideal location and luxurious architectural designs, and continues with facilities in unit prices and flexible payment systems.

Additionally, the project includes a wide range of service facilities and entertainment to ensure providing everything they need for a sustainable and comfortable life.

AT East Unit Areas

The units in the “AT EAST” compound in Mostakbal City are characterized by a diverse and precise design that meets the needs of a wide range of customers and investors, along with the stunning natural landscapes represented by vast green spaces that provide tranquility and comfort.

The types and areas of units in the “AT EAST” compound in Mostakbal City are as follows:

– Townhouse units are available in “AT EAST” with areas ranging from 160 square meters to 180 square meters.
– There are also options for twin house units in “AT EAST” with areas starting from 180 square meters.
– “AT EAST” offers villas for sale with areas ranging from 190 square meters to 370 square meters.

Prices and Payment Systems of AT East Mostakbal City Compound

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company is known for providing the best value for the price. In the “AT East Mostakbal City Compound”, you will find the best offers to purchase a residential unit in the Mostakbal .

The “AT East” project comes with a variety of advantages, starting from its strategic location and reaching its captivating European designs, with spaces that meet the diverse needs of residents, without restricting to a specific type of unit, while ensuring the privacy of each unit within “AT East Mostakbal City”.

To ensure providing excellent value for investors and residents, unit prices have been carefully determined, taking into consideration the level of luxury and high-quality facilities.

Prices for townhouse units in “AT East Mostakbal City Compound” start from 12,240,000 Egyptian pounds, while prices for twin house units start from 14,580,000 Egyptian pounds, and prices for independent villas start from 25,740,000 Egyptian pounds.

The advantages of “AT East” include extremely flexible reservation and installment systems, facilitating customers to obtain their units without financial difficulties.

Customers can pay a reservation deposit of 5% of the unit’s value, then an additional 5% with installment of the remaining amount over 8 years, or pay a reservation deposit of 10% and then installments for the remaining amount over 9 years.

Real Estate Developer for AT East Project

Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company, founded in 1994, is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt. It represents the result of a merger between the experienced Sabbour family with long real estate experience and Al Ahly Bank. Over the years, the company has contributed to building many new cities in Egypt, executing 57 projects in various areas of the country, including Downtown, New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, and October.

Among the prominent projects of Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate Development Company are:

– Jaya Village in the North Coast.
– Baysera Village in Ain Sokhna.
– Katameya Hills Compound in Fifth Settlement.
– Odyssey Sabbour Compound in Mostakbal City.
– Aria Compound in Mostakbal City.
– L’Avenir Compound in Mostakbal City.
– The Ridge in Mostakbal City.
– Green Square Compound in Mostakbal City.
– Grand Residence Compound in New Cairo.
– Layan Compound in Fifth Settlement.
– The Square Compound in New Cairo.
– Platinum Project in New Cairo.

Investment Advantages in AT East

Among the prominent features of investing in “AT East” are as follows:

Strategic Location: “AT East” enjoys a prime location in New Cairo, making it an ideal destination for investment near vital areas and business centers.
Luxurious Architectural Designs: The project features modern and luxurious architectural designs that attract both investors and residents alike.
Unit Diversity: “AT East” offers a wide variety of residential units, such as townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas, meeting the diverse needs of investors and residents.
Integrated Facilities and Services: “AT East” includes a range of integrated facilities and services, such as pools, health clubs, commercial areas, and green spaces, making it a fully serviced community.
Competitive Prices: “AT East” offers reasonable and market-appropriate prices, attracting investors with attractive investment opportunities.
Flexible Payment Systems: The real estate development company offers flexible payment systems to facilitate the investment process and alleviate financial pressure on investors.
Mostakbal Population Growth: With the continuous development of New Cairo, investing in “AT East” is considered a strategic choice for the Mostakbal, as property values in the area are expected to increase over time.
Quality Infrastructure: “AT East” boasts advanced infrastructure and modern facilities, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience for residents and increasing the project’s attractiveness to investors.