Get ready for a unique experience on the North Coast with the Azha North Coast Village project by Madar Real Estate Development Company.

The project includes a diverse range of residential units, including chalets and villas, designed to the highest standards of luxury and sophistication to suit your aspirations.

To enjoy maximum comfort and entertainment, all services and recreational facilities have been provided in the project.

And don’t forget that Azha North Coast prices are characterized by high competitiveness, so book now and enjoy the best times in a place that combines luxury and relaxation.

How do I get to Azha North Coast Village in the North Coast?

You will certainly be captivated by the location of Azha North Coast project, as the developer company excels in selecting the best strategic locations that facilitate easy access to its projects.

The project is located at kilometer 214 on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh road, and it is close to various vibrant areas known as the heart of the North Coast. Additionally, it is situated near the new Fouka road and Ras El Hekma area, making it one of the closest projects to the luxurious tourist villages in the region.

Azha North Coast project is approximately a 45-minute drive from Marsa Matrouh and 340 kilometers away from Cairo. Moreover, the project is located near Bali Village and Blue Bay Village, further enhancing its position as a distinctive investment destination in the North Coast.

How was Azha North Coast Resort designed?

The Azha North Coast project is considered a unique project, designed on a sprawling 221 acres. Despite this vast area, it’s not sufficient to accommodate all the residential unit ideas the developer aims to provide to its customers.

There are various types of residential units available, including standalone units like villas, and connected units like chalets, penthouses, townhouses, and twin houses, both for sale and rent. Additionally, there’s a wide range of sizes to suit the needs of all families.

The project stretches approximately 800 meters along the Mediterranean Sea, providing most residential units with sea views.

Other spaces in the project are allocated for recreation and leisure. For instance, Azha Park, one of the largest public parks within the project and in the North Coast in general, spans an area of 5.3 acres, away from residential buildings, and features nature, greenery, and clubs.

Furthermore, Central Park, covering an area of 2.5 acres, offers numerous surprises and water games suitable for all customers.

Moreover, the project’s area is not limited to these areas alone; it includes many other facilities and services that make the project a distinctive destination for investment and holiday enjoyment.

Is there diversity in the sizes of units at Azha North Coast?

Yes, it is evident from the Azha North Coast project executed by Madar company that they have ensured to provide a diverse range of housing units to suit the needs of customers, with available spaces ranging from small chalets to large villas. The residential unit spaces in Azha North Coast Village include:

– Chalets consisting of two bedrooms ranging in size from 110 to 115 square meters.
– Chalets consisting of three bedrooms ranging in size from 125 to 150 square meters.
– Senior chalets ranging in size from 145 to 180 square meters.
– Townhouse units starting from 155 square meters.
– Twin house villas ranging in size from 150 to 200 square meters.
– Seafront twin house villas starting from 185 square meters.
– Standalone seafront villas ranging in size from 200 to 400 square meters.
– Lagoon standalone villas ranging in size from 200 to 260 square meters.

This diverse selection demonstrates that Madar company is keen on meeting the needs of all customers, from small chalets to large villas, ensuring the provision of suitable options for all preferences and tastes.

What are the services and features in Azha North Coast Village?

Azha North Coast Village offers a variety of facilities and services tailored to the needs of its residents, including:

1. Well-equipped swimming pools for relaxation and leisure.
2. Commercial area for shopping and obtaining necessities.
3. Gym facilities for sports enthusiasts.
4. Cafés and restaurants offering delicious dishes and meals.
5. Artificial lakes that enhance the aesthetic appeal of the residential units.
6. 24/7 security and surveillance services.
7. Parking garages near the units for vehicle parking.
8. Running and biking tracks.
9. Maintenance and cleaning services to keep the units in good condition.

Azha North Coast project boasts numerous advantages, characterized by its vibrant and strategic location, direct sea views, diverse unit sizes, and convenient installment plans.

Despite these advantages, some may perceive challenges in Azha Village, such as its distance from Cairo. However, this can be overcome thanks to the extensive highways and major roads that have connected the area to the Egyptian capital in recent years.

What are the prices of units in Azha North Coast?

The prices of units in Azha North Coast Village, set by Madar Company, are designed to be suitable for customers, reflecting the range of services and facilities available in the project, with the aim of facilitating the purchase process of the available units for sale. The prices of residential units in Azha North Coast Village are as follows:

– Two-bedroom chalets: Prices start from 7,478,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Three-bedroom chalets: Prices start from 7,747,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Townhouse units: Prices start from 11,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Twin House Villas: Prices start from 12,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Seaview Twin House Villas: Prices start from 19,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Seaview Standalone Villas: Prices start from 22,450,000 Egyptian pounds.

These diverse prices demonstrate Madar Company’s commitment to meeting the needs of all customers by offering a wide range of residential units at different prices to cater to various preferences and budgets.

Payment and installment programs at Azha North Coast

Madar Company aims to provide comfortable and convenient installment systems for customers in the Azha North Coast project, alongside reasonable prices for the residential units available for sale in the village. The reservation and installment systems at Azha North Coast Village include:

– A 5% down payment with the remaining amount to be paid over 8 years.
– The reservation deposit for chalets is 50,000 EGP, and for villas, it is 100,000 EGP.
– Units are delivered fully finished, equipped with air conditioning, and kitchen cabinets.

These facilitative systems demonstrate Madar’s commitment to simplifying the process of purchasing residential units for customers and providing suitable financial solutions to facilitate their access to their ideal homes in Azha North Coast Village.

A brief overview of Madar Development Company for Development and Construction

Madar Development owns the property of Azha El Ain El Sokhna Village on the Eastern Coast, and the company was founded in 2015 by the renowned businessman Hassam El Shaar.

Despite its recent establishment, the company has achieved great success in a short period, attracting many clients and investors from foreign countries and Arab nations.

This success can be attributed to the quality of the company’s previous projects, characterized by the establishment of numerous magnificent projects, including the Azha El Ain El Sokhna project and stunning artificial lakes agreed to be implemented in collaboration with “Lagons” company at a cost of approximately 400 million Egyptian pounds, in addition to many other projects filled with public services and recreational facilities.

Through the Azha North Coast project, Madar Development has managed to establish itself and declare itself a leader in the real estate field in Egypt and the Middle East, enjoying several advantages, including reasonable prices and convenient payment methods, as well as offering diverse services and facilities to meet the needs of all clients.