Experience a luxurious and comfortable lifestyle in the heart of 6th of October City with Brix 6 October compound, the flagship project of Inertia Real Estate Development Company. Brix compound is considered a complete residential destination, combining prime location with modern architectural design.

The project, meticulously crafted by Inertia, is tailored to meet the refined tastes of its clientele, featuring unique architectural designs. Located strategically within the heart of 6th of October City, Brix boasts expansive green spaces surrounding the buildings, with a splendid variety of plants and flowers creating an exceptional ambiance.

The company provides all essential and recreational services within Brix compound, with integrated service areas meeting the residents’ needs. Choose to live a flawless life, where comfort and leisure blend with the charming nature at Brix 6 October.

Prepare for a unique experience where you can enjoy every minute of your day in a luxurious and distinguished residential environment that enhances happiness and comfort.

Brix 6 October Project: Prime Location in the Heart of 6th of October City

In the heart of 6th of October City, Brix 6 October compound enjoys a strategic location close to prominent landmarks in the area. The project is surrounded by various services available in the city to meet residents’ needs, and it benefits from its proximity to several main roads and axes, facilitating access to and from various areas.

6th of October City was carefully chosen as the ideal location for Brix compound, as it encompasses multiple features that make it the top choice for investors. The city offers a range of facilities and services that make investing in it safe and reliable.

Moreover, Brix 6 October provides proximity to important places in the area, located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and near the 26th of July Corridor. It is just minutes away from the Ring Road and intersects with Juhayna Square, one of the prominent landmarks in the area.

Brix 6 October Project: Vast Space Extending Over 119 Acres

With its meticulous and nature-integrated design, Brix 6 October compound boasts a space spanning 119 acres, encompassing everything needed to be a complete project. The compound offers diverse residential units with different sizes, alongside outstanding services contributing to residents’ comfort.

Touches of green color permeate the project’s designs, as 73% of the total area is allocated to green spaces, landscapes, and surrounding nature. The remaining percentage is allocated to buildings and structures, interspersed with green spaces and residential units, providing splendid views that enhance tranquility and privacy.

Brix 6 October designs feature modern architectural style, reflecting luxury and sophistication in its finest details, distinguishing this project uniquely from other residential projects.

Brix 6 October Project: Global Services and Benefits Meeting All Needs

Inertia Real Estate Development Company has provided a distinctive range of diverse services within Brix 6 October compound, aiming to provide customers with comfort and luxury. Everything one might need can be found within the compound, including these distinguished services:

Security Services:
A specialized security team guards the compound around the clock.
A surveillance camera system secures the project throughout the day.
Advanced Medical Services:
Clinics and medical centers provide top-notch healthcare.
Entertainment and Enjoyment Facilities:
Outdoor barbecue areas.
Various green spaces and gardens.
A dedicated kids area with games and recreational activities.
International schools and educational services offering outstanding education.
Sports Facilities:
A sports club equipped with various courts.
Swimming pools for adults and children.
Shopping and Entertainment Facilities:
A massive shopping mall with international stores and brands.
A restaurant and cafe area offering delicious dishes and beverages.
Private Garages:
Provision of private car garages to avoid congestion.

6th of October City is one of the most important and upscale residential cities in Egypt, distinguished by its strategic location adjacent to highways leading to Alexandria, Marsa Matrouh, the North Coast, and the New Alamein City. Other main roads facilitate access to Upper Egypt and the heart of Cairo and Giza.

The city provides all essential and recreational services, such as schools, universities, hospitals, commercial centers, and sports clubs, in addition to diverse residential, administrative, commercial, and medical projects.

Living in 6th of October City and Brix 6 October compound offers:

Tranquility and Privacy:
Low population density providing a peaceful and private environment.
Urban Diversity:
A variety of residential neighborhoods meeting the needs of different demographics.
Facilities and Services:
Providing all essential and recreational facilities.
Green Spaces:
Abundance of green spaces contributing to a serene and pure atmosphere.
Increasing Demand for Real Estate:
Continuous increase in property prices ensuring good investment.
Diverse Investment Opportunities:
Various unit types available with installment or cash options.

Brix 6 October Project: Diverse Units Meeting All Desires

The developer offers over 190 diverse residential units within Brix 6 October compound, allowing customers to choose from a wide range of units with different sizes to suit their needs. The following diverse spaces are available:

– Two-bedroom apartments with two bathrooms starting from 177 square meters.
– Three-bedroom apartments with two bathrooms starting from 149 square meters.
– Three-bedroom apartments with three bathrooms starting from 192 square meters.
– Three-bedroom apartments with three bathrooms starting from 224 square meters.

This diversity ensures that customers get the unit that perfectly meets their needs and preferences, whether they are looking for a larger space or a design that better suits their residential requirements.

Brix 6 October: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems

In addition to the various features that distinguish Brix 6 October compound, including its strategic location, diverse units, and outstanding services, the prices add further attractiveness to the project. The prices are suitable for different segments and vary according to the type and size of the unit.

Regarding payment and installment systems in Brix compound, the developer has provided flexible and easy payment options, making it easier for many individuals to own a unit within the compound. The down payment starts from only 10%, with the possibility of installment over a period of up to 7 years.

Brix 6 October by Amer Group

Brix 6 October compound is a product of Inertia Real Estate Development Company, a leading company in the real estate development sector. The company is always distinguished by introducing new and unique concepts for residential complexes, which is clearly evident in the distinguished portfolio of projects it has executed.

Founded in 2007, the company has since implemented large and successful projects in various fields, whether residential, commercial, or coastal. Its projects are characterized by strategic locations, global designs, and excellent services. The company aims to provide all means of comfort and luxury for its customers, which is why it has gained the trust of a wide range of clients.

Among the company’s prominent projects are:

– Joulz Sheikh Zayed compound.
– Givera Village North Coast.
– Veranda Sahl Hasheesh resort.
– West Hills October.
– Soleya October.
– Med Point Mina Plaza.
– Med Point Sheikh Zayed.
– J’Creibs El Gouna project.
– Zola Park project.