If you are a fan of luxurious, quiet living away from noise and congestion, with a high level of privacy and security, what you are looking for is offered to you by Gates Developments in their massive project named “Katalan”. The project stands out with its prime location, situated in an area that connects to the most important main axes, especially the Seventh District.

Gates Developments has brought together the essence of design excellence and current architectural development requirements, whether in providing services, green spaces, water bodies, or the distinctive residential units. These units are uniquely designed to suit refined taste and luxury, with a variety of spaces available to meet the needs of different clients.

Location of Katalan Compound in the New Administrative Capital

The compound is located in the Seventh District (R7), which itself boasts many advantages. The location offers plenty of services and is close to the main axes of the New Administrative Capital. The project, designed on a 40-acre plot, overlooks the following areas:

– Approximately 20 minutes away from the compound.
– Access to Cairo International Airport within just 30 minutes.
– A 15-minute drive separates the location from the New Administrative Capital Airport.
– Close proximity to Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and the Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity.
– The location is also near all the services available within the New Administrative Capital, such as the Financial and Business District, Expo City, and the Diplomatic Quarter.
– The project will also have a panoramic view of the green river.
– The location is just minutes away from the Ring Road, connecting to all the cities within Greater Cairo.
– Additionally, the compound is very close to the Mohamed Bin Zayed Axis, the most important axis within the capital.

In Catalan New Capital Compound:

Gates Developments real estate company has allocated a large space for its project, Catalan New Capital Compound, aiming for spatial diversity and equitable distribution among all services and amenities, including green areas and general landscaping, in a manner that preserves customer privacy and the spatial integrity of designs, separating buildings within the compound.

The compound spans a total area of 40 acres, equivalent to over 16,500 square meters, with 22% of the project area exclusively allocated to buildings, while a substantial 78% is dedicated to vast green spaces and landscaping.

Regarding unit sizes within the compound, the company has ensured significant diversity to accommodate the needs of all clients while maintaining a focus on the primary advantage: large spaces, adding further luxury and comfort for clients.

Unit sizes within the compound start from 107 square meters and extend up to 315 square meters, encompassing various types such as:

– Apartments
– Twin houses
– Townhouses
– Villas
– Duplexes

Distribution of unit spaces in Catalan New Capital Compound

The company has provided a range of spaces with systems and designs tailored to all clients, as follows:

– Ground floor apartment units with areas of 149 square meters.
– Ground floor apartments with designated spaces of up to 200 square meters.
– The seventh and final floor of buildings offers units with areas of 175 square meters.
– First-floor apartment spaces extend to 182 square meters.
– Additionally, residential units on the second floor start from 175 square meters.
– In addition to spaces catering to enthusiasts of luxury and sophistication, such as duplex units reaching up to 335 square meters, known for their significant privacy and spaciousness.
– Furthermore, larger units within the project include duplex units located on the sixth floor, with areas extending up to 382 square meters.

 Services and Features of Catalan New Capital Compound:

Gates Developments has provided all necessary services and amenities within the administrative capital project to achieve maximum self-sufficiency, eliminating the need for regular outings. Instead, creating a fully integrated community within the compound. Among the services available within the compound are:

– A large health club with various health services, including jacuzzi lounges, saunas, spa houses, and all personal care services.
– The compound boasts extensive water surfaces and vast landscaped areas with tall trees surrounding units throughout the compound.
– Gates Developments has established a large shopping mall within the compound, featuring numerous diverse shops, including a wide range of global brands.
– Sports enthusiasts can enjoy their favorite activities within the compound’s fully equipped tennis and football courts.
– To complete the integrated life within the compound, a variety of restaurants offer a diverse range of international dishes.
– An Islamic-style mosque has been designed to accommodate a large number of worshippers.
– Extensive landscaped areas within the project offer clients the opportunity to enjoy various activities such as running, walking, and even cycling.
– A dedicated center for technicians within the compound ensures prompt repair of any technical issues and maintenance of unexpected faults.
– Specialized clinics containing all specialties and pharmacies providing permanent therapeutic services are available within the compound.
– Numerous commercial outlets providing food essentials are accessible throughout the day.
– Gymnasiums equipped with the latest sports equipment.
– A cinema hall within the compound equipped with all facilities.
– Strict security and surveillance system round the clock, with electronic gates for added protection.
– Spacious underground parking is available beneath each building within the compound, with the capacity to accommodate a large number of cars.
– A large area of modern playgrounds for children.
– Special areas for pet breeding.
– Swimming pools of varying sizes catering to all ages for added enjoyment and luxury.

Prices of Units in Catalan New Capital Compound

The units within the compound vary from apartments to duplexes and even villas, with prices varying according to the area of each unit and its type. Generally, the prices of units are as follows:

Apartment Prices:

– 160-square-meter apartment starts from 1,520,000 Egyptian pounds.
– 160-square-meter apartment with a garden view starts from 1,639,000 Egyptian pounds.
– 175-square-meter apartment overlooking the main street starts from 1,757,000 Egyptian pounds.
– 185-square-meter apartment starts from 1,635,500 Egyptian pounds.
– 195-square-meter apartment overlooking the main street starts from 1,774,500 Egyptian pounds.
– 200-square-meter semi-finished apartment starts from 1,777,600 Egyptian pounds.
– 200-square-meter apartment with a garden view starts from 1,700,000 Egyptian pounds.

Duplex Prices:

– A 363-square-meter duplex consisting of 5 rooms and 3 bathrooms starts from 3,507,000 Egyptian pounds.

There are also various areas within the compound, equipped with their own services such as private gardens and swimming pools.

Payment Systems in Catalan New Capital Compound

Gates Developments has provided many payment systems to offer the best ways that suit the requirements and needs of its clients. The systems are as follows:

1. Receiving the unit without any down payment and paying the full amount in equal installments over 5 years.
2. Paying a reservation deposit of 5% of the unit value upon contracting and then paying the remaining amount in installments over 6 years.
3. Paying a reservation deposit of 10% and then paying the remaining amount in installments over 7 years.
4. Paying a reservation deposit of 15% and then paying the remaining amount in installments over 8 years.
5. Paying a down payment of 25% of the total unit value and then paying the full amount in installments over 10 years, which is the longest repayment period within the compound.

It should be noted that the delivery will be in either fully finished or semi-finished condition, according to the client’s preference. It is planned that at least 65% of the units will be delivered within 4 years of contracting.