If you are seeking a unique experience to spend the most beautiful moments on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, away from the crowds and noise, in an area of privacy and luxury, with a modern and sophisticated architectural design, and offering all the upscale services for unit owners, along with a significant investment opportunity for an enhanced version of the North Coast Hills City, with more advanced details, allowing owners to invest more strongly and extensively than what is currently available in the Hills City, all of this can be found at Dbay North Coast Village.

This project is a continuation of the great success achieved by Egypt Development Company after establishing Foka Bay Village on the North Coast. The project is expected to reshape your summer concept and lifestyle to an unprecedented level of luxury not commonly found in Egyptian lands, thanks to its comprehensive services. It will provide units with diverse and varied views, including panoramic views of the beach, as well as those overlooking gardens and fountains. Egypt Development Company, renowned for its wide reputation and giant projects in the field of integrated resort villages, ensures you security, privacy, reasonable prices, and even long-term payment plans.

De Bay North Coast Village is the latest project of Egyptian Real Estate Development Company, covering an extensive area of up to 200 acres. The project consists of various units designed to cater to all tastes and preferences, offering customers options ranging from cabins and townhouses to loft chalets overlooking the crystal lagoons, in addition to standalone villas.

An Overview of De Bay North Coast Project

The De Bay North Coast project, under Egypt’s Development Company, stands as one of the strongest and most significant developments in the North Coast region. Situated overlooking the Gulf of Sidi Abdel Rahman, the project was launched in 2021 to become the company’s second major venture following the remarkable success of the Foka Bay North Coast project. The latter achieved the highest sales figures in the North Coast region. This project spans an area of 200 acres, featuring a coastal strip along the Mediterranean Sea extending approximately 800 meters, with pristine crystal-clear waters. Moreover, the project extends southward for about 1100 meters.

The location of the Diabay North Coast project

The project occupies an exceptionally strategic location, situated near a cluster of tourist villages in the area of El Dabaa, which is located just after the Alamein area directly on the Alexandria / Marsa Matrouh coastal road. The project is adjacent to residential services in El Dabaa City and is also close to the well-known Telal City, about a 15-minute drive away, and before Lavista City at kilometer 165. One of the features of the location is its overlooking of El Dabaa Bay on the North Coast, and its proximity to many distinctive services and areas, including:

– Approximately a 15-minute drive from Alamein International Airport.
– About 90 minutes’ drive from Marsa Matrouh Governorate, about 115 kilometers away.
– Marina Resort is about 45 kilometers away, reachable within about 20 minutes.
– Sidi Abdel Rahman Bay is just a 15-minute drive away.
– Amwaj Village is only 10 minutes away by car.
– The New Alamein City is approximately 40 kilometers away.

However, the real long-distance is the one that separates the project, with its tranquility and vibrant colors, from Cairo.

Services at D Bay North Coast Village

It is expected that the services available at D Bay North Coast Village will not be less than those at FOUKA Bay North Coast Village. Instead, it is anticipated that many different, more advanced, and comfortable services will be provided within the new project of Development Egypt’s developments.

A brief overview of the real estate developer

De Bay North Coast project is considered one of the projects of “Tatweer Misr Development” company, which was established in 20147. Since then, the company has been a major Egyptian joint-stock company with a capital of up to 1.7 billion Egyptian pounds. The company is dedicated to offering various innovative real estate experiences to the Egyptian market. It aims to provide integrated and innovative living experiences within its projects to meet the evolving needs and requirements of the real estate market. Tatweer Misr focuses on projects of different uses that elevate living standards and lifestyles. Some of its notable projects include:

1. “Al Mont Galala” Village in Ain Sokhna.
2. “Bloomfields” Compound in New Cairo.
3. “Fouka Bay” Village in the North Coast.

Division of units in De Bay North Coast village

The available units in Dbay North Coast Village vary depending on their proximity to the sea. There are approximately 9 different types of units, ranging from cabins, chalets, villas, to townhouses and lofts. Each unit boasts a clear view of the sea beach. Some units overlook the project’s private lagoon with views of the sea coast. These units are arranged from the closest to the sea to the farthest in the project.

The seaside area features cabins directly overlooking the beach. The project’s land rises slightly above sea level, approximately 8 meters above the sea surface. In this area, you’ll find the first-row villas, which retain their exclusive sea view. Moving slightly higher than the beach, there are second-row villas, elevated approximately 13 meters above sea level. These villas also overlook the project’s lagoon.

At the end of the beach phase, there are lofts, which vary in unit configurations, including one or two-bedroom units.

In the lagoon phase, there are numerous villa units, each enjoying unique privacy with its private beach. These villas extend into the lagoon as separate islands.

On the beachfront overlooking the lagoon, there are chalets with a general view of the lagoon and the sea due to the lagoon’s elevated position. These chalets have an area of approximately 135 square meters and come in three types, as follows.

– Ground floor chalets with their own garden.
– First floor chalets, featuring a side garden.
– Second floor chalets.
Additionally, there are chalets with areas of approximately 180 square meters, located in the vicinity of the lagoon.
As we move slightly higher, approximately 21 meters above sea level, we find a large group of villas, offering a unique view of the lagoon and the sea due to their elevation.
Toon houses are situated at the same elevation as the aforementioned villas, offering the same panoramic view of the sea, lagoon, and the entire project.
Further from the sea are chalets closest to the project’s gates, reaching an elevation of approximately 28 meters, providing customers with an open panoramic view of the entire project and direct access to the beach.

The video of the project

Tatweer Misr Development has released the promotional video for its latest project, D Bay North Coast, showcasing the developers’ vision and detailed project renderings. The video includes design and engineering details of the project that the company is currently implementing.

Prices of units in D Bay North Coast

It is worth mentioning that the available prices for the units start at an average range, with prices starting from 8407,500 Egyptian pounds, with a long-term payment system of up to 8 years, along with a simple reservation and contract down payment of only 10%.