Joulz October is one of the largest and most significant real estate projects in Egypt, located in 6th of October City. This Egyptian compound is designed with a modern and global spirit, blending modernity with luxury, and freedom with security. It is distinguished by providing vast green spaces, recreational and commercial areas, professionally divided to maximize utilization, making it one of the largest residential projects in October.

Joulz October is not just a residential project but also a distinguished service and commercial project. It includes residential units as well as commercial units, offering a variety of facilities and recreational services, from essentials to luxury. This integrated compound is almost a comprehensive home, where all residents’ needs are available in one place. Joulz October is among the most beautiful and finest places in the area, and one of the best compounds in 6th of October City, built using advanced systems and modern designs.

6th of October City was planned during the era of President Mohamed Anwar El-Sadat and is one of the largest and most important planned industrial cities. It is distinguished by beautiful and harmonious architectural planning using the latest planning methods. The city includes an airport and many facilities, in addition to global shopping centers equipped to the highest standards. The city provides all the facilities and necessities to achieve comfort and luxury for residents, creating an integrated environment full of services and requirements.

Joulz 6 October Project: A Prime Location in the Heart of 6th of October City

Inertia, the developer and owner of the Goals project, did not randomly select the location to implement a project the size of Joulz. Instead, they made advanced efforts to make this location stand out with key features that distinguish it from other sites designated for real estate projects. These features are the result of the company’s experience in real estate development. The company considers Joulz 6 October as one of the most important real estate projects it has implemented over the years of its work in the real estate sector.

The importance of the location for residents and investors in the compound stands out, as the location was chosen based on:

– A prime location in 6th of October City with a unique view, close to the ring road and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, in addition to its proximity to the Shooting Club.
– Immediate location behind Smart Village.
– Close proximity to commercial malls in the city and the Engineers’ neighborhood in Cairo.

Joulz 6 October Project: Vast Space of 120 Acres

Joulz project stands out with its vast space and beautiful gardens surrounding it from all sides. It is implemented on an area of ​​about 120 acres, divided into various residential units. The project includes apartments of various sizes and villas with different designs, some consisting of one floor, while others consist of multiple floors.

The villas are designed with super-luxury finishes according to the latest global interior design trends. Twin houses are also designed with large spaces and separate private gardens covering an area of ​​about 102 acres. About 17 acres are allocated as a commercial and service area.

The project offers vast charming gardens and diverse services to meet the residents’ needs. Prospective buyers are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity and reserve in this massive residential project with the lowest down payment and longest payment period.

Joulz 6 October Project: Global Services and Advantages Meeting All Needs

Inertia Development Company strives to provide outstanding services in its current project, always putting its best in all its projects, using the latest developments and technology in design. Among the services provided in this project:

– 24/7 security and surveillance system.
– Private parking spaces.
– Running and walking paths.
– Diverse and multiple gardens.
– Garage under each building.
– Elevators to all floors from the garage.
– Multiple swimming pools.
– Artificial water fountains.
– Large and safe playground area for children.
– Advanced surveillance systems with cameras distributed throughout the project.
– Power generator to secure electricity in case of power outage.
– Religious facilities such as mosques.
– Schools, nurseries, and universities.
– Clinics, pharmacies, and hospitals.
– Wide range of restaurants and cafes.
– Large commercial and service area.
– Vast green spaces.
– Nightclub offering all kinds of beverages.

Joulz 6 October: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems

When looking for a compound that offers a wide range of units, it is preferred to head directly to Joulz 6 October. This project is characterized by providing diverse spaces to meet the customers’ needs, ranging from a minimum of 165 square meters to a maximum of 472 square meters. It also includes a variety of villas with different areas, each with green gardens attached.

Inertia Real Estate Company, the executing and owning company of the project, confirmed that the unit prices in the project will be competitive and suitable for all purchasing capabilities. The offer varies between independent villas and luxurious apartments, with a payment system that includes installment without interest to satisfy customers. Joulz October units are characterized by diverse spaces and varied prices, with apartment prices starting from EGP 3,200,000.

Regarding payment methods and payment systems, the Joulz October project offers an easy payment system that allows customers to pay only 10% of the total price as a down payment, and the remaining amount is installment over seven years. Delivery will be within three years, and the units will be delivered semi-finished.

Joulz 6 October is developed by Amer Group company.

Joulz 6 October is a remarkable achievement made possible by the efforts of Inertia Group, which has been active in the real estate sector since 2007. The company is distinguished for its execution of numerous urban development projects that have garnered widespread admiration. Renowned for its high standards and sophisticated designs, the company excels in adding a touch of luxury and elegance to every project.

Some of the company’s previous works include:

– Veranda Sahl Hasheesh project.
– Jefaira North Coast project.
– J Crebs El Gouna project.
– Brix 6 October project.

The company consistently aims to contribute to solving the housing shortage by providing communities characterized by high standards and meeting all individuals’ needs and requirements.