The New Alamein Downtown project boasts exceptional distinction in New Alamein City, being one of the prominent tourism projects influenced by City Edge Real Estate Development, renowned for excellence and quality in its field.

The prime location of the compound makes it intersect with the most significant landmarks of the city, located amidst the two New Alamein resorts, featuring vast spaces accommodating a diverse range of services and facilities. The compound also offers a variety of unit sizes to meet the preferences and needs of customers.

The outstanding prices offered for units in New Alamein Downtown make it highly attractive to investors, carefully crafted by the real estate developer to be accessible and suitable. Additionally, the units come with unique advantages that make them an enticing choice for customers seeking luxury and lucrative investment opportunities.

Location of Downtown New Alamein:

Downtown New Alamein enjoys a prime location amidst the charm of the North Coast, situated within New Alamein City on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The project’s distinction is evident in its captivating view of one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, with its sparkling waters adding a unique charm and perfect ambiance.

Access to Downtown North Coast is easy via the international road, with a short distance of approximately 400 meters. The prime location of the compound allows easy access from various governorates of Egypt. The project is also located near the most prominent Egyptian governorates, such as:

– Cairo Governorate: Approximately 261 kilometers away.
– Alexandria Governorate: Accessible within approximately 107 kilometers.
– Marsa Matrouh Governorate: Approximately 184 kilometers away.

If you’re considering traveling, there’s no need to worry, as the Alamein Airport is nearby Downtown, approximately 54 kilometers away, in addition to Borg El Arab International Airport, which is approximately 89 kilometers away.

The compound is surrounded by many tourist and archaeological attractions that attract visitors from around the world, such as the Ancient Alamein City, Alamein Gardens, the Presidential Palace, the Council of Ministers, the Palace of Culture, the Diamond Hotel, the Fanara Marina, making the experience of staying in Downtown New Alamein more enriching and diverse.

Design and Space of Downtown New Alamein:

Prepare for an exceptional experience with the Downtown New Alamein project, where all services and facilities are available to meet your needs with ease and convenience.

The project offers a variety of residential unit sizes to suit different needs. Additionally, owning a unit in this project represents an excellent investment opportunity for both investors and individuals alike.

The Alamein area stands out for its activity and vitality throughout the year, enhancing opportunities for significant financial returns. The Downtown project occupies a vast area of ​​31 acres, which has been optimally utilized to provide residential units, recreational areas, beautiful gardens and green spaces, as well as various commercial and service areas.

Families will find everything they need in the Downtown area, including necessary services and facilities, creating a comfortable environment that facilitates daily life.

Enjoy your stay in Downtown throughout the year, where all necessities are available at affordable prices for an unparalleled experience at any time of the year.

Services and Facilities of New Alamein Downtown Project:

There is a diverse and stunning range of services available within the New Alamein Downtown project, including:

– Green spaces, natural flowers, and fresh air.
– Shopping centers and stores to provide all goods.
– A variety of luxury restaurants and cafes.
– Health centers and medical clinics equipped with the latest technologies.
– High-level hospitals and excellent health care.
– Recreational areas and green spaces for enjoyment and celebrations.
– Gymnasiums equipped with the latest devices and experts.
– Comfortable and organized facilities and garages.
– 24/7 security and surveillance system with CCTV cameras.
– Central air conditioning in all residential units.
– Precise monitoring system and tracks for sports activities.
– Fire alarm system and high-level medical teams.
– Strong infrastructure and distinguished sewage network.
– Private power generators.
– Gardens and areas for children and entertainment.
– Amusement parks, games, and recreational facilities.
– Spas and gyms equipped with the latest technologies.
– Halls for parties, events, and meeting rooms.
– High-level beauty centers.
– Swimming pools and beautiful artificial lakes.
– High-speed wireless internet.
– Available banking services and mosques within the project.

Enjoy a distinctive lifestyle and integrated services in the New Alamein Downtown project, which combines luxury and comfort.

Advantages of Investing in New Alamein Downtown:

For any new project to compete and surpass previous projects, it must feature unique elements that distinguish it from others, and this is precisely what the New Alamein Downtown project offers:

– Strategic and convenient location: The project is located in an exceptional location close to main roads and international airports, making it easily accessible and convenient for travel. It is also located near important tourist and cultural landmarks.
– Luxurious and unique design: It features luxurious designs and stunning decorations executed by specialized global engineers, adding a touch of beauty and distinction to every detail of the project.
– Use of the best materials: The highest quality materials and international brands have been used in the finishing works, with tangible guarantees of their quality and excellent performance when used.
– Diverse and innovative facilities: The New Alamein Downtown project offers private swimming pools for women for a unique relaxation experience, and it provides other options for children to enjoy their time safely.
– Affordable prices and convenient facilities: The project offers reasonable and attractive prices, in addition to comfortable installment options that allow customers to own their unit with ease and convenience.

In summary, the New Alamein Downtown project combines a prime location, unique design, quality execution, and integrated facilities, making it a distinguished choice that adds value and luxury to life.

Unit Types in Downtown New Alamein

The Downtown New Alamein compound doesn’t only provide residential units but also includes commercial spaces, ensuring the comprehensive fulfillment of residents’ requirements and needs, with various sizes available for the residential units.

This offers multiple options for individuals seeking to own luxurious apartments or residential units in New Alamein City, such as:

– Two-bedroom apartments: The sizes of these units range from 124 to 150 square meters, providing residents with suitable living and comfort spaces.
– Three-bedroom residential units: Consisting of three bedrooms and a reception area, their sizes range from 178 to 209 square meters, offering spacious areas for individuals and families.

With these variations in sizes and designs, the Downtown New Alamein compound provides diverse options to meet different needs, making it an ideal destination for those seeking comfort and distinction in their residence.

Unit Prices in Downtown New Alamein

Many of the world’s wealthy individuals, or approximately 80% of them, consider real estate investment as a primary source of their wealth. This is reflected in the increasing value of residential units over time in the market.

This reality enables them to achieve guaranteed returns. Therefore, purchasing a residential unit within the New Alamein Downtown project is an ideal and secure investment opportunity. The prices of these units start from 32,000 per square meter.

Owning a unit in this project not only ensures stability in value but also allows for attractive profits. Very reasonable prices give customers and investors the opportunity to reside in their units during their summer vacations, while they can rent them out at highly profitable rates during other times of the year, whether to New Alamein residents or visitors from outside.

Payment and Installment Systems in New Alamein Downtown City Edge

In the New Alamein Downtown project, there is a variety of payment options available, making it easy for the client to pay the unit price through different methods. Among these options are:

– Paying 10% of the total unit price and installment of the remaining amount over 7 years.
– Providing a certain percentage as a down payment with the remainder paid over a long period.
– Other flexible options to suit the client’s needs and circumstances.

This flexible payment policy gives customers the flexibility to choose the option that suits them and makes it easy to realize the dream of investing in a residential unit or acquiring a home that meets their needs and financial capabilities.

About City Edge Company

City Edge Real Estate Company has an impressive record of major investment projects, including the New Alamein Downtown Towers on the North Coast. City Edge stands out as one of the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, established in cooperation with three leading entities:

– Housing and Development Bank.
– New Urban Communities Authority.
– Holding Company for Investment.

The project-owning company offers a distinguished range of massive projects in the real estate sector, including:

– Zahiya El Mansoura New Project.
– Outstanding North Edge Project in New Alamein.
– The Target Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
– New Alamein Towers.
– Baroque Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
– Mazarein Compound in New Alamein.
– The Gate Towers in New Alamein.
– Eitaba Compound.

The company boasts extensive experience and enjoys the trust of major entities, making it a well-known name in the real estate investment world.