Prepare for an unforgettable experience in the village of Eco Mina on the North Coast, where luxury intertwines with the beauty of nature to offer you the finest leisure experience. Awaken each morning to the serene sounds of the sea and inhale pure air within your residential unit, while providing all the comforts and amenities to ensure maximum enjoyment and relaxation.

Mina Real Estate Development and Investment Company has incorporated the highest levels of comfort and excellence into the design of Eco Mina on the North Coast, allowing you to indulge in a luxurious stay overlooking the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea, and revel in its golden sands and crystal-clear waters.

Eco Mina offers you a plethora of services and recreational facilities to meet all your needs, with flexible payment plans and unbeatable prices, making it the optimal choice for real estate investment and leisure time on the North Coast.

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of luxury and beauty, where elegance meets relaxation in the village of Eco Mina on the North Coast.

Eco Village North Coast

Location of Eco Village North Coast

The convergence of comfort and luxury occurs seamlessly at Eco Mina Village on the North Coast, where Mina Group has meticulously selected its locations in the heart of vibrant and strategic life. Situated at kilometer 79 on the coastal road between Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh, the village is conveniently close to major cities and main thoroughfares, facilitating easy access from all directions.

Guests can relish the proximity of Eco Mina on the North Coast to New Alamein City within 15 minutes, with Fathallah Market nearby, along with Zahran Mall just a few minutes away from the project.

But that’s not all; the location of Eco Mina Coastal Resort stands out for its proximity to the leading tourist resorts in the area, such as Direction White North Coast, Hacienda Bay North Coast, Demora North Coast Village, Lotus North Coast Village, and Marina Flavors North Coast Village.

Area of ​​the Eco North Coast project

Eco North Coast Village has been developed over an area spanning 210,000 square meters, as Mina Real Estate Development Company took this stride to provide a comprehensive experience for its clientele. Eighty percent of the total area has been allocated to offer a wide array of services and expansive green spaces, while the remainder has been utilized to present a diverse range of coastal residential units, including twin houses, townhouses, villas, chalets, and duplexes.

Eco Village North Coast

Designed by Eko Resort North Coast

The Eco Mina North Coast Resort stands out with its unique and distinguished architectural design, seamlessly blending aesthetic beauty with modern Western-inspired engineering. Decor and finishes have been meticulously chosen, paying close attention to the finest details and employing cheerful colors that cater to a variety of tastes, imparting a charming European character to the village.

The units at the Eco Mina North Coast Resort have been designed in accordance with global architectural standards by renowned engineers and expert architects, offering a diverse range of residential units such as twin houses, townhouses, chalets, and duplexes.

The total project area spans approximately 210,000 square meters, with 80% of it allocated to vast green spaces and service facilities, providing an ideal environment for relaxation and enjoyment of the stunning coastal nature.

Eco North Coast Resort services

Eco Mina North Coast Resort offers a comprehensive array of facilities and services to meet the diverse needs of its clientele, making it the perfect destination for an enjoyable summer vacation away from the city hustle and bustle. Among these services:

  • First aid clinics providing care for guests and addressing emergencies.
  • Medical clinics operating around the clock, offering a variety of medical services using state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Branches of various banks providing banking services for guests.
  • Electric car charging stations.
  • Pet reception areas.
  • A range of luxurious hotels, residential apartments, and chalets.
  • A splendid beach for water activities.
  • A yacht marina for fishing and diving enthusiasts.
  • Aqua parks with diverse water games.
  • A commercial mall featuring a variety of shops.
  • Super and hypermarkets to meet daily shopping needs.
  • Pharmacies offering medication and medical supplies around the clock.
  • Clubhouses for parties and recreational activities.
  • Cinemas equipped with large screens.
  • Restaurants and cafes offering a variety of cuisines.
  • Spa houses for body care and relaxation.
  • Multiple sports fields.
  • Gyms equipped with the latest equipment.
  • Internal transportation such as buses and golf carts.
  • Car or limousine rental services
Eco Village North Coast

Advantages of Eco Village North Coast

Eco Mina North Coast Village is a unique blend of urban luxury and integrated services, designed to the highest quality standards to provide an exceptional experience for residents. The village boasts a vast array of advantages, beginning with its strategic geographic location, architectural design, varied spaces, and exclusive prices, among other distinguished services.

  • Advanced firefighting systems are in place to protect guests, staff, and facilities from potential fire incidents, reducing risks and ensuring their safety.
  • The owning company offers competitive prices for various customer segments in Eco Mina North Coast, encouraging both investors and clients.
  • The village enjoys a vibrant strategic geographic location, making it easily accessible from all directions, allowing visitors to enjoy a delightful summer vacation.
  • Electronic gates are installed to prevent unauthorized access, increasing security levels for visitors and staff.
  • Free internet services are provided, facilitating easy communication and news tracking for visitors and owners.
  • The project features centralized air conditioning providing an ideal temperature throughout the year, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable stay experience.
  • Emphasis is placed on the village’s infrastructure, including natural gas, sewage, water networks, and essential services, to provide a comfortable experience for guests.
  • The project includes a massive mosque, along with dedicated spaces for sports, entertainment, and ample parking.
  • Running and cycling tracks are available, along with a yoga area to enhance physical and mental health.
  • The project features innovatively designed swimming pools and a covered lounge exclusively for women.
  • The project offers an exceptional entertainment and relaxation experience on the beach through summer events and parties.
  • Environmentally friendly construction techniques and renewable energy sources are utilized, contributing to environmental preservation.
  • Reception offices are provided to offer services and information to guests.
  • There is a dedicated children’s area with various entertainment facilities.

Unit space in Eco North Coast

Eco Mina North Coast Village has been designed to be a second home that ensures your comfort and caters to the diverse needs and tastes of customers, offering a variety of residential units. These units draw inspiration from the breathtaking beauty of nature, featuring architectural designs and decor that blend modernity with luxury, accompanied by stunning views of vast green spaces and turquoise artificial lakes.

The unit sizes in Eco Mina North Coast vary as follows:

  • The area of independent villas starts from 260 square meters.
  • Twin house unit sizes range from 214 square meters to 253 square meters.
  • As for the chalets in EKO Mena North Coast, their sizes range from 91 square meters to 141 square meters
Eco Village North Coast

Eko Resort North Coast rates and payment systems

Mina Group for Real Estate Development always strives to satisfy its customers and investors through its diverse projects, offering unparalleled competitive prices. In Eco Mina North Coast Village, unit prices include:

  • Independent villas starting from 6,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Chalets with prices starting from 3،250،000 Egyptian pounds.
  • Twin house units with prices starting from 4,772,500 Egyptian pounds.

Payment plans are extremely flexible, as customers can pay a 10% down payment of the unit value and settle the remaining amount over 10 years without interest, with an additional 10% payment upon delivery.

The real estate developer of the Eco North Coast project

Mena Development Company is the owner of Eco Mina Village and is one of the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market. Established in 2006, the company always seeks to provide an exceptional experience for its customers through seamless integration across its departments and providing the necessary support, making it the preferred choice for entrepreneurs.

Mena Group is committed to conducting detailed studies using top consulting firms to meet the needs of customers and exceed their future expectations and aspirations, while adhering to precision and creativity in design and performance. The company’s team comprises distinguished professionals with high skills to achieve customer satisfaction.

Among the prominent projects executed by Mena Development Company are:

  • Mena 5 North Coast Village.
  • Mena Garden Park Project.
  • Mena Garden City Project.
  • Concord Gardens Village.
  • Mena 5 Resort.
  • Mena 4 Resort.
  • Mena 3 Resort.
  • Mena 2 Resort.
  • Mena 1 Resort
Eco Village North Coast

Investment advantages of Eco Village North Coast

Among the features of investing in Eco Mina North Coast Village:

  • Strategic Location: The village enjoys a distinguished strategic location on the North Coast of Egypt, attracting both investors and tourists alike.
  • Diverse Real Estate Units: The village offers a variety of real estate units such as independent villas, chalets, and twin house units, catering to the diverse needs of investors.
  • Integrated Infrastructure: The village features integrated infrastructure including roads, lighting, sewage systems, and electricity, providing a comfortable environment for residents and visitors.
  • Facilities and Services: The village offers a range of facilities and services such as restaurants, cafes, pools, and recreational areas, enhancing its attractiveness as a tourist and investment destination.
  • Flexible Payment Options: The village provides flexible payment options to suit the needs of investors, making the investment process more appealing.
  • Security and Guarding: The village provides advanced security systems and 24-hour surveillance, ensuring the safety of investors and their properties.
  • Scenic Nature: Eco Mina North Coast Village is surrounded by breathtaking natural landscapes of the sea, sandy beaches, and lush greenery, making it attractive to investors and visitors seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.