Discover the latest projects in the North Coast city with “Lvls Mountain View” by Mountain View Real Estate Company, the leading company with an outstanding reputation and great successes. This project is an extension of the company’s leadership, as it offers every distinctive feature to ensure the success of the project.

“Lvls Mountain View North Coast ” stands out with all the factors that clients and investors look for, from its strategic location and modern architectural design to its integrated services, whether essential or recreational, in addition to the presence of high-quality facilities. Join the luxurious and comfortable living experience in the embrace of this exceptional project.

Lvls Mountain View North Coast: A Strategic Location on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road

“Lvls Mountain View North Coast” village is located at kilometer 124 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road, directly on the beach. This location is considered strategic as it is near popular tourist villages in the North Coast area, as well as major roads and landmarks in the city.

Nearby places to “Lvls Mountain View North Coast”:

– Alamein Hotel: The village is approximately 7.5 kilometers away from Alamein Hotel.
– Sidi Abdel Rahman Area: The village is about 10 kilometers away from the Sidi Abdel Rahman area.
– New Alamein City: The distance from “Lvls Mountain View North Coast” to New Alamein City is about 37 kilometers.
– Alamein International Airport: The village is located approximately 42 kilometers away from Alamein International Airport.

Lvls Mountain View North Coast: spans a vast total area of 200 acres

“Lvls Mountain View North Coast” stands out with its vast piece of land, as Mountain View Real Estate Company, the project’s owner, aimed to provide all essential and recreational services in this unique location. The large area is divided into the following sections:

Project Area: The project covers approximately 200 acres.
Built-Up Area: Around 20% of the total project area is allocated for buildings and structures.
Green Spaces and Landscaping: 80% of the project area is dedicated to green spaces, recreational areas, and water bodies.

Lvls Mountain View North Coast: Modern Design Inspired by Greek Style

“Lvls Mountain View North Coast” offers a unique project that combines modern design with inspiration from the magnificent Greek style. The project shines with the splendor of its designs, meticulously planned to harmonize with the beauty of the coastal environment and provide a luxurious residential experience.

The phrase “modern design inspired by Greek style” is key to understanding the uniqueness of this real estate project, blending elements of modern design with the mythical details of classical Greek style. The project is distinguished by its elegance and unique style, taking ancient Greek architecture to new meanings and adding an artistic touch to the coastal landscape.

Through this skillful combination of modern design and Greek identity, “Lvls Mountain View North Coast” becomes an exceptional destination for those seeking investment opportunities or residential living that combines the charm of the Mediterranean Sea with the allure of enchanting Greek architecture.

Lvls Mountain View North Coast:Comprehensive services and amenities that meet all life requirements

The “Lvls Mountain View” North Coast village stands out by providing a range of services and facilities that meet residents’ daily needs, including:

1. Swimming pools: The village has several swimming pools suitable for all ages, providing a refreshing environment for residents.
2. High-speed internet service: Residents enjoy high-speed Wi-Fi internet service.
3. Clubhouses: The project includes two clubhouses featuring various sports courts.
4. Comprehensive health club: The project includes a health club with a spa, sauna, jacuzzi, and a gym equipped with the latest equipment.
5. Green pathways and promenades: The village includes green pathways dedicated to walking, jogging, and cycling.
6. Commercial area: The commercial area includes shops for various local and international brands.
7. Restaurants and cafes: The project includes areas for restaurants and cafes to meet shopping and relaxation needs.
8. Children’s recreational areas: Safe and dedicated areas for children, including a variety of age-appropriate games.
9. Internal transportation facilities: Golf carts are available as internal transportation within the project.
10. High-level security: High-level security services are provided with a trained team and surveillance cameras in all areas.

The investment advantages of this project attract the attention of many investors for several important reasons, including:

1. The developer: The company responsible for developing the project is one of the best real estate investment companies in the local market, boasting a track record of successes and achievements.
2. Strategic location: The project’s location near major coastal landmarks makes it strategic and desirable for both investors and residents.
3. Affordable prices: Unit prices have been set after a thorough study of customer needs and market analysis, making them accessible to everyone.
4. Flexible payment system: The payment and installment system is flexible, offering long repayment periods and easy payment options to reduce investment costs.

Lvls Mountain View North Coast:Residential units with diverse areas to meet all needs

Mountain View Real Estate Company has introduced a diverse range of residential units in Lvls Mountain View North Coast village to meet the needs of various clients. These units include:

– Chalets.
– Townhouses.
– Twin Houses.
– Independent Villas.

These units have been designed and diversified to cater to different needs and preferences, including various areas to achieve this goal:

– Chalets starting from 145 square meters.
– Townhouses starting from 180 square meters.
– Twin Houses starting from 180 square meters.
– Independent Villas starting from 300 square meters.

Lvls Mountain View North Coast:Prices and flexible payment systems

The price per square meter in Lvls Mountain View North Coast starts from 56,551 Egyptian pounds, which is determined based on the expectations and preferences of customers and investors. Here are the price details per square meter for each type of unit in the project:

– Price per square meter for chalets starts from 56,551 Egyptian pounds.
– Price per square meter for townhouses starts from 54,722 Egyptian pounds.
– Price per square meter for twin houses starts from 81,666 Egyptian pounds.
– Price per square meter for standalone villas starts from 106,666 Egyptian pounds.

The prices for units in Lvls Mountain View North Coast vary accordingly:

– Chalets: Starting from 8,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Townhouses: Starting from 9,850,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Twin houses: Starting from 14,700,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Standalone villas: Starting from 32,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Mountain View Real Estate Company offers a flexible payment system, including a 10% down payment, followed by a 5% payment after 6 months, with the remaining amount paid in installments over 8 years.

Mountain View Real Estate: The Leading Real Estate Developer

Mountain View Real Estate, the owner of Lvls North Coast, is one of the largest and most distinguished companies in the local real estate market. Established in 2005, it has earned great appreciation and trust from customers and investors over the years.

With extensive experience and notable successes, Mountain View Real Estate has the necessary capabilities to create outstanding projects like Lvls North Coast.

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