“Saada New Cairo” embodies luxury and sophistication in an exceptional residential project specifically designed for villa enthusiasts. Developed by Horizon Egypt for Development and Real Estate, a subsidiary of Emirates Development Group, this project aims to fulfill all the dreams of customers and investors. The company combines its extensive experience and significant achievements in its previous projects in the Arab world to deliver distinctive residential projects like Saada New Cairo Compound.

Location of Saada Horizon New Cairo

The Saada Fifth Settlement project enjoys a prominent strategic location, situated directly on the Suez Road across from the Hassan Allam project. This provides residents with easy access and mobility to the main roads and axes in the area, as well as convenient access to vital and service facilities.

Nearby locations to Saada Fifth Settlement project include:

– Mohamed Naguib Axis: Approximately 4 kilometers away.
– Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis: Just 2 kilometers from Saada New Cairo project.
– Ring Road: Located approximately 7 kilometers away.
– Family Park: Saada Fifth Settlement project is approximately 2.4 kilometers away.
– American University: Approximately 15 kilometers separate it from the compound.
– Cairo International Airport: Approximately 17 kilometers away.

Area of ​​Saada Horizon New Cairo Compound

The Saada New Cairo project is implemented on a vast area of ​​approximately 371 acres, with the majority of this area allocated to green spaces and water bodies, accounting for 89% of the total project area. Therefore, only a very small percentage of the area is allocated to infrastructure and buildings, not exceeding 11% of the total area.

Design of Saada Horizon New Cairo Compound

The Saada project on the Suez Road stands out with a unique design that combines Arab heritage with modern architecture in the heart of New Cairo on a vast area of 371 acres. This project is the result of collaboration with the prominent consulting engineer Adnan Safarini, who adds luxury and distinction to this new spot in Cairo.

The design of the Saada project celebrates Arab elements, where each villa cluster is surrounded by a vast turquoise lake, adorned with expansive green gardens with the scent of Arabian flowers and palm trees, creating a residential environment that harmonizes with nature and provides privacy and harmony.

The villas inside the project feature an elegant design that combines luxury with simplicity, and each unit provides complete privacy for its residents through a private garden and swimming pool, making the experience of living in Saada Horizon New Cairo Compound unique and luxurious.

The compound gates express the Islamic Arab identity with their high open arches and vibrant blue colors, adding an artistic touch by highlighting the project’s name in Arabic calligraphy, creating a sense of warm welcome and grandeur at the entrance, blended with respect for tradition and openness to modernity.

Thus, the Saada New Cairo project offers an architectural model that combines Arab and modern aesthetics, providing a luxurious residential environment that meets the needs of modern life with a wonderful blend of identity and culture.

Services of Saada New Cairo Compound

The Saada New Cairo project offers a comprehensive range of basic and recreational services to ensure a comfortable and stable life for all its residents. The developer has spared no effort in providing services that suit the needs of modern customers, including:

Wide green spaces and artificial lakes surround each residential unit in the project.
Two five-star hotels, each featuring over 200 rooms.
A social sports club providing ample space for family gatherings and multiple sports fields.
Paved paths for exercising, walking, and biking.
A health center offering spa services, sauna, jacuzzi, and steam therapy rooms.
Gyms equipped with the latest equipment.
A medical center equipped with the best medical devices and technologies.
Recreational areas for children.
24/7 surveillance cameras.
A large crystal lagoon.
A clubhouse spanning an area of over 2000 square meters.
Round-the-clock security and guard services.
A large commercial area housing various shops.
A large hypermarket providing all necessities.
An international school covering all primary and secondary educational stages.

Features of Saada Horizon New Cairo

Saada New Cairo project offers a range of features that meet the diverse needs and aspirations of its residents, including the following:

Strategic Location: Compound Saada New Cairo stands out for its excellent and strategic location, providing easy access to services and vital areas.

Green Spaces and Diverse Services: Saada Horizon Egypt project boasts its vast area comprising wide green spaces and diverse services to ensure the comfort of residents.

High Ceilings for Residential Units: The distinctive feature of Saada Compound is its high ceilings, with units designed to have heights of up to 4 meters, offering spacious and open atmospheres.

Reasonable Prices: Units in Saada Fifth Settlement are characterized by reasonable prices, making them accessible to many individuals while benefiting from the available project services.

Flexible Payment Systems: Saada compound offers flexible payment systems extending over several years, with the possibility of paying convenient down payments.

Unit Spaces in Saada Horizon New Cairo

Saada New Cairo compound has been designed with a distinct focus on a single type of housing unit, which is villas, meaning everyone enjoys the same quality of residence. The villa project offers a variety of architectural styles, including:

– Townhouses.
– Townhouse Middle.
– Twin Houses.
– Standalone Villas.

The unit sizes within Saada compound on the Suez Road vary as follows:

– Townhouse villa areas start from 185 square meters.
– Townhouse Middle villa areas start from 280 square meters.
– Twin House villa areas start from 300 square meters.
– Standalone villas in the Saada New Cairo project start from 330 to 625 square meters.

Prices and Payment Systems for 2024 Saada Horizon New Cairo

The units in Saada New Cairo compound enjoy competitive prices that reflect the value of the services and features available to residents within the project. Accordingly, the square meter prices in Saada compound vary as follows:

– The starting price per square meter for corner Townhouse villas is 75,675 Egyptian pounds.
– The starting price per square meter for Middle Townhouse villas is 46,428 Egyptian pounds.
– The starting price per square meter for Twin House villas in Saada New Cairo compound is 63,333 Egyptian pounds.
– The starting price per square meter for standalone villas in the Horizon Saada project is 66,666 Egyptian pounds.

As for the prices of residential units within Saada compound, they are as follows:

– The starting prices for corner Townhouse villas are 14,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
– The starting prices for Middle Townhouse villas are 13,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
– The starting prices for Twin House villas in Horizon Saada compound are 19,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
– The starting prices for standalone villas in Saada Horizon New Cairo are 22,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Regarding the payment and installment systems in Saada New Cairo compound, a payment plan has been provided that suits the project stages and is characterized by ease and convenience, as follows:

– First system for the first phase: 10% upon reservation, 5% upon delivery, and the remaining amount to be paid in equal installments over 7 years, with delivery after a year and a half.
– Second system for the second and third phases: Only 10% of the total unit value is paid initially, then the remaining amount is paid over 8 years, with delivery after two years from the contract date.

Real Estate Developer of Saada New Cairo Compound

Horizon Egypt Urban Development Company starts its journey in the real estate market with high aspirations and a different vision, focusing on making a difference by offering exceptional projects to earn customer satisfaction and fulfill their dreams of enjoying comfort and luxury while providing ideal investment opportunities for them.

Moreover, Horizon Egypt Urban Development boasts an efficient team in various specialties to achieve its goals in meeting customer aspirations and creating its exceptional mark as a leading real estate company in Egypt. Additionally, Horizon Egypt Urban Development implements projects based on international standards.

Leading Horizon Egypt Urban Development is Majed Al Naemi, Head of the Amiri Diwan in Ajman, United Arab Emirates, who played a significant role in creating the core idea followed by the company in selecting ideal locations and designs, achieving diversity in unit spaces offered for sale, providing integrated facilities, exceptional pricing, and payment systems for Horizon Egypt Development projects.

Partners of Horizon Egypt Urban Development: Horizon Egypt Urban Development recognizes the importance of successful partnerships, thus collaborates with effective entities in Egypt, whether design or management and operation companies, to ensure the delivery of high-level projects. Therefore, it is expected to become a major real estate company in Egypt in a short period.

Investment Features in Saada Horizon New Cairo

The Fifth Settlement Saada Compound offers a variety of features that make it attractive for all types of successful real estate investment in Egypt, as follows:

Prime Location: Saada project stands out for its strategic location, providing vitality and easy access to main roads and important facilities.
Luxurious Design: The compound boasts modern architectural designs that meet the aspirations of contemporary clients, exclusively designated for villas.
Diverse Services: The project includes comprehensive integrated services that meet the residents’ needs comprehensively.
Competitive Prices: The Fifth Settlement Saada offers competitive prices not easily found in New Cairo City, with a flexible payment and installment system.