Prepare for your successes and business development at Levels Business Tower in the New Administrative Capital! This unique project offers an opportunity for those seeking continuous success and sustainable growth. Located strategically near key areas of the new capital, it’s the perfect place for investment.

Levels Business Tower in the New Administrative Capital stands out with its unique design and prime location, providing a nurturing environment for success and achievements. With green spaces and a variety of units catering to diverse client needs, it reflects our commitment to providing an ideal living and working environment.

Developed by Urbanlanes Real Estate Development, a leading company in the field, the project offers diverse units at attractive prices and flexible payment systems, making investment easier for clients. Reserve your unit now and benefit from the features of this fantastic investment project.

Levels Business Tower in the New Administrative Capital: A prime location in the heart of the New Administrative Capital

Urbanlanes Real Estate Development launched its new project, Levels Business Tower, in the heart of the New Administrative Capital, specifically in the prestigious Downtown area, which is one of the best locations in the area, with the project being G+35.

The strategic location of Levels Business Tower is a crucial factor in its success. The project is close to major landmarks in the New Administrative Capital, offering a magnificent view of the Green River, one of the best landscapes in the Middle East.

Levels Business Tower in the New Administrative Capital: Modern design combining modernity and authenticity

Urbanlanes Real Estate Development presented its fantastic project, Levels Business Tower, in the New Administrative Capital, dedicating a vast space with many features that enhance the experience of visitors and clients. The project is divided into a mall to provide an exceptional shopping experience, with various green spaces and landscaping enhancing the environment with fresh air and charming natural scenery.

Levels Business Tower is designed systematically and modernly, with a significant portion of space allocated to green spaces and services, while the remaining part is dedicated to investment units. This meticulous design allows for a perfect balance between the external environment and luxurious investment units.

Levels Business Tower in the New Administrative Capital: Integrated services and amenities that meet all needs

Levels Business Tower in the New Administrative Capital offers a wide range of luxurious services to meet the needs of clients and investors. These services, both entertainment and basic, enhance the comfort and well-being of visitors and include the following:

– Modern elevators: Featuring modern technology, with some dedicated to administrative units and the rest to other units.
– Capital Prime: Featuring large rooms equipped with the latest equipment for hosting events, meetings, and major conferences.
– Green spaces: Featuring green landscapes surrounding the units, creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere.
– Children’s area: Featuring safe entertainment games for children.
– Health club: Including a gym and a spa room equipped with the latest equipment.
– Parking: Spacious garages equipped with security measures to avoid congestion.
– Environmentally friendly: Relies on solar energy to reduce environmental impact.
– Security and guard: 24-hour security and guard services, along with a modern surveillance system.
– Technical support: Rooms for technical support and problem-solving.
– Smart system: Allows control of unit temperature, electrical systems, and lighting.
– Backup generators: Automatically activated in case of power outages.
– Sky Lounge: An indoor lounge providing panoramic views.
– Stunning interior and exterior design: Units elegantly designed with distinctive entrance gates.
– High-speed Wi-Fi: A centralized Wi-Fi network covering all areas.
– Cleaning team: Workers for unit cleaning.
– Central air conditioning: Central air conditioning system inside the mall.
– Facility maintenance service: Maintenance services for all available units.

Levels Business Tower in the New Administrative Capital: Diverse unit spaces meeting all needs

A diverse range of units is offered in the Levels Business Tower project, with varied spaces to meet different needs. The mall offers 10 administrative offices per floor with an area of 700 square meters each, allowing clients to choose from various and distinguished spaces.

The second mall differs from the first mall, as its area exceeds 1500 square meters per floor, with 23 administrative offices. This diversity in spaces facilitates the selection process for clients and investors.

The diverse units in the project are divided into administrative and commercial units, with variations in spaces, allowing clients to choose the unit that meets their needs. The project includes administrative offices starting from 45 square meters, available on floors five through twenty-five.

Additionally, the project provides access to commercial shops starting from 50 square meters, and a food court featuring a variety of commercial shops dedicated to restaurants and cafes. The fifth floor is allocated for project services and facilities, while the second floor remains dedicated to services without providing units for sale.

Levels Business Tower: Prices and flexible payment systems

Urbanlanes Real Estate Development, the developer of the Levels Business Tower project in the New Administrative Capital, has introduced diverse units benefiting from amazing facilities and services. These units are designed elegantly and attractively to meet customer expectations.

Levels Business Tower features ideal prices, as the company has made these opportunities easy and straightforward compared to the fantastic features available within the project, making the investment process easier and more effective.

Regarding payment and repayment systems, the company provides flexible options that make it easier for investors to achieve success in their projects, allowing for a 10% booking deposit with the remaining amount payable over 6 years without interest, or a 15% contract down payment with the rest of the unit value payable over 7 years without interest, or a 20% down payment with the remainder paid over 8 years without interest and equal installments.

The company is currently working on providing other repayment options extending to 9 or 10 years, contributing to meeting the various needs of investors.

Development by Urbanlanes, a leading real estate development company

The Levels Business Tower mall in the New Administrative Capital was created through the efforts of Urbanlanes Real Estate Development, a company that is a pioneer in the Egyptian and Arab real estate markets, and is the owner of this distinctive investment project. The company is one of the leading real estate companies in the Middle East, having presented distinguished projects in several Arab countries.

The company has a rich investment history, founded in 1994 and achieving historical successes in the real estate field. The company was established in Kuwait and merged with a group of leading investment companies, such as First Group Kuwait, United First for Contracting, and First Ads for Advertising.

The company was founded by a group of real estate experts, including Engineer Emile Abdullah, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Eissa, and Sheikh Nael Yaacoub. The company has presented a range of previous projects renowned for their quality and excellence in meeting customer needs.

Among the prominent projects of Urbanlanes Real Estate Development:

– Three Connected Towers on the ARAB Gulf.
– LEVELS TOWER – million Kuwait 17 dinar.