Discover the splendor and beauty of Marsa Bagoush on the North Coast, the latest and most luxurious project in this prestigious area. Nestled in the sought-after Sidi Heneish area, it seamlessly blends architectural simplicity and elegance with the surrounding nature. Sidi Heneish’s golden beaches and blue waters combine luxury and relaxation.

The unit design allows you to enjoy a stunning natural environment, including the “kitchen garden” concept, which allows you to acquire fresh herbs and spices to prepare delicious meals. With its unique details of local limestone, the Marsa Bagoush experience immerses you in inspiring and unique atmospheres.

Enjoy a unique life experience with a variety of activities and fantastic facilities in Marsa Bagoush on the North Coast. Immerse yourself in a world of luxury and relaxation, where stunning nature meets modern design to create an unparalleled experience.

The location of Marsa Bagoush on the North Coast

One of the distinctive features of Marsa Bagoush in the North Coast is its unique location, which is considered one of the prominent reasons for its success. Shihab Mazhar Development and Real Estate Investment Company has strategically chosen a location in the heart of the North Coast, with the village situated 238 kilometers from Sidi Heneish on the Alexandria-Marsa Matrouh coastal road. This location is characterized by its proximity to major tourist attractions and popular villages, making it easily accessible from various places.

It is distinguished by its proximity to the Diamond Bay Resort and Ras El Hekma Bay, located on the Dabaa Road. It also neighbors Hacienda White, Hacienda Red, and Caesar Bay villages, making it a central point among these distinctive projects. Additionally, the project is located near Marsa Matrouh Airport, further enhancing its attractive features and making it an ideal destination for investment and leisure.

The design and area of Marsa Bagoush Resort, North Coast

Marsa Bagoush village is located in the North Coast, characterized by its implementation in a unique and spacious area designed to provide maximum comfort and entertainment. The project consists of multiple areas including architectural design, services, and landscapes. Marsa Bagoush village in the North Coast also serves as an exclusive coastal destination in the heart of the Sidi Heneish area.

The project spans an area of up to 330 acres, divided into different phases with varying sizes. This vast area features diverse green spaces, with each unit in the project having its own waterfront by 100%. This project offers an exceptional and unique living experience in the heart of the North Coast.

One of the main features of Marsa Bagoush village in the North Coast is its extensive area, which is approximately 76 acres. This village has been built on a large area divided as follows:

– 85% of the total area of the project is allocated for green spaces, landscapes, and stunning natural views, providing a serene and attractive atmosphere.
– The remaining 15% of the total area of Marsa Bagoush village in the North Coast is designated for modern and contemporary residential buildings.

With its balanced distribution between green spaces and modern infrastructure, Marsa Bagoush village offers a distinctive and integrated residential experience in the heart of the North Coast.

Services and Features of Units in the Marsa Baghush Village, North Coast

Services and Features of Units in Marsa Baghush Village, North Coast:

Marsa Baghush Village in the North Coast stands out with its exceptional vision and unique project execution by Shehab Mazhar for Development and Real Estate Investment. The services and facilities offered by this village encompass various distinguished and recreational aspects. Here are some of these outstanding services:

Green Spaces and Landscapes: Green spaces and natural landscapes are spread throughout the village, creating a serene and attractive environment.

Swimming Pools: Marsa Baghush Village features swimming pools scattered throughout its various areas, offering you the opportunity to relax and enjoy your time.

Artificial Lakes: The artificial lakes add beauty and charm to the project, providing the enjoyment of waterfront views.

Security and Surveillance: Reinforced security and surveillance with CCTV cameras ensure your safety and well-being throughout the village.

Private Parking: Marsa Baghush Village provides private parking for the convenience and ease of parking.

Beachfront Restaurant: Enjoy a delightful dining experience by the beach, offering delicious cuisine with a magnificent view.

Exclusive Hotel: A high-level hotel with comprehensive services meets the accommodation and comfort needs.

Shopping Mall: Shop and enjoy a shopping experience at the available shopping mall within the project.

Children’s Area: A dedicated space for children offering various games and recreational activities.

Botanical Gardens: Lush botanical gardens adorned with flowers and delightful plants enhance the distinctive outdoor ambiance.

With these services and facilities, Marsa Baghush Village combines excellence and comfort to offer an exceptional residential experience in the heart of the North Coast.

Types of units in the Marsa Baghush North Coast village

In Sidi Heneish, the Marsa Baghush village encompasses approximately 600 diverse residential units with varying sizes to suit customer preferences. These units are suitable for meeting your needs exceptionally well and include the following:

-Studios: The available studio spaces within Marsa Baghush North Coast range from 75 square meters to 125 square meters.
-Chalets: Chalet sizes offered for sale in Marsa Baghush vary between 120 square meters and 150 square meters.
-Townhouse Villas: Townhouse villa sizes start from 276 square meters, offering you the opportunity to enjoy spacious living areas.
-Twin House Villas: Twin house villa sizes within Marsa Baghush North Coast start from 250 square meters.
-Independent Villas: Independent villas are available with sizes starting from 300 square meters and reaching up to 600 square meters to meet your unique needs.

Prices of units at Marsa Baghush North Coast resort

The Marsa Baghush project in Sidi Heneish is characterized by its diverse spaces and prices, making it suitable for all categories. The owning company of the village has provided multiple options that cater to the needs of all families. The units range from 3 to 5 bedrooms, with designs aimed at providing enchanting views either of the sea or the lake.

This allows all units the opportunity to enjoy splendid views that enhance the experience of relaxation and connection with nature. Your holiday experience in the Marsa Baghush Sidi Heneish project will be unique. Distinctive vacation units are available for sale in this charming village, with prices and spaces varying as follows:

Olive Grove standalone chalets: Featuring 3 bedrooms on the ground floor with a garden, covering an area of 190 square meters, with prices starting from 18,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
Upper chalets: Including 3 bedrooms plus the penthouse, with an area of 240 square meters, and prices starting from 22 ,800,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment and installment systems available at Marsa Bagush

Shahab Mazhar Real Estate Investment Company offers exclusive payment options and financial flexibility. The Marsa Bagush project in the North Coast is known for providing the best payment plans to facilitate the process of owning a resort unit. In Marsa Bagush Village on the North Coast, a payment system and plan have been designed for owning your unit as follows:

– A 10% down payment of the unit’s value can be made, with the remaining amount payable over 7 years.
– Unit delivery in Marsa Bagush Village takes place within a period not exceeding 4 years.
– Maintenance deposit is 10% and is payable 6 months before the delivery period.

With these flexible plans, investors and buyers can take advantage of the opportunity to invest and own a resort unit in the Marsa Bagush project on the North Coast.

Shahab Mazhar Real Estate Company SQM

Shahab Mazhar Real Estate Development Company, known as “SQM,” is a prominent real estate development company that represents a collaborative achievement between the renowned architects Engineer Shahab Mazhar and Engineer Hisham Abu Seif. Shahab Mazhar and his team offer multidimensional services in the fields of architecture, design, and consulting, providing unique solutions tailored to meet clients’ needs.

They are distinguished by their ability to provide innovative and suitable solutions for various projects in architectural design, urban planning, interior design, and landscaping, which stand the test of time. Their projects encompass a diverse range of building types, from residential to hotels and resorts, entertainment facilities, clubs, healthcare centers, and more.

Shahab Mazhar, the prominent Egyptian architect, has been a pioneer in the field of architectural design since the beginning of his career in Cairo in 1978. He is an influential and creative figure in the design world, having founded his own company and made a positive impact through numerous projects. His design philosophy consistently integrates practical functions with environmental respect, reflected in his unrestricted style that responds to a variety of needs and patterns.

SQM is a successful professional entity specializing in designing and executing multidimensional projects, from residential and commercial to tourism projects. The company is currently celebrating thirty years since its establishment.

They offer unique design services that respond to client requirements, always aiming to provide creative and suitable solutions distinguished by sustainability and quality. With their focus on environmental and functional aspects, they deliver distinctive designs that exceed client expectations and bear their unique imprint in the world of architectural design.

Shahab Mazhar is a well-known architectural figure, reflecting his professional dedication and interest in innovative design. His career has been marked by many pioneering projects, such as the development of Tahrir Square, El Gouna, and the Palm Hills complex in October. His contributions to the development of a village in Sidi Heneish on the North Coast serve as another example of his success and architectural legacy.