Exploring the beauty of life becomes brighter with Solano Mall in the New Capital! We offer you a successful investment opportunity within a unique space that achieves a balance between work and entertainment. With high-quality services and a healthy environment, the mall provides an exceptional experience daily. Don’t miss the chance, own your unit now at Solano Mall, where magnificent architectural design meets exceptional finishes.

Solano Mall New Capital: A Prime Location in the Heart of the New Administrative Capital

Own now at Solano Mall, located in an exciting strategic location at the heart of the Downtown area, close to the Financial and Business District, Parliament, and away from the noise and pollution of cities. Near the Central Bank and ministerial buildings, minutes away from the Grand Mosque and the Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity. Adjacent to the Diamond Hotel and the Presidential Palace, 20 minutes away from Cairo International Airport, and 10 minutes from the Fifth Settlement.

With ceiling heights reaching 4 meters, and a location connected to major roads such as the Suez Road, Ain Sokhna Road, and the 90th Street. Located near well-known malls such as Central 33 Mall and Soul Plaza Mall.

Solano Mall New Capital: Modern Design Combining Modernity and Authenticity

The word “Solano” shines in Spanish, meaning sun-exposed places, and the rules of Solano Mall in the New Capital align with customers’ needs, just as the sun does! The mall is uniquely designed, with each unit having privacy tailored to diverse business requirements.

Capital Link Real Estate Development Company believes strongly in the importance of development and creativity. The design of the Solano project comes exceptionally to meet the needs and visions of customers, with distinctive services and a serene atmosphere, surrounded by stunning landscapes that add charm to Solano Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

Solano Mall New Capital: Integrated Services and Advantages Meeting All Needs

Solano Mall in the New Capital is designed in an exciting modern style, characterized by a range of unique features that give it an exceptional identity, including:

Strategic Location: In the heart of the New Capital in the Downtown area, close to vibrant areas and essential services.
Beautiful Landscape: Includes green spaces and water fountains, giving it a distinctive urban look.
Smart Building: Allows control of devices and improves their efficiency, in addition to controlling lighting, temperature, ventilation, and audiovisual devices.
Environmental Sustainability: Utilizes green architecture technology and renewable energy sources such as solar panels and wind turbines.
Climate Balance Technology: Benefits from natural conditions to enhance temperature levels.
Renewable Energy: Uses solar energy and wind turbines to generate electricity and heat water.
Glass Facades: Double glazing allows sunlight and beneficial rays to pass through without allowing excessive heat.
Children’s Entertainment: Has a dedicated area with fun games to entertain them.

With these features, Solano New Capital design attracts the attention of customers and investors with its modern appearance and advanced advantages.

Solano Mall offers integrated services to meet the needs of customers and investors, including:

Fine Restaurants and Cafes:Providing excellent services by specialized teams in a serene atmosphere.
Modern Surveillance Cameras: Monitoring movements to ensure stability within the project.
Modern Electric Elevators: For easy movement between different floors.
Central Air Conditioning System: Maintains suitable temperatures inside various units.
Central Satellite Dish and Firefighting System: For safety within the mall.
Multi-level Parking Garages: For security and property preservation.
Integrated Security Services: Electronic gates to ensure the safety of customers and visitors.
Backup Power Generators: Automatically operate in case of power outages.
Large Hypermarket: Featuring all kinds of goods and services.
Elegant Mosque: For prayers within the project.
Pharmacies: Providing all types of medications and therapeutic services.
Banks and ATMs: Facilitating financial transactions.
Excellent Customer Service: To answer inquiries and questions.
Large Signs and Screens: To guide visitors and display advertisements.

Solano Mall New Capital: Diverse Unit Spaces Meeting All Needs

Solano Mall represents a qualitative leap in the concept of administrative buildings, whether in design or construction techniques and the use of technology in building management. The mall offers a unique experience with a variety of commercial and medical services at the highest level. Booking your unit within this distinguished edifice means fully benefiting from what it offers.

The Solano New Capital project has been implemented on a vast area, with the majority allocated to landscapes, services, and facilities. Thirty percent of it is dedicated to diverse buildings and units (commercial, administrative, medical) with unique architectural designs. These designs cater to the refined tastes of customers and business pioneers, while providing varied spaces to choose from according to needs:

– Commercial shop spaces start from 46 square meters on the ground floor.
– Medical unit spaces start from 46 square meters on the first and second floors.
– Administrative office spaces start from 34 square meters on floors three through eight.

Solano Mall New Capital: Flexible Pricing and Payment Systems

Start your successful project now at Solano Mall in the New Capital, where this place is considered a stage for creativity and innovation. Capital Link project in the New Administrative Capital provides a unique opportunity to transfer businesses, medical clinics, and commercial areas in one easily accessible place. This initiative also includes environmentally friendly infrastructure to ensure a better future for Solano’s customers.

Attractive prices are tailored to different needs:

– The price per square meter for commercial shops starts from 49,500 Egyptian pounds.
– The price per square meter for clinics and medical units starts from 20,000 Egyptian pounds.
– The price per square meter for administrative offices starts from 17,000 Egyptian pounds.

Flexible payment systems allow easy payment over long years:

– The customer pays a contract deposit of 50,000 Egyptian pounds for commercial shops.
– The customer pays a contract deposit of 20,000 Egyptian pounds for administrative offices and medical units.

Commercial units are delivered with red bricks, while medical and administrative units are delivered with full finishing, and all units will be ready for delivery in 2024.

Solano Mall New Capital: Development by Leading Capital Link Development Company

Capital Link Real Estate Development Company was established in 2020 by distinguished founders and partners, earning a good reputation. It’s a distinctive entity that believes in establishing strong and solid relationships with customers. Established in a critical period, yet it managed to thrive in the real estate market. Within a short period, the company flourished and executed contemporary and diverse projects meeting various aspirations and hopes.

Solano Mall in the New Administrative Capital is among the prominent investment projects that Capital Link Development Company has given special attention to. The mall features a distinguished strategic location in the heart of the capital, close to main roads and axes, facilitating access to and from it. It also provides a range of services and advantages meeting diverse customer and investor needs.

Some of the company’s previous works include:

– Cardia Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
– Laval Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
– Dorado Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
– Verona Mall in the New Administrative Capital.