After establishing itself as one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, Capital Hills comes with new releases characterized by innovation and attractiveness. The La Colina Sheikh Zayed Compound project embodies the company’s vision, leveraging its previous experiences and overwhelming successes in the Egyptian real estate market, both in the capital and the Sheikh Zayed area.

The project harmoniously blends urban character with natural surroundings, featuring vast green spaces that provide residents with a unique experience of comfort and tranquility. Residential spaces vary to meet different needs, boasting exceptional designs that combine authenticity with modernity.

The project’s location enhances its real estate strategy, making it a distinguished destination for living and investment. Competitive prices are coupled with a high level of quality and luxury, making “La Colina Sheikh Zayed Compound” a smart and enticing choice for realizing the dream of living in a luxurious and sustainable environment.

A strategic location combining tranquility with proximity to urban amenities.

The new Sheikh Zayed area has solidified its leading position in the real estate market, witnessing an unprecedented increase in demand for its units. This massive demand has led many developers to compete fiercely for land parcels to establish luxury residential compounds. In this context, Capital Hills Real Estate Development Company has leveraged its unique expertise to select the ideal location for its splendid project, La Colina Zayed, strategically positioned near Sphinx International Airport and all the major services and roads in the Sheikh Zayed area.

It is noteworthy that the location of La Colina Zayed not only offers local advantages but also shines with its close proximity to key locations in the area. The project is just minutes away from the Ring Road and Suez Road, making access to many vital destinations easy. Additionally, the project is adjacent to important shopping areas such as Hyper One and Mall of Arabia, providing residents with a luxurious and convenient shopping experience.

Moreover, the project’s proximity to Sphinx International Airport facilitates residents’ access to air transportation. Additionally, “La Colina Compound” is also close to 26th of July Corridor and Juhayna Square, allowing residents easy access to diverse and vibrant areas in Sheikh Zayed. Thanks to these strategic locations, living in “La Colina Zayed” transforms into a comprehensive and inspiring experience.

Modern architectural design combining authenticity with technological advancement.

In the business world, the secret to success lies in the ability to keep up with innovations, a principle clearly evident in the “La Colina Zayed” project executed by Capital Hills Real Estate Development Company. This vision is embodied through the selection of leading designers who have a deep understanding of the latest design and construction systems.

The task of designing “La Colina Zayed” was entrusted to top designers in the field, who have the ability to create contemporary designs and innovations that reflect the vision of the current and future generations. The project reflects not only luxury and beauty in the design of residential units but also in the surrounding recreational services.

The company partnered with Engineer Yasser El Beltagy and his company YBA to ensure the implementation of an exceptional and innovative design for the compound. The design aims to achieve a unique balance between comfort and innovation, giving “La Colina Zayed” a special and attractive character. This uniqueness in design demonstrates Capital Hills’ commitment to providing unique residential experiences that meet and exceed customer expectations.

Luxurious units catering to various modern family needs.

Capital Hills Development Company continues to demonstrate its expertise in optimizing spaces to achieve extreme diversity in the spaces of “La Colina Sheikh Zayed” units. By providing maximum diversity in spaces, the company has succeeded in meeting current customer aspirations, providing them with a residential experience characterized by mental comfort. The “La Colina” project extends over an area of 20 acres, most of which are dedicated to charming green spaces and artificial lakes, giving all “La Colina Zayed” units magnificent views. The project’s height, approximately 26 meters, adds a magical touch to the view, providing exceptional views of the most beautiful recreational areas in the Sheikh Zayed area.

Services and recreational activities account for over 80% of the total project units. Additionally, the project includes 18 residential buildings, including 10 separate buildings, contributing to providing diversity in residential options and allowing residents to enjoy a distinctive lifestyle in a unique community.

Diverse residential units suitable for various family sizes and needs.

The spaces of apartments for sale in the “La Colina” project vary, starting from 100 square meters for one-bedroom apartments, and two-bedroom apartments are available with areas ranging from 106 square meters to 116 square meters. Additionally, there is a choice of three-bedroom apartments with areas starting from 142 square meters up to 156 square meters.

For those seeking larger spaces and additional diversity, three-bedroom apartments with living rooms are available with areas ranging from 170 square meters to 204 square meters, providing comfortable and luxurious spaces for families. Moreover, duplex units including terraces with jacuzzis start from 235 square meters, adding an extra touch of luxury and outdoor enjoyment.

These units are further enhanced with an additional feature where all units exceeding 200 square meters include a maid’s room with a private bathroom, reflecting attention to detail and residents’ comfort in the “La Colina” project.

Competitive prices and flexible payment options to meet various needs.

The prices of La Colina Compound demonstrate significant competitiveness, as Capital Hills Real Estate Development Company strives to provide the best opportunities for customers to experience a unique and upscale experience at competitive prices. Prices per square meter for apartments in La Colina Compound start from 38,000 Egyptian pounds for unfinished units, while they start from 45,000 Egyptian pounds per square meter for fully finished units. Apartment prices in the project generally start from 4,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Capital Hills offers flexible reservation and installment options to facilitate the purchasing process for customers. The reservation and installment system allows customers to pay the unit price over 9 years in equal installments, with only a 5% down payment. To facilitate the process, the reservation deposit amount in La Colina Sheikh Zayed Compound is 50,000 Egyptian pounds, refundable, with an expected delivery period of 4 years. This reflects the company’s commitment to meeting customer needs and desires in convenient and appropriate ways.

Facilities and services that cater to all residents’ needs while providing an integrated community environment.

La Colina Compound Sheikh Zayed stands out unequivocally, making it the optimal choice among projects in Sheikh Zayed, as La Colina Compound offers a lifestyle system that combines luxury and comfort in every detail, without any extra cost. The project offers a luxurious and integrated residential community that ensures an exceptional living experience, including the following prominent services:

Swimming pools: La Colina Compound Sheikh Zayed provides swimming pools that meet residents’ desires for entertainment and relaxation.

Modern garage: The compound has a fully secured modern garage, ensuring the safety of vehicles.

Shopping centers: La Colina project includes two commercial malls to provide a comprehensive shopping experience within the compound.

Health clubs: La Colina Sheikh Zayed clubs offer spa and jacuzzi services to enhance relaxation and well-being for residents.

Sports tracks: The project includes running and biking tracks to meet the needs of sports enthusiasts.

Security and protection: La Colina Compound offers comprehensive security services, from effective surveillance cameras to a security team working around the clock.

Children’s area: Kid’s Area features distinctive games that enhance children’s experience within the compound.

Maintenance and cleaning services: Specialized companies operate around the clock to maintain good cleanliness and maintenance within La Colina Compound.

Sports courts: La Colina project offers sports courts that enable residents to practice their favorite games.

Natural landscapes: The charming natural landscapes and green spaces are a significant part of La Colina Sheikh Zayed’s aesthetics.

Investment potentials and sustainable growth opportunities to ensure lucrative returns.

La Colina Sheikh Zayed project is distinguished by offering multiple advantages and smart solutions, creating a unique living experience. Although some people may feel apprehensive about buying a unit under construction, the company’s high reputation and previous projects confirm its commitment to deadlines and ensuring quality delivery. The company has set a delivery date after 4 years, reflecting its commitment to meeting customer expectations.

By purchasing units under construction, investors can benefit from the best possible prices, which is the essence of real estate investment. This option provides a great opportunity to acquire a unit in a project characterized by modern technology and advanced design, considering all construction aspects and superior quality that distinguish Capital Hills Development.

The project was implemented by an experienced real estate developer with an excellent reputation in the market.

Capital Hills Development, also known as Capital Hills Development, was established in early 2015 and is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt, carrying significant weight in the real estate market. Mr. Mohamed Salah Abdel Kader, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the company, leads its journey and is characterized by extensive experience in this sector.

The company has distinguished itself over the past years by launching massive and unique projects, having delivered over 70 buildings and villas in various locations such as October, Sheikh Zayed, and October Gardens. The company has succeeded in providing a variety of residential and commercial projects, making it achieve great success and attracting wide attention in the real estate arena in Egypt.

Among the previous projects of Capital Hills Development, the following can be identified:

Park Yard Mall October 6.
Life Hills Compound October 6.
Win Plaza Project October 6.
Point 9 Complex Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
Point 11 Complex Mall in the New Administrative Capital.

These projects reflect the diversity and quality of the company’s work, and they have succeeded in attracting and capturing the interest of many clients in the Egyptian real estate market.