Explore the beauty of Lavista Ras El Hikma Village on the North Coast! Lavista Real Estate Development and Investment Company is one of the leading companies in the field, offering you the latest ownership opportunities in this charming destination. Global designs make it a fully integrated tourist village, with entertainment facilities that meet all your needs.

Enjoy the experience of Lavista, which exceeds thirty years in the industry of urban development and luxurious tourist villages. The company works diligently to implement its projects in Egypt’s most important tourist areas, especially the North Coast and Ras El Hikma region, known for its precise design and strategic location.

Lavista offers real estate projects that meet the aspirations of investors and clients, characterized by providing modern and luxurious residential units. Join this successful investment project and ensure a distinctive return on investment. Visit us to discover a world of luxury and excellence in Lavista Ras El Hikma Village!

The location of Lavista Ras El Hikma Village

Explore the beauty of “Lavista Ras El Hikma” in one of the finest locations on the North Coast! Lavista Real Estate Development Company is committed to selecting the best locations to offer its new project, which includes everything clients need for a successful investment.

The village boasts a prime location at kilometer 201, directly overlooking the Alexandria-Matrouh desert road. It is noteworthy for its proximity to “Ceasar Sodic Village” and Ras El Hikma beach, which is considered one of the top three beaches in the world.

Another distinguishing feature of the village is the new Fuka Road, which reduces the distance between the North Coast and Cairo to less than 141 kilometers. The project extends across four exits overlooking the coast and is located near the Central Hospital of Ras El Hikma and other villages such as “Lavista Bay East” and “Fouka Bay”.

With its proximity to several vibrant areas, the project serves as a link between various regions, including Sidi Abdel Rahman, Marsa Matrouh, Sidi Heneish Al Sahel, and villages like Marina, Ghazala, and Marassi. It is less than 225 kilometers away from the heart of Alexandria and can be accessed via Wadi El Natrun, Fuka Road, or Alamein Road.

Design and Area of Lavista Ras El Hikma Project

Lavista Development and Real Estate Investment Company has established “Lavista Ras El Hikma Village” on a vast area in the North Coast with the aim of providing services, public facilities, and diverse recreational activities for various age groups.

The village is designed with the latest modern and luxurious designs, offering direct views of the Mediterranean Sea. Covering an area of 165 acres, the village stretches along a beachfront that extends up to 1100 meters.

Twenty percent of the total area is allocated to buildings containing various residential units, including chalets and twin houses with different sizes to suit the needs of customers.

The remaining percentage (80%) is allocated to recreational areas, public facilities, and charming natural landscapes surrounding the crystal lagoons, offering picturesque views from all residential units in all directions.

The designs have been carefully executed in consultation with engineering experts to meet global engineering standards, providing the best interior and exterior engineering innovations and decorations.

The village serves as a vital communication hub between several vibrant areas such as Sidi Abdel Rahman, Marina, Sidi Heneish, and the villages of Marina, Ghazala, and Marassi, and it is also close to Cairo via the new Fuka Road.

Additionally, the village includes recreational facilities and distinctive services, making it an ideal destination for living and investing in the North Coast.

Services and Facilities at Lavista Ras El Hikma

The North Coast is highly popular among vacationers, renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and stunning beaches with white sands and mesmerizing turquoise waters. Lavista Real Estate Development Company sees an exceptional opportunity in this area to offer an unmatched spot, aiming to provide a unique summer experience for its clients. To achieve this goal, Lavista Ras El Hikma Village is equipped with numerous services and amenities, including:

– Clear beaches with pure turquoise waters and smooth white sands.
– A mosque available for worship.
– Well-designed swimming pools strategically distributed among units for exceptional views.
– Green spaces surrounding all buildings, adding beauty and relaxation for visitors.
– Equipped amusement parks with the latest globally safe games for all ages.
– Beach cabins with direct sea views.
– An “Aqua Park” water recreational area.
– The “Grand Hotel” providing premium hotel service with luxurious units and all comforts.
– Distinct elevators in malls to facilitate movement between floors.
– A “Kids Area” for safe and enjoyable children’s activities.
– A variety of international, local restaurants, and cafes offering delicious food and drinks.
– A massive mall catering to all visitors’ needs.
– The “Club House” for relaxation and enjoying picturesque views.
– A theater for culture and art enthusiasts.
– Sports fields suitable for all sports.
– A sandy beach stretching for 1100 meters.
– Jogging, walking, and cycling tracks.
– Pharmacies and specialized clinics available 24/7.
– A gym equipped with the latest sports and health equipment, along with a Spa area and Jacuzzi for relaxation.
– Dedicated lounges for visitors.
– Waterfalls adding to the aesthetic scenery and mental relaxation.
– A beauty center for elegance and beauty lovers.
– Artificial crystal lagoons between buildings and units.
– Golf carts for easy transportation within the village.
– A health club and social club for family gatherings and hosting special events.
– All units have private garages supported by surveillance devices to maintain safety.
– A pedestrian track to prevent car traffic for safety.
– A “dancing” fountain and various water games for unparalleled adventures.
– The largest “Food Court” on the North Coast.
– Trained guards and security personnel present in the village.
– All units have direct sea views.
– A comprehensive commercial area featuring numerous global fashion brands and practical necessities.
– Surveillance cameras throughout the village to ensure security.

Types of Units in Lavista Ras El Hikma Project

Inside Lavista North Coast project, there is a wide range of diverse residential units, including chalets, villas, and twin houses. These units are characterized by a variety of sizes to meet the needs of different customers, including:

Starting from 150 square meters and reaching up to 220 square meters.

With a maximum area of 320 square meters.

This diverse selection of residential units ensures that customers find what suits their requirements and desires, whether they are looking for a cozy small chalet or a luxurious villa that provides privacy and comfort.

Moreover, modern designs and high-quality finishes have been adopted to ensure an exceptional residential experience in Lavista Ras El Hikma.

Prices of units in Lavista Ras El Hikma

Lavista Village offers a wide range of units with varied spaces, with the remaining units provided at competitive prices compared to the available services. The prices of units in Lavista Ras El Hikma are as follows:

– A 140-square-meter twin house comprising three main bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a delivery date in 2024, priced at 10,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– A 150-square-meter chalet overlooking the sea, consisting of three main bedrooms and two bathrooms, with a delivery date in 2024, priced at 10,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– A 220-square-meter twin house comprising five main bedrooms and three bathrooms, with a delivery date in 2025, priced at 20,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment methods and options at Lavista Ras El Hikma North Coast Village

Payment plans at Lavista Ras El Hikma are designed to meet the needs of customers with various financial capabilities:

– Paying a 15% down payment of the total unit price and a 10% payment upon delivery. The remaining amount is divided into equal installments over 7 years.
– Cash payments receive a discount.

LA VISTA – Developers is a real estate development company

La Vista Real Estate Development Company was established in 1991 and is one of the largest real estate companies in Egypt.

La Vista is the owner and developer of La Vista Village in the North Coast, boasting a successful history of achievements and a strong reputation in the real estate and residential life sector.

The company possesses a distinguished team of experts, architects, and landscape designers, contributing to achieving the vision, design, construction, and maintenance.

La Vista aims to build new communities, handling all aspects of real estate from design, construction, finishing, to maintenance, reflecting its strength and high quality in the Egyptian real estate world.

The company has succeeded in delivering several projects according to the specified timeline in various tourist and residential areas, including Ain Sokhna, Al Shorouk, New Cairo, 6th of October City, and others.

The owner of La Vista Real Estate Development Company is Mr. Engineer Alaa El Hadi, who possesses a distinctive style and a diverse range of experiences and skills from European countries. He has successfully utilized them to make his company one of the leading real estate giants in the Egyptian market.

Some of the most important projects of La Vista Real Estate Development Company include:

– La Vista Gardens, Ain Sokhna.
– La Vista Topaz, Ain Sokhna.
– La Vista, Ain Sokhna.
– La Vista 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Villages, Ain Sokhna.
– La Vista City, New Administrative Capital.
– La Vista, New Cairo.
– The Patio 1, 2, 3, 7, New Cairo.
– The Patio Oro, New Cairo.
– La Vista Marsa Alam.
– The Patio Zahraa, Sheikh Zayed City and 6th of October City.
– The Patio 6, Sheikh Zayed City.
– The Patio, El Shorouk City.
– The Patio Casa, El Shorouk City.
– The Patio Prime, El Shorouk City.
– La Vista Bay East, North Coast.
– La Vista Cascada, North Coast.
– La Vista Soul, North Coast.
– La Vista Ras El Hikma.