The village of London Alamein in the North Coast is the optimal choice for those seeking a coastal project in a distinctive strategic location. Situated in the heart of Alamein City, it is close to vibrant villages, main thoroughfares, and roads. Continue reading to discover more about this splendid location.

In addition to its unique location, the London North Coast village is distinguished by elegant and sophisticated architectural designs, with a variety of residential units offering direct sea views. Delight in the beauty of the captivating nature with the reflection of sunlight on the water.

London El Alamein Village

The real estate developer of London El Alamein Village North Coast

JD Holding Developments, the real estate company, embodies a perfect blend of Jabal Real Estate Development and Abu Dhabi Real Estate. This partnership has yielded numerous distinguished achievements and investment projects. The company consistently endeavors to keep pace with advancements in real estate development, ensuring the provision of fully serviced residential projects. Leveraging a team of seasoned engineers and globally renowned engineering firms, the company has facilitated an urban renaissance across its diverse projects.

London North Coast Village Project

The London North Coast Village project stands as the latest addition to JD Holding’s portfolio. It epitomizes the company’s achievements, employing its extensive expertise to deliver a luxurious tourist residential project that combines elegance and pleasure, offering residents a unique experience.

Previous Projects by JD Holding Developments

  • JD Twin Tower Mall in the Administrative Capital.
  • JD Tower in the New Administrative Capital.
  • Stellar Business Mall in Fifth Settlement.
  • Glister Business Mall in Fifth Settlement.
  • Development of residential projects in Beit Al Watan, Al Banafsaj, and Al Narges New Cities.

JD Holding’s Commitment to Quality and Innovation

JD Holding is committed to delivering advanced projects that meet market needs and customer aspirations. By combining technical expertise with contemporary designs, the company continues to provide projects that achieve complete customer satisfaction, enhancing its position as a leading player in the real estate development sector.

Location of the London El Alamein Village project

JD Holding Developments has succeeded in selecting a strategic location for its coastal project, “London Village,” in the North Coast, situated at the heart of the New Alamein City. This location is deemed ideal and vibrant due to its direct views of the Mediterranean Sea coast and its proximity to all vital areas, roads, and main axes, facilitating easy and swift access to any desired destination.

Key Landmarks Near the London North Coast Project:

  • Alamein Airport: The project is located near Alamein Airport.
  • New Fouka Road: It is a very short distance from the village.
  • Coastal International Road: The village can be easily accessed from this road.
  • Sidi Abdelrahman Area: The project is located near this vibrant area.
  • Marsa Matrouh City: The resort is close to this famous tourist city.
  • Cairo: Access to the capital is possible within just 90 minutes from the village.

Indulge in luxury and comfort in a prime location that combines breathtaking views with easy access to all important destinations.

London El Alamein Village

Area of ​​the London El Alamein North Coast Resort

The London Alamein Resort in the North Coast stands out with its vast expanse, allowing JD Holding Developments to offer a diverse range of units that cater to the various needs and preferences of customers. With the diversity of spaces, whether small or large, the resort ensures satisfaction for all tastes and desires. Additionally, the company has taken care to provide many essential services and recreational facilities that are indispensable for residents in London North Coast, guaranteeing them a comfortable and integrated living experience.

Designed by London El Alamein North Coast

The London Alamein North Coast village has been designed with the latest techniques in luxurious global architecture, characterized by architectural and engineering designs marked by creativity and opulence. The development company has ensured the provision of a residential environment that enhances the sense of comfort and happiness among its residents.

What distinguishes the design of the new London Alamein village units: Breathtaking sea views: The units are constructed at a certain elevation, allowing all units to have direct views of the sea. Unique urban planning: The unique urban planning reflects a serene coastal environment, with light colors used throughout all units to enhance the feeling of relaxation.

The distinguished design ensures a residential experience that combines luxury and comfort, making every moment at the London Alamein Resort an unforgettable experience.

London El Alamein Village

London El Alamein North Coast Resort services

JD Holding Real Estate Development Company has ensured the provision of a diverse range of service facilities in its London Alamein Village project, guaranteeing a unique residential experience amidst a charming natural environment. The project allows you to enjoy unparalleled summer vibes, surrounded by all the services and facilities that meet your daily needs and enhance your quality of life.

Highlights of the services and facilities in London Alamein Village:

  • Professional security team and guard staff: To secure and protect all residents in the project around the clock.
  • Modern surveillance cameras: Operating at high quality to monitor all movements inside and outside the village.
  • Kids Area: A safe and enjoyable area offering various recreational activities for children.
  • Diverse swimming pools: Of different sizes and shapes, suitable for all ages, including pools designated for ladies.
  • Vast green spaces: And enchanting natural landscapes surrounding the residential units.
  • Aqua Park: Featuring numerous water attractions such as wave riding and water skiing.
  • Health club: Offering spa, sauna, and jacuzzi services.
  • Social club: Providing diverse sports activities with a team of competent trainers.
  • Massive commercial area: Housing numerous international and local brands.
  • Restaurants and cafes: Offering delicious dishes and beverages.
  • Sports tracks: Safe for running and cycling enthusiasts.
  • Family gathering areas: Suitable for barbecues and outdoor events.
  • Shopping mall: Featuring the most famous global and local brands for an unforgettable shopping experience.
  • Gyms: Equipped with the latest sports equipment.
  • Gardens and parks: For nature lovers seeking tranquility.
  • Electric elevators: Facilitating mobility within all facilities.
  • Spacious garages: Carefully designed to accommodate the largest possible number of cars.
  • Smart electronic gates: Facilitating entry and exit and preventing congestion.
  • Maintenance and cleaning services: Available around the clock to meet the needs of all units.

These services make London Alamein Village an ideal destination for those seeking to live in an integrated environment, combining comfort, luxury, and breathtaking nature.

London El Alamein Village

Advantages of the London El Alamein North Coast project

London Alamein New Village offers a plethora of diverse advantages that cater to the aspirations of both customers and investors. Among the foremost of these advantages is the company’s offering of competitive and imaginative prices for the units, rendering them suitable for various budgets and social segments.

Advantages of London Alamein New Village: Competitive prices: The units are available at suitable prices that accommodate all budgets. Flexible reservation and payment systems: The company provides easy reservation and payment systems, ensuring customers’ ease of owning an investment unit. Financial facilities: Lowest reservation and contract deposit, along with the longest possible payment period, to reduce financial burdens on customers. A distinctive investment experience

With these advantages, London Alamein New Village ensures customers a comfortable and profitable investment experience, with the opportunity to enjoy a high quality of life in a distinguished strategic location.

Prices and payment systems in London New Alamein Village

JD Holding, the developer behind London North Coast project, has decided to offer its units at the lowest prices in the real estate market. Through creating suitable pricing programs for all customers and investors, the company aims to facilitate the purchasing process. This step will enable everyone to own a luxurious coastal unit in the heart of Alamein, characterized by stunning aesthetics and vibrant locations. Additionally, the company has provided the best price per square meter to enable customers to purchase the necessary space they require.

Reservation and installment method in London North Coast project

JD Holding has made it a priority to facilitate the entire purchasing process for customers and investors, thereby enhancing the value of the project’s features. The company has provided flexible and convenient reservation and payment systems, allowing customers to reserve their units with the lowest down payment and over the longest possible payment period to avoid any financial burdens or hesitations in the purchasing process. Additionally, various reservation and payment systems are available for the customer to choose the most suitable one.

Advantages of reservation and installment systems Lowest down payment: Making reservation available to the largest number of customers. Longest payment period: To reduce financial burdens on customers. Flexible payment systems: Allowing customers to choose the system that suits their needs and financial circumstances. Own your unit in London Alamein Village

With these facilities, you can now own a luxurious coastal unit in London Alamein North Coast Village with ease and convenience. Enjoy the breathtaking views and integrated services in a project that provides you with everything you need to live a luxurious and distinguished life.

London El Alamein Village

Advantages of investing in London Village El Alamein North Coast

Your investment in London Alamein North Coast Village carries numerous advantages, making it an exceptional choice for anyone seeking lucrative investment opportunities and luxurious residential locations. Here are some of the highlights of these features:

  1. Distinctive Strategic Location:
    • Proximity to Alamein Airport: Ensures easy access to and from the village.
    • Quick access to major roads: Its proximity to the New Fouka Road and the International Coastal Road makes transportation easy.
    • Nearby landmarks: Its proximity to Sidi Abdel Rahman area and Marina Matrouh City provides easy access to well-known tourist destinations.
  2. Luxurious and Distinctive Architectural Design:
    • Direct sea views: Units are designed at a certain height to ensure enchanting views of the sea.
    • Unique urban planning: The unique urban planning using light colors enhances the feeling of relaxation and comfort.
  3. Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Programs:
    • Attractive prices: Units are offered at the lowest prices in the real estate market.
    • Convenient payment programs: Flexible payment options suitable for various budgets, with the lowest down payment and the longest payment period.
  4. Integrated Services and Facilities:
    • 24/7 security: Professional security team and modern surveillance cameras.
    • Diverse recreational facilities: Dedicated areas for children, multiple swimming pools, Aqua Park, and vast green spaces.
    • Health and social club: Spa services, sauna, Jacuzzi, and gyms equipped with the latest devices.
    • Commercial area and restaurants: A huge commercial area, restaurants, and cafes offering delicious dishes and drinks.
  5. Ease of Purchase and Ownership:
    • Flexible reservation and payment systems: Allow customers to reserve their units with the lowest down payment and over the longest payment period.
    • Multiple payment options: Various options allow the customer to choose the most suitable to avoid any financial burdens.
  6. Luxurious Residential Experience:
    • Enchanting natural environment: Breathtaking natural landscapes and vast green spaces provide an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort.
    • Upscale residential community: Combines luxury and enjoyment in a luxurious tourist residential project.

Your investment in London Alamein North Coast Village guarantees profitable returns and a distinctive residential experience in one of the most beautiful locations on the North Coast. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a unit in this wonderful project that combines luxury and comfort