Discover happiness in Mountain View Future City.

Are you in pursuit of happiness in every facet of your life? True happiness originates from home, your sanctuary and place of comfort. Mountain View Real Estate Development Company acknowledges this well, hence its primary objective is to establish a comprehensive and secure residential community that fulfills all individuals’ needs and provides them with a comfortable and distinguished environment.

Mountain View Future City: Where luxury and happiness converge.

Operating under the motto “Building Land and Spreading Happiness,” Mountain View’s latest project, “Mountain View E-City Future,” offers all essential and secondary services in close proximity to you.

Prime Location and Vast Space

The project is situated in the future area spanning 670 acres, comprising villas and residential apartments with unique architectural designs. Green spaces cover 75% of the total project area, while roads account for no more than 13%. Additionally, the compound features dedicated tracks for running and cycling enthusiasts.

Ideal Environment for Family Well-being

Mountain View E-City Future is designed to accommodate families of high social standing, where your children find an environment conducive to their personal and professional development.

Invest in Happiness and Security

If you are seeking an environment that ensures happiness and security for you and your family, Mountain View Future City is the optimal choice for you. Join the Mountain View community and indulge in luxury and ideal living.

Distinguishing Features of Mountain View Future City Project

Developing a traditional residential project is not within Mountain View’s ambitions. While many real estate companies focus on building luxurious residential communities, few of them aim to integrate happiness into the client’s experience from decision-making to residence.

Spirit of Happiness at Every Step

What sets “E-City Future” project apart is its commitment to spreading happiness in every aspect. This is not just a slogan but a principle the company adheres to in all stages of the project, from design to color selection. This commitment is reinforced by Mountain View’s collaboration with global design companies such as Callison and DH, to develop projects that support the happiness concept emphasized by Mountain View.

Tranquil and Integrated Environment

The primary goal of building Mountain View Future City Compound is to provide a tranquil place away from the hustle and bustle yet close to essential places. The project stands out for its location, incorporating the latest technologies and integrated services, including designated work areas, play areas for children in the gardens, as well as all entertainment facilities to ensure the residents’ happiness permanently.

Choosing Happiness with Mountain View

When you choose to live in “Mountain View Future City,” you opt for a life filled with happiness and luxury, in an environment specially designed to meet all your needs and preferences, making it the ideal choice for you and your family.

Real estate developer Mountain View

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate development field in Egypt. Thanks to its partnerships with the finest engineering and design companies in the country, the company has built numerous prominent projects, including Mountain View October, which stands out as one of its successes in the Egyptian market.

Mountain View Company is distinguished by assembling a remarkable management team with extensive experience in the real estate development industry. The board of directors is known for embracing new and innovative ideas, contributing to the continuous development of the company’s projects.

Delivering quality and excellence are among the defining characteristics of Mountain View Company’s projects, evident in the Mountain View E-City project. This project stands out for its prime location and elegant design, ensuring the provision of vast green spaces. Additionally, its prices and flexible payment plans afford customers the opportunity to acquire residential units at reasonable prices.

The Future City presents an excellent investment environment, offering numerous distinguished residential projects that have attracted many clients. The city is strategically located close to important areas such as Shorouk, Madinaty, and the Fifth Settlement, enhancing its appeal to investors.

Here are some residential projects in the Future City:

Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

Location of Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

The selection of the site for the Mountain View Future City project was a lengthy process, as the company’s aim was to choose the most distinguished locations in the area, rather than a random location. Future City was chosen because it stands out as a green city, with strong infrastructure and advanced facilities, in addition to its proximity to all vital areas.

The Mountain View Future City project is located in the heart of Future City, and it is distinguished by its proximity to:

  • Numerous important universities and schools.
  • A 26-minute distance from the American University.
  • Its proximity to Odysia Compound.
  • Its proximity to Hap Town Hassan Allam Compound.
  • Proximity to the New Administrative Capital from the east and the Regional Ring Road from the south.
  • Proximity to the Fifth Settlement and the Middle Ring Road from the west.
  • Its proximity to the Bloomfields project. Future City serves as the nexus between New Cairo and the new projects in northern Cairo.
Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

Area of ​​Mountain View Mostakbal City project

Future City is one of the foremost new cities in Egypt, reflecting its forward-looking name, which is the primary goal that led the Egyptian government to dedicate significant efforts to its construction. The city aims to be a comprehensive living environment characterized by prosperity and a prime location, hence it was chosen as the site for the Future E-City project.

Future City is considered one of the modern cities that captured the attention of the Egyptian government, with its primary goal being to alleviate population pressure on other cities and areas.

Covering an area of approximately 11,000 acres, Future City includes a significant proportion of green spaces, natural landscapes, and parks, constituting about 50% of the total area of the city. The city’s location is distinguished by having two gateways, one towards Shorouk City and the other on the Cairo-Suez Road.

Situated in a strategic location in New Cairo, Future City is approximately 35 kilometers away on the Cairo-Suez Road. The city is close to many important sites, including:

  • Just 3 kilometers away from Shorouk City.
  • Approximately 5 kilometers from Al Obour City.
  • Near the Ahmed Orabi Land Reclamation Association. Future City serves as a geographical midpoint between New Cairo and important modern cities like Shorouk and Madinaty.
Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

Design of Mountain View Mostakbal City

In the east of Cairo, in a place distinguished by sophistication and excellence, lies the Mountain View E-City Future project, an architectural masterpiece unparalleled in Cairo, competing with the finest compounds in Europe. A world-class team of experienced architects was enlisted to design this project, with the aim of providing residents with psychological comfort, security, and privacy. The roads on the outskirts of the city were designed to avoid congestion and ensure tranquility within the project.

The project boasts a green space ratio of over 75%, meticulously distributed in a geometrically precise manner, allowing each unit to enjoy views of green spaces and artificial lakes.

The Future E-City project amalgamates three distinct architectural schools in its design: the European school, characterized by simplicity and beauty; the Greek school, which highlights intricate details to add beauty and sophistication to the buildings; and the Egyptian school, which focuses on large spaces and their optimal utilization.

Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

Types of units in Mountain View Mostakbal City

Mountain View Real Estate Development Company recognizes the diversity of customers’ needs and desires. Therefore, it has introduced a diverse range of residential units with different areas, including:

  • Villas
  • Park Villas
  • Sky Lofts
  • Townhouses
  • Twin Houses
  • Grand Villas
  • Apartments
  • Eye Villa.

Mountain View Mostakbal City project services

Before anyone can experience happiness, they must be able to meet all their basic needs and enjoy recreational services. In line with the happiness principle adopted by Mountain View Real Estate Development Company, its project is designed to provide the highest level of services and facilities, including:

  • Expansive green spaces, landscaped areas, and spacious gardens.
  • Multiple and diverse swimming pools suitable for different age groups.
  • Advanced surveillance system and security cameras for safety.
  • Ample parking spaces to reduce congestion and enhance privacy.
  • High-end cafes and restaurants.
  • A large social club and clubhouse.
  • Areas designated for barbecues and social gatherings.
  • Medical centers offering comprehensive healthcare services.
  • The project will feature “The Light House,” an innovative concept aimed at spreading happiness.

The Mountain View Future City project will cover an area of 638 acres and will include more facilities and services to be announced soon.

Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

Advantages of Mountain Mountain View Mostakbal City

Future City enjoys a distinctive reputation as one of the best modern cities in Egypt, owing to its prime and strategic location that attracts customer attention. Additionally, the city is characterized by the availability of diverse and outstanding services and facilities, including:

Educational services: encompassing a variety of schools and universities, such as the Heroes Experimental School and Future University. Healthcare services: comprising a large number of hospitals and clinics with various specialties, such as the Future Specialty Hospital. Recreational services: featuring green areas, cycling paths, sports clubs, and commercial malls. Residential services: offering a variety of upscale residential projects. Transportation means: providing multiple transportation options and main roads connecting different areas.

Among these outstanding services, the “Mountain View Future City” project stands out as one of the prominent residential projects in the city, providing a serene and comfortable atmosphere away from the city hustle, making it an ideal choice for living and settling down. If you are considering moving to Future City, you will undoubtedly enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable stay in this vibrant and sophisticated environment.

Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

Prices and payment systems in Mountain View Mostakbal City Compound

Price is the essence that determines the sales volume in any project, as customers pay great attention to the price they bear. Therefore, any real estate development company must provide suitable prices for customers and payment systems to help them make purchases without financial pressure.

The prices of units in the Mountain View Future City project range from 7,500,000 Egyptian pounds to 10,500,000 Egyptian pounds for apartments with areas ranging from 125 square meters to 155 square meters. Prices for units consisting of 3 bedrooms start from 9,500,000 Egyptian pounds and go up to 12,800,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for villas in the Mountain View Future City project, prices range from 7,900,000 Egyptian pounds to 10,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

Townhouses, on the other hand, are considered an investment opportunity with prices ranging from 12,700,000 Egyptian pounds to 13,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

As for standalone villas, their prices range from 22,000,000 Egyptian pounds for units with areas of 210 square meters.

Mountain View offers the best payment and installment systems among developers, where only 5% of the unit’s value can be paid and the rest can be paid in installments over 8 years. Choose the best for your family and book now.

Advantages of investing in the Mountain View Mostakbal City project

Investing in the Future City’s Mountain View project offers numerous advantages and opportunities, including:

Strategic Location: The project enjoys a prominent location in the Future City, situated in New Cairo, ensuring high investment attractiveness due to rapid urban development in this area. Distinctive Design: The Mountain View Future City project features a unique design that combines elegance with practical functionality, appealing to investors and residents alike. Integrated Facilities: The project provides a range of modern and integrated facilities such as schools, hospitals, and recreational spaces, making it an ideal choice for living and investment. Flexible Payment Plans: The project offers flexible payment plans tailored to the needs of various investors, making the investment process easier and more accessible. High Return on Investment: Given the increasing demand for real estate in the region, it is expected that your investment in the Mountain View Future City project will yield high returns in the long term. Comprehensive Services: The project offers a range of services and facilities such as 24-hour security, beautiful gardens, and pools, making it an ideal place for living and investment. In summary, your investment in the Mountain View Future City project is an ideal opportunity to benefit from the real estate growth in Egypt and to obtain a substantial financial return and a distinguished living experience.