Prepare to discover the “Downtown Alamein Shops” project, a new venture of unique character in the heart of New Alamein. You can now reserve a commercial space from “City Edge” in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, in the most prestigious commercial area of the new city on the coast.

The “City Edge” project boasts a prime beachfront location in “Downtown New Alamein,” a pioneering real estate development by the Urban Communities Authority. This project stands as a hallmark of progress and innovation, offering immediate beachfront retail spaces.

The “Downtown Alamein Shops” are distinguished by their prime location near vibrant and lively areas, making them a preferred destination for visitors from around the world.

“Downtown Alamein” presents an unparalleled opportunity with beachfront retail spaces in the latest and finest shopping areas of the new city. These shops feature a variety of facilities such as pharmacies, bank units, restaurants, and cafes, all within a framework of convenient payment facilities and immediate availability.

“City Edge” designs are modern and of high quality, perfectly harmonizing with the surrounding natural beauty, creating a unique and exceptional shopping experience.

In addition, “City Edge” offers a comprehensive range of services, amenities, and recreational activities to meet the needs of all individuals in one place, making it an ideal destination for living, shopping, and entertainment in “Downtown New Alamein.”

Downtown New Alamein commercial location

City Edge, in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, has chosen an unparalleled strategic location for the “Downtown Alamein” project. Centrally situated among the new Alamein Towers, this project creates the Downtown Alamein commercial shops, the latest commercial area in the new city.

The Downtown Alamein shops are conveniently located near several vital and important areas, such as the Old City of Alamein, New Alamein Mall, Alamein Gardens, Al Masa Hotel, the Cabinet, the Palace of Culture, and the Presidential Palace.

The unique geographic location of City Edge’s Downtown Alamein shops provides easy access to numerous main roads and thoroughfares, making beachfront commerce in Downtown Alamein both convenient and effortless.


The Downtown Alamein shops offer stunning views of the enchanting natural landscapes, adding exceptional value to this strategic location.

Additionally, New Alamein is situated 48 kilometers from the Alexandria-Matrouh International Highway, making it a central hub for travel and leisure.

The Downtown Alamein project boasts a prime location in the heart of New Alamein City, with its beachfront shops being unique, overlooking the soft white sands and turquoise waters, making it a distinguished and strategic commercial destination in New Alamein.

The area is also characterized by its proximity to many significant historical and tourist landmarks, making it an ideal destination for living, shopping, and entertainment in the region.

Design of new Alamein commercial units

A commercial area known as the “Downtown Commercial Area” has been established in New Alamein, spanning a vast expanse of 31 acres. This area features beachfront retail shops, forming the heart of the “City Edge” project in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing in New Alamein.

It comprises 14 luxurious beachfront buildings, offering immediate retail spaces with enchanting views of the Mediterranean shores. Additionally, the “Downtown Commercial Area” provides an array of luxury residential and commercial units, including retail shops, pharmacies, and more.

This area is a popular destination, attracting over 3 million visitors, and divides the city into several distinct phases. It is distinguished by its unique and luxurious designs, adding a touch of sophistication and elegance to the city.

City Edge Real Estate Development Company, in collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, has successfully designed New Alamein City with elegance and grandeur, providing a unique experience for its visitors and investors. The city boasts an impressive appearance that rivals global tourist destinations, offering breathtaking views of the splendid beaches.

New Alamein commercial services

City Edge Real Estate Development Company has allocated a substantial portion of the total area for the “Downtown Alamein” shops in an innovative manner to meet all customer needs. Green spaces have been provided to purify the air in the commercial area of New Alamein, along with artificial lakes that add a charming allure to the area, with shops situated directly on the beach in “Downtown Alamein.”

The “Downtown Alamein” shops are a comprehensive and high-quality service project, combining the features of a commercial area in New Alamein with sustainable investment throughout the year. In addition to retail shops for sale, numerous recreational facilities are available for enjoyable times.

A focus has also been placed on providing essential services and amenities within the “Downtown Alamein” shops to attract investors and assist them in investing in the heart of Alamein City. These services and amenities include:


  • Extensive green spaces with beautiful landscapes.
  • Private garages for each retail shop.
  • Central air conditioning and private entrances, along with smart systems for the shops.
  • High-speed internet service and a fire-fighting system.
  • Recreational areas for gatherings and barbecues.
  • A fully equipped healthcare center with the latest equipment and medications.
  • Robust infrastructure for sewage and internet networks.
  • Water purification systems and generators for each shop.
  • Daily cleaning services and regular maintenance.
  • 24/7 security teams and surveillance cameras with the latest technology.

These services and amenities make “Downtown Alamein” an ideal place for living and investment, providing a safe and comfortable environment for residents and investors alike.

Advantages of Downtown New Alamein Commercial

City Edge Real Estate Company has endeavored to offer numerous investment advantages for its project in “Downtown New Alamein.” This project enjoys a prime location in a tourist city close to several key areas, with the company committed to offering competitive prices suitable for different customer segments.

All commercial units for sale are delivered immediately, with the option of installment payments, enabling customers to start working and investing as soon as they receive their “Downtown New Alamein” shops.

The company has provided services, facilities, and recreational activities that ensure customers enjoy comfort and meet all their needs, with retail shops built directly on the beach. In collaboration with the Ministry of Housing, City Edge has successfully established New Alamein City as one of the fourth-generation cities, poised to be Egypt’s gateway to Africa, attracting numerous global companies to invest and transform the entire North Coast landscape.

Prices and payment systems for new Alamein commercial units

The pricing of “Downtown Alamein” shops is a key element contributing to the project’s success and distinguishing it from other investment ventures. City Edge Real Estate Development Company takes special care in setting prices to meet the needs of real estate investors, offering competitive packages that cater to all age groups.

The prices of “Downtown Alamein” shops are among the most competitive in New Alamein City, especially with its prime location overlooking the most beautiful Mediterranean beaches. Additionally, the “Downtown Alamein” project includes a variety of businesses and commercial units, as well as special units for banks, pharmacies, and cafes alongside the retail shops.

City Edge and the Ministry of Housing offer the best prices for building New Alamein City. The company provides convenient and flexible payment systems that encourage investment in the commercial shops of New Alamein. Flexible payment options are available, with an initial down payment of just 5% of the unit value, and the remaining amount can be paid in equal installments over a period of up to 7 years without interest.

These convenient payment policies and competitive pricing make “Downtown Alamein” an ideal choice for investors looking to purchase commercial investment units in the region.


The real estate developer of New Alamein Commercial

City Edge Real Estate Development Company was founded in 2017 as a coalition between three major real estate firms: the New Urban Communities Authority with a 60% stake, the Housing and Development Bank with a 38% stake, and the Holding Company for Investment and Real Estate Development with a 2% stake. In its early years, the company achieved significant success, surpassing sales of 1,000 residential units in less than a year, with a value exceeding 6.5 billion Egyptian pounds.

Owning a residential unit in the heart of New Alamein City is an excellent investment for you and your family, providing the opportunity to live in luxury year-round, close to children’s schools and universities, and by the sea, ensuring easy access to your daily needs without the necessity of long-distance travel.

City Edge Real Estate Development has become one of the most promising real estate companies in the market, building a strong reputation by delivering high-quality projects in record time. Its projects, such as “Downtown Alamein” and others, are among the most renowned and in-demand in the Egyptian market.

Among City Edge’s previous projects are “The Gate Alamein,” “Al Maqsad Administrative Capital,” “Al Maqsad Residence Administrative Capital,” “Baroque Administrative Capital,” “Zahya New Mansoura,” “Etapa Square Sheikh Zayed,” “Mazarine New Alamein,” “The Gate Towers Alamein,” “North Edge Towers Alamein,” and “Downtown Alamein Shops.”

Advantages of investing in commercial units in New World

Investing in commercial units in New Alamein offers several advantages and features, including:

Strategic Location: The New Alamein project boasts a prime strategic location on the Mediterranean coast, attracting visitors and tourists and boosting business activities.

Developed Infrastructure: The project benefits from advanced infrastructure, including electricity, water, sewage networks, and roads, providing a conducive environment for commercial activities.

Facilities and Services: The project offers a range of essential facilities and services for businesses, such as shopping centers, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment centers, increasing the attractiveness of investment.

Economic Growth Opportunities: Investing in New Alamein provides significant opportunities for economic growth, as the project experiences rapid development in infrastructure and the local economy.

Tourism Appeal: The northern coast of Egypt is a prominent tourist destination, enhancing the appeal of investing in commercial units in New Alamein, particularly for the tourism and hospitality sectors.

Availability of Essential Services: The project ensures the provision of all essential services necessary for business operations, such as security, maintenance, and technical support services, creating a favorable environment for investment and economic growth.


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