Discover the opportunity for luxurious living in the new Parkdale Zayed Compound, where luxury and comfort come together in an exceptional place pulsating with details of beauty and extravagance. This modern community is specifically designed to delight you and meet all your unique needs.

Located in prime locations in New Sheikh Zayed City, Parkdale Zayed Compound features exceptional units and diverse services, creating an unparalleled residential experience. The owning company offers you the opportunity to receive your residential unit and enjoy the benefits and services of the New Landmark Zayed Project at attractive prices and flexible payment methods.

Enjoy a luxurious and exceptional life in the finest residential communities, where Parkdaleayed Compound offers you everything you dream of in your residential unit. Reserve your unit now, step away from the noise and pollution of the cities, and live a life of luxury in New Sheikh Zayed.

In the heart of nature and close to amenities – discover the features of the perfect location for Parkdale New Zayed Compound.

Every detail has been considered in the design of Parkdale New Zayed Compound, with the owning company ensuring it becomes a unique architectural masterpiece in the heart of housing projects in Sheikh Zayed. To achieve this goal, the best designers and engineers were relied upon to develop meticulous engineering plans that meet international standards.

The architectural design of the project from the outside follows a European style, with perfectly harmonized colors with nature, highlighting luxury and sophistication. Additionally, modern interior decorations have been designed to suit the taste of luxury enthusiasts, making the project a wonderful blend of elegance and comfort.

Parkdale New Zayed Compound spans an area of ​​7.5 acres, with the majority allocated to green spaces and artificial lakes, while the remaining space comprises residential areas and buildings. The project includes townhouse villas with various sizes, providing a luxurious and comfortable living experience in the heart of Sheikh Zayed.

A modern artistic concept that meets your desires – learn about the design details of Parkdale New Zayed Compound.

Malvern Real Estate Development Company offers luxurious and exceptional architectural designs in the Parkdale project. To ensure their implementation in the best possible way to meet customer expectations, the company has partnered with the best engineering consulting firms. Parkdale New Zayed Project’s designs shine with a European concept that suits those with refined tastes, giving the project a touch of luxury.

Parkdale Compound includes many wonderful details:

– The total area of Parkdale New Zayed Compound is approximately 7.5 acres.
– The majority of the project is allocated to artificial lakes and green spaces, while the remaining area is reserved for buildings and residential units.
– Parkdale New Zayed Compound offers the opportunity to enjoy townhouse villas with various sizes.

The interior spaces of Parkdale Zayed Compound villas feature noticeable diversity, starting from 262 square meters, providing residents with a luxurious living experience that suits various needs.

Get your dream home at competitive prices and flexible payment systems in the new Park dale Zayed Compound.

Malvern Real Estate Development Company has set reasonable prices for the units in Park dale Compound with the aim of encouraging a large number of customers to acquire villas in this wonderful project. This pricing is intended to provide everyone with the opportunity to enjoy a unique experience filled with luxury at the lowest possible price, with prices starting at 3,600,000 Egyptian pounds for a purchase in Park dale New Zayed. This price is considered suitable and a good investment that corresponds to the services provided, the location, and the distinguished designs of the project.

Malvern offers unique facilities to its customers in Parkdale Compound through unique booking and installment systems. Customers can choose from several options, starting with a simple down payment and continuing over many years. Here are some reservation and installment programs in Parkdale New Zayed Compound:

First System: Pay a 5% down payment and install the rest over 6 years.
Second System: Pay a 10% down payment and install the rest over 7 years.
Third System: Pay a 20% down payment and install the rest over 8 years with equal installments without interest, with a discount of up to 10%.
Fourth System: Pay a 30% down payment and install the remaining amount over 8 years and get a discount of up to 20%.

Units are expected to be delivered within 3.5 years with a semi-finished system.

Enjoy a luxurious life with distinguished services and advantages in the new Parkdale Zayed Compound.

Once you own a residential unit in Parkdale New Zayed Compound, you will have a golden opportunity to fully benefit from all the services and advantages available within the project, surpassing any other compound. There is no need to hesitate, book your unit now and take advantage of the best benefits offered, including:

Strategic Location: Parkdale New Zayed Compound is located in the heart of famous residential neighborhoods, close to major roads and axes.
Luxurious Designs: Parkdale New Zayed Compound meets customers’ aspirations by providing units with modern designs and diverse spaces at competitive prices.
Smart Use of Spaces: The project is carefully designed to provide wonderful views of gardens, green spaces, and artificial lakes, enhancing comfort and enjoyment.
Sports Facilities: Residents of the project can freely run and cycle on wide paths.
Social Gathering Areas: Areas are designated for barbecues and social gatherings, promoting interaction among neighbors.
Pet Welfare: Providing a special area for pet walks with care facilities.
Complete Facilities: The project includes all necessary facilities such as natural gas, electricity, and sewage networks.
Security and Protection: Advanced monitoring system with high-quality cameras, and security teams and guards around the clock.
Additional Services: Spaces designated for solar power generators, ATMs, mosques and places of worship, and central air conditioning systems in all units.
Modern Technology: Activation of the latest technologies to facilitate unit control via smartphones.
Communication Facilitation: Possibility of communicating with security personnel through intercom systems in each unit.
Emergency Facilities: Providing advanced alarm devices and civil protection systems.

In short, Parkdale New Zayed Compound offers you a unique and integrated lifestyle that combines comfort, security, and diversity.

You definitely deserve the best that real estate development can offer, and in this context, Landmark has implemented the Parkdale New Zayed Compound project. This project is considered an address of luxury and excellence among residential projects in New Sheikh Zayed City. It is designed with a wonderful modern style and includes a range of distinctive services that set it apart, including:

Cleaning and Maintenance Services: Providing cleaning and maintenance services with the latest technologies to maintain the quality of Parkdale New Zayed Compound.
Diverse Entertainment: Providing entertainment facilities such as spas, jacuzzis, and care sessions to meet relaxation and entertainment needs.
Social and Sports Club: Having a club that meets the needs of family gatherings with sports facilities such as various sports fields.
Gym and Fitness Centers: Providing gymnasiums with the latest equipment under the supervision of professional trainers.
Multiple-depth Swimming Pools: Enjoying swimming in various pools suitable for all ages.
Options for Veiled Women: Providing swimming pools dedicated to veiled women to ensure comfort and privacy.
Commercial and Restaurant Facilities: Presence of large markets, restaurants, and cafes to meet shopping and dining needs.
Shopping Mall and Cinema Halls: Providing a shopping mall with cinema halls featuring high-definition display technology.
Banks and Banking Services: Presence of branches of various banks to facilitate financial transactions for residents.
Comprehensive Healthcare: Providing medical clinics and analysis and radiology centers around the clock.
Internal Transportation and Ease of Movement: Having golf carts and an internal transportation network for easy movement within the project.

Parkdale New Zayed Compound is designed to provide you with everything you need for a comfortable and stable life in a modern and sophisticated environment.

Exceptional vision realized – Get to know the real estate developer behind the success of the new Parkdale Zayed Compound

Malvern Real Estate Development Company is considered one of the leading companies in the real estate development field in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The company has a long history of experience in real estate development, including many prominent successes. The company’s previous works demonstrate its commitment to providing high-quality projects characterized by diverse spaces, comprehensive facilities, and essential and recreational services.

During the previous period, Malvern has launched several projects such as:

– Park Wad Zayed Compound.
– New Zayed Generation Project.
– A group of projects in the Beit Al Watan area.
– Silena New Zayed Compound.

The company has managed to achieve the challenging real estate equation, providing residential units with the best raw materials and the highest quality standards. It has also offered competitive pricing plans and payment systems that perfectly meet the needs of customers and investors.