The village of Agar Marsa Matrouh is the flagship project of Al Kamy Real Estate Development Company in Matrouh Governorate. The village offers a unique real estate product that meets the needs of the massive urban expansion in the area, while preserving the distinctive European character that many clients aspire to at present.

The project has been carefully designed to provide all the necessary factors for its success, with a focus on providing comfort and luxury for all its residents. The company has chosen a prime location in Marsa Matrouh for Agar Village, making it easy for residents to access all vital areas and meet their needs quickly.

The Village Ajar Marsa Matruh project features modern and innovative architectural designs executed by top architects in Egypt, making it one of the best projects in Marsa Matruh.

From the very beginning, Al Kamy Company planned to ensure the availability of a wide range of chalet spaces to suit all tastes and meet the needs of all families. Additionally, the unit prices in Ajar Village Marsa Matruh are reasonable compared to the fantastic features it offers, with convenient booking and installment systems starting from a suitable down payment and extending over a long period of time.

The company aims to provide complete flexibility to customers in paying for the units without facing any financial difficulties. It also prioritizes the residents’ comfort by providing a wide range of facilities, services, entertainment, and recreational amenities, ensuring that the residents of Village Ajar Marsa Matruh enjoy luxury and happiness at all times. Discover luxury living in the heart of Marsa Matruh with Village Ajar Marsa Matruh.

A perfect strategic location, a charming sandy beach, and the enchanting White Beach are all features of the Ajar Beach Compound.

The Ajar Marsa Matruh Village, a coastal project launched by Al-Kamy Real Estate Development Company, boasts its unique value and distinction thanks to its strategic location. The company chose the Corniche area to establish the Village Ajar Marsa Matruh project, which is one of the vibrant areas and a destination for all residents of Matruh due to its vitality and proximity to key landmarks within the city.

The strategic location of the village enables residents to easily access all their needs and enjoy the benefits of coastal living directly from their units. They can also quickly reach their favorite spots or enjoy the stunning sea views.

Nearby locations to Village Ajar Marsa Matruh include:

1. Proximity to Almaza Bay.
2. Easy access from Ras El Hekma.
3. Nearness to Ajar Marsa Matruh Resort from New Alamein.
4. Adjacent to Al Kamei Real Estate Development Project on the Alexandria Desert Road.
5. Close proximity to Hacienda Village.
6. Easy access from the North Coast to the Village area in Matruh.
7. Proximity to the Fuka Desert Road.
8. Easy access from Village Ajar Resort Marsa Matruh to Marsa Matruh Airport.
9. Convenient reach from Alexandria.
10. Its strategic location makes it minutes away from the Alamein Road.

“Experience the dreamy Maldives beach in Egypt at Marsa Matrouh Marina. Enjoy spacious and comfortable areas at Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh.”

“Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh is distinguished by vast land spaces, most of which are allocated for public services, facilities, and diverse entertainment activities that meet the daily needs of residents. The resort offers a variety of residential units with different sizes and suitable prices, making it an ideal choice for customers.”

“Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh spans across an estimated area of 57 acres, with the majority of spaces allocated to green areas, service areas, and public facilities. The resort is characterized by its natural landscapes and artificial lakes, which add a picturesque view to all residential units. The diversity in units offered by the village includes townhouses, twin houses, chalets, and studios, with sizes suitable for a wider range of customers. The designs of studios, chalets, and penthouses in Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh are tailored to meet the preferences and needs of various residents, providing comfortable and suitable living spaces.”

“Sophisticated and Modern Design: A Unique Experience at Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh”

“The Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh is distinguished by its modern architectural designs inspired by European style, reflecting the unique character of coastal projects. The design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding landscapes, forming a unique architectural masterpiece. This beauty is attributed to the company’s selection of top consultants and architects to execute the Village Ajar Marsa Matruh project, using the latest architectural concepts to meet the current needs of customers.”

“In the pursuit of achieving a vision reflecting modernity, the company has embraced the philosophy of modern construction, focusing on horizontal expansion in creating low-rise buildings that offer a direct view of the beauty of the sea. The finest materials and finishes have been used, with the adoption of neutral colors that suit most tastes, making Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh one of the most beautiful villages in Marsa Matrouh.”

“The design of Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh includes:

– A total area of ​​60 acres.
– Allocating the majority of the space to green areas, artificial lakes, and natural landscapes.
– A beachfront extending to approximately 300 square meters.
– Diversity in project units, ranging from studios and two-bedroom chalets to penthouses, townhouses, and standalone villas.”

“Luxurious Services and Exceptional Amenities: Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh provides you with an experience of ultimate comfort.”

“The Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh stands out as a unique project, thanks to the comprehensive provision of services and facilities by Alkami Real Estate Development Company, aiming to achieve exceptional comfort and provide an environment where happiness thrives. Every detail in the Village Ajar Marsa Matruh project has been carefully chosen, with a focus on entertainment to ensure the happiness and well-being of residents throughout their stay in the project. The facilities, services, and entertainment options in Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh include:

Swimming pools: Designed to meet the recreational and enjoyment needs of all residents.

Commercial area: Providing a place for shopping to meet all the needs and requirements of residents.

Restaurants and cafes: Offering the most delicious meals and beverages to the residents.

Green spaces and artificial lakes: For leisurely walks, spending enjoyable time with friends, and hosting barbecue parties.

Electronic gates: To secure entry and exit and enhance security levels.

Parking lots: To facilitate convenient parking for residents.

Gyms: For exercising and maintaining physical fitness.

Running and biking tracks: For regular exercise and biking.

Spa and Jacuzzi services: For relaxation and enjoying healthcare.

Clubhouse: Featuring various entertainment and recreational facilities.

Mosque: For performing prayers.

Social clubs: For hosting various events and activities.

Children’s play area: For kids to enjoy their time.

Comprehensive medical services: Including medical clinics, laboratories, and pharmacies.

ATMs: For facilitating financial transactions.

High-speed internet networks: For smooth business operations.

24/7 security and surveillance services: To ensure safety and comfort.

Advanced surveillance cameras: For effectively enhancing security levels.

Clean energy: Through solar panels and optical fibers.

Modern fire-fighting systems: For immediate response to fires.

Garbage collection area: For safe and prompt waste disposal.

Maintenance and cleaning services: To maintain service quality consistently.

Chalets for sale in Matrouh, White Beach, including studios, townhouse villas, and standalone villas.

The Kamy Real Estate Development Company has achieved ideal diversity in the spaces of chalets in Ajar Village, Marsa Matruh, aiming to meet the diverse requirements and preferences of customers. This comprehensive spatial diversity in the Village Ajar Marsa Matruh project represents the company’s commitment to providing comfort for all village residents, as spaces have been carefully selected to suit the uniqueness of each unit. The unit spaces in Ajar Village, Marsa Matruh, can be viewed as follows:

Studios: Studio spaces start from 48 square meters.
Two-bedroom Chalets: Chalet spaces in Village Ajar Marsa Matruh start from 75 square meters.
Penthouses: Penthouses are available starting from 120 square meters in Ajar Resort Marsa Matruh.
Townhouse Villas: Townhouse villa spaces in Ajar Village Resort Marsa Matruh start from 165 square meters.
Independent Villas: The spaces of independent villas in Ajar Village Marsa Matruh start from 245 square meters.

Affordable prices and flexible payment plans: Get your residential unit easily in Ajar Resort Marsa Matruh compound.

The Carmy Real Estate Investment and Development Company has offered the best prices and provided many facilities for purchasing a unit in the Ajar Marsa Matrouh project at competitive prices that suit the needs of all customers. The price per square meter in Ajar Marsa Matrouh starts from:

The prices in Ajar Marsa Matrouh Village start from:
– Studios: 690,000 Egyptian Pounds.
– Chalets in Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh start from: 990,000 Egyptian Pounds.
– Penthouses in Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh start from: 1,900,000 Egyptian Pounds.

The company offers a convenient reservation and installment system in the Ajar Marsa Matrouh project, allowing customers to choose the option that suits them for purchasing units easily. Units in the Ajar Marsa Matrouh project can be reserved with a 10% down payment and the remaining amount can be paid in installments over 8 years without annual interest.

Guaranteed Quality: Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh is developed by a reputable real estate developer.

Village Ajar Marsa Matrouh is one of the projects of Alchemy Developments, a modern real estate company that emerged from a strategic collaboration between Inmaa Real Estate Development and The Original Real Estate Development. These two prominent companies have been operating in the real estate market for decades, ensuring the delivery of high-quality and efficient projects.

Alchemy Developments looks forward to launching more projects in several areas within Egypt in the coming period, aiming to meet the current needs of the real estate market. The company aims to introduce a unique and innovative approach that meets customer expectations, with the goal of making a breakthrough in the real estate market. With this ambitious outlook, Alchemy Developments is expected to establish a leading position among the top real estate development companies in Egypt and the Arab world.

Among the notable projects undertaken by Alchemy Developments are the following:

Among the tangible achievements of Inmaa Alaqaria Company, the administrative headquarters for the National Agency for Sinai Development have been implemented, as well as the administrative headquarters for the National Company for Investments and the development of subsidiary headquarters for the Prime Minister’s Office, in addition to the execution of branches for pharmacies across Egypt.

Smart Investment, Bright Future: Gain optimal investment advantages at Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh.

The Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh project is considered a pioneering achievement for Alchemy Developments, where the company has placed high hopes in this project and has provided all the features that customers dream of, starting from the smallest details to the largest aspects. This makes the Village Ajar Marsa Matruh project one of the best resorts in Marsa Matrouh. You can learn about the features of Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh as follows:

Strategic Location: Ajar Resort Marsa Matrouh boasts a strategic location on the Marsa Matrouh corniche.

Proximity to Key Locations: The Village at Marsa Matru project is located near Marsa Matrouh Airport, New Alamein, the North Coast, the Alexandria Desert Road, the Alamein Road, the Fuka Road, and the Hacienda Project.

Unique Design: Alchemy Developments has ensured that Village Ajar Marsa Matrouh is designed using the latest unique architectural techniques to be among the most beautiful resorts in Marsa Matrouh.

Diverse Unit Spaces: Alchemy Developments has achieved diversity in unit spaces in Village Ajar Marsa Matrouh to meet the various needs of customers and satisfy their diverse tastes.

Competitive Prices: Alchemy Developments has provided competitive and reasonable prices for units in Village Ajar Marsa Matrouh, commensurate with the magnitude of the features offered in the project.

Installment Options: Village Ajar Marsa Matrouh offers several convenient reservation and installment systems starting with a low down payment and continuing for several years, giving customers ample opportunity to pay for the units.

Comfortable Experience: Residents of Village Ajar Marsa Matrouh enjoy a comfortable experience thanks to the presence of all amenities, services, and entertainment facilities, eliminating the need for them to leave the project and ensuring happiness for them and their families.