For enthusiasts of distinction and privacy to the fullest extent, have you ever thought of living in a fully integrated city close to your home? What if all the city’s services were inside the compound where you live? I’m talking about the largest residential building in the world, it’s Arabeya Skyline Compound.

The largest multi-service residential compound. We used to hear about luxury, and that part of luxury in housing is being close to all services, or a few minutes’ drive away from them. But Arabeya Skyline Compound has completely changed this concept. It has taken the perspective of luxury to another level, with a completely different higher luxury degree. Have you ever imagined that your home would be above a fully integrated shopping mall?

Did you hope that the comprehensive sports club for all games and sports services would be just a few steps away from you? Did you imagine that your work would be just a few steps away from your home? Surely all these thoughts were more like dreams, but today I’m telling you about a reality you can see. Let me tell you a little about your unit in Arabeya Skyline.

Arabeya Skyline Compound, Smouha, Alexandria

Inside Arabeya Skyline Compound, there are many units, starting from 114 square meters up to 404 square meters. These units are distributed throughout the project, with some overlooking the Alexandria International Airport road axis and Nuzha Lake.

Others enjoy an open view of the entire Smouha area, the heart of Alexandria, a prestigious neighborhood that many city residents have dreamed of living in due to its unique layout and various services. In the heart of the compound, you’ll enjoy enchanting views of green spaces, various artificial lakes, and fountains that provide comfort and relaxation for residents.

All this, in addition to the administrative and commercial units available within the administrative building inside the compound, or within the commercial mall designed and constructed across the project area.

Arabeya Skyline Location, Smouha

Some might expect that with all the project’s services, it would be located in a remote or distant location from the city. But this is not true at all. Arabeya Skyline’s location is in the heart of Alexandria, directly overlooking one of its most important axes, the Alexandria Agricultural Road (highway). It is close to many different vital axes and facilities, including:

Nearby Places from Arabeya Skyline Compound, Smouha:

– Close to Alexandria International Airport, just a 3-minute drive away.
– Close to Smouha Club and As-hab Al-Geyad Club, only a 5-minute drive away.
– Close to the city’s train station.
– Located at the gateway to the upscale Smouha neighborhood with all its various services.
– Just a 10-minute drive away from Pharos University.
– Close to many educational schools at various levels.
– About a 10-minute drive away from the coastal road.
– Just a few minutes away from the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
– Close to the new Mahmoudia axis that connects the heart of the city entirely, from the Abi Qir area to the Dakhila area and the customs.
– Overlooking many different cafes and restaurants.

Advantages of Arabeya Skyline Compound, Smouha

Everything mentioned earlier, compared to what is available within the compound, are considered basic services. Certainly, having a building dedicated to medical clinics with all medical specialties, a mall covering the entire project area, 24-hour security personnel, and the presence of green spaces and landscaping are not unique features of the project, but rather services provided within it. As for the advantages, here are some of the available benefits for residents within the compound:

1. Safe Play Areas: Many parents don’t feel completely safe allowing their children to play within compound spaces, fearing they might be involved in accidents or encounter obstructive cars. However, inside Arabeya Skyline Compound, it’s entirely different. There are no private cars inside the compound; instead, eco-friendly golf carts transport residents within the compound.

2. Sports Facilities: For sports enthusiasts and outdoor lovers, there’s a full sports club equipped with top-notch equipment and facilities, in addition to various courts and swimming pools within the club.

3. Recreational Activities: For those who enjoy walking, jogging, or even cycling, you won’t need to leave the compound to pursue your favorite hobbies. There are dedicated areas within the compound for these activities.

4. Tranquil Environment: To relax and enjoy peace of mind, there are plenty of artificial lakes and fountains that create a calming atmosphere with the sound of water, promoting relaxation.

5. Hotel Services: For those who appreciate hotel-like services, there’s a hotel inside the compound where you can book a stay and enjoy hotel services whenever you want.

Aruba Skyline Units

Aruba Egypt provides a variety of residential units in the Aruba Skyline compound in the form of apartments. The company has ensured to design numerous spaces that cater to all tastes and client requirements. The available spaces within the compound start from 114 square meters and can reach up to 240 square meters for residential units.

Additionally, there are residential villas with areas ranging from 275 to 414 square meters.

Alongside a diverse range of medical and administrative units of various sizes, dedicated spaces for medical services are provided, starting from 50 square meters and reaching up to 63 square meters. Furthermore, there are areas designated for administrative offices, starting from 70 square meters and reaching up to 140 square meters.

Unit Prices and Payment Methods in Aruba Skyline

The price per square meter for units within the Aruba Skyline compound is approximately 50,000 Egyptian pounds. This may vary slightly and increase depending on the unit’s location and size. For smaller units, their value is approximately 7,000,000 Egyptian pounds. This figure is not exorbitant considering the range of services and benefits offered.

Medical unit prices start from 45,000 pounds per square meter and can reach up to 55,000 pounds per square meter.

As for commercial units, their square meter value starts from 39,000 pounds and can reach up to 44,000 pounds per square meter. These prices may seem challenging for some customers to afford.

However, the developing company has not overlooked this aspect and has worked on providing various payment systems, alleviating the burden on its customers and offering them fantastic opportunities. Among the available payment programs are the following:

– A simple down payment of 10% of the total unit value, with the remaining amount payable in installments over a period of up to 5 years. In return, you will immediately acquire your unit, or within a maximum of two years.

Developer of Aruba Skyline Project in Smouha

As for the developer, it is the most renowned developer in the Egyptian market, Aruba Egypt for Construction and Development, which is executing the compound. It is a leading company in the field of real estate investment and development, well-known for its precision in delivery, whether in terms of the agreed-upon timeframe, designs, materials used in construction, or finishes.

Key Projects of Aruba Egypt

Aruba Egypt has designed and built many projects, including some of the most famous:

– Aruba Royal Compound.
– Cedra North Coast Compound.
– Aruba Residence Compound.
– Aruba Plaza.
– Aruba Grand.
– Beit El Watan.
– Aruba Gardens.
– Aruba View.
– Aruba Mall projects in Cairo, Alexandria, Damietta, and Zagazig, and the cooperation between these projects and the Al-Futtaim Group to have Carrefour branches in each of them.

Aruba Egypt is known for its modern designs and architectural drawings that provide open views for all units in its various projects. It aims to reach the elite class to provide a luxurious residential community in its different projects.