Welcome to Amara Compound, the latest project by New Plan Developments, where the essence of the idea lies in creating a life filled with tranquility and elegance. Let’s take a look at how this idea started and how it manifested in one of the finest areas in the Fifth Settlement.

Starting from the questions that drove us to develop Amara Compound, our goal was clear: to provide a comprehensive lifestyle that combines luxury and modern design. Unique architectural planning blends with intricate details to create a unique space where elegance and comfort meet.

The enchanting nature is embodied in every corner of Amara Compound, where vast green spaces and beautiful gardens blend with modern home designs and facilities. Relax in this peaceful atmosphere, enjoy the breathtaking scenery, and escape the city’s hustle and bustle.

Amara Compound offers a range of amenities to achieve an active and healthy lifestyle. Enjoy the pools and state-of-the-art sports facilities, and build a lifestyle that combines entertainment and luxury.

At Amara Compound, the focus is not only on facilities and design but also extends to enhancing communication and community life. We organize various events and activities to promote interaction among residents and encourage the formation of new friendships.

Discover a unique experience at Amara Compound, where luxury and modern design come together to create an exceptional environment that meets all your needs and aspirations.

Enjoy comfort and luxury in the heart of the Fifth Settlement with Amara Compound.

Enjoy the best location in the heart of New Cairo with Amara Compound, where the location is one of the key elements of the project’s success. The location is characterized by its centrality in one of the finest areas of New Cairo, located directly on the North Ninety Road and close to many major landmarks in the area.

Amara Compound’s proximity to key locations, just one minute away from Maxim Mall and three minutes from the American University, is a standout feature. It is also just ten minutes away from CFC and approximately five minutes from the New Administrative Capital.

The proximity to the Ninety Street and the proximity to the Suez Road demonstrate the project’s unique location. The location’s proximity to the German University and the American University, as well as easy access to vital areas and easy communication with Cairo Airport through Amara Residence Compound in New Cairo.

With a reputable real estate developer, Amara ensures you a safe and reliable investment.

New Plan Developments was founded in collaboration with a group of Egyptian, Saudi, and Emirati companies, including Saudi Al Rashid Contracting Company and Egyptian-Saudi Al Khaleel Contracting Company. In addition to UAE companies such as Global Maritime, Diamond Oasis, and Pioneer Agencies for Navigation and Al Ashrafia Home.

This group is chaired by Mr. Walid Khalid, who has over 24 years of experience in the real estate industry. New Plan Developments aims to be one of the largest real estate companies and to strengthen its presence as one of the leading real estate investment companies in the New Administrative Capital.

New Plan Developments has successfully implemented a range of commercial and residential projects, including the Amara Residence project in New Cairo and projects in the New Administrative Capital. These projects have impressed customers and exceeded billions in sales. The company has gained the trust of the state through its collaboration with Port Said Governorate in implementing an important residential project in that area.

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle with the services and amenities offered by Amara.

New Plan Developments provides a diverse range of services and facilities in the Amara Residence New Cairo project, encouraging investors to invest in the Egyptian real estate market. The project is distinguished by many fantastic services that make it unique in the area, including:

Diverse commercial services:
A wide range of high-quality restaurants and cafes.

Unique pools:
A wonderful opportunity to enjoy unique pools equipped for both children and adults.

Relaxation facilities:
A sports club, spa, jacuzzi, and sauna to provide a diverse relaxation experience.

Safety and protection:
A comprehensive security system and 24-hour security.

Safe entry gates and advanced entry management system.

Modern and distinctive design:
High-quality design provided by the Hensie Construction Company.

Diverse residential units:
A choice and diversity in spaces and residential units.

Competitive prices:
The price per square meter in Amara Residence is considered one of the best offers in the Fifth Settlement.

Entertainment and leisure facilities:
Shopping centers and commercial stores.

Barbecue areas and dedicated running and cycling tracks.

Medical care:
A health center equipped with the latest technologies and a specialized medical team.

Pharmacy and clinics to meet general medical and emergency needs.

Thanks to these outstanding services, Amara Residence Compound offers a luxurious living experience that combines comfort, entertainment, and security, making it the perfect choice for living in the Fifth Settlement.

Architectural beauty meets modern comfort: Exceptional design at Amara Compound.

The development company responsible for the Amara Compound project in New Cairo, known as “Amara Residence New Cairo,” has designed it with the latest and best modern architectural designs. When you enter the compound, you will notice the uniqueness in architectural design and different features. Other modern techniques have been used to achieve a sufficient level of perfection in the project.

At Amara New Plan, the idea of the European school also manifests as one of the essential elements of the project. This idea is clearly evident from the beginning, in addition to a proper distribution of residential spaces, buildings, and green spaces.

Amara Residence Compound in New Cairo was built on an area of ​​27 acres, with the space effectively utilized. Twenty percent of the total area was allocated to constructions and buildings, while the rest of the space was allocated to services and amenities. Amara Compound units include apartments, villas, and duplexes, with diverse spaces ranging from two to three bedrooms. The company delivers all units with complete finishes.

Choose from a variety of distinguished residential units at Amara.

Residential apartments in the project are offered in various sizes, ranging from two to four bedrooms.

Alto Casa units are available as duplex units, consisting of three to five bedrooms, according to the customers’ needs.

Triplex units include units that are very similar to duplexes, consisting of three adjacent residential units along the height, with stairs connecting each floor.

Get your dream home at special prices and easy payment systems at Amara Compound.

Discover the prices of Amara Compound in the Fifth Settlement and get ready to immerse yourself in the tempting offers and competitive prices that make it the undisputed choice. Whether you are looking for a two-bedroom, three-bedroom, or even a four-bedroom unit, you will find a wide range of options available, with prices as follows:

Prices for two-bedroom residential units start from 7,300,000 Egyptian pounds.

If you are looking for more luxury and space, three-bedroom residential units start from 8,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

And if your needs require more space and privacy, four-bedroom residential units start from 10,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Alto Casa units come with prices starting from 17,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

And if you are looking for ultimate distinction and luxury, Triplex units are the perfect choice, with prices starting from 25,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Thanks to New Plan’s vision of facilitating purchasing processes, a flexible payment system has been introduced to assist customers and investors, where you can start with a 0% down payment and install your unit over 8 years with equal installments, with unit delivery in just 3.5 years. Reservation requires a seriousness check of 50,000 Egyptian pounds, which is fully refundable upon contract signing.