Azzar Island North Coast, an unparalleled opportunity! Enjoy excellence and luxury in a village that has everything you dream of. Comprehensive facilities and premium services attract clients and investors from everywhere.

Gaze upon the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea, and immerse yourself in its crystalline waters that bring comfort and tranquility to your heart.

Experience unique, world-class architectural designs and modern urban planning at Azzar North Coast.

Discover the strategic location of the village and its easy accessibility via main thoroughfares. Benefit from diverse spaces and flexible payment plans that suit everyone.

Join Azzar Islands North Coast and reserve your unit now to live an exceptional experience that fulfills all your dreams and allows you to enjoy the beauty of life.

Azzar Island North Coast Location

Ready Group for Real Estate Development understands the importance of location in the success of real estate projects, and this is clearly reflected in its AZZAR Island project.

A prime location was chosen in Ras El Hekma Bay, known for one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Azzar Island is specifically located at kilometer 182 on the Alexandria – Matrouh desert road.

Azzar Island North Coast enjoys proximity to several important sites, being just 12 minutes away from the Al Dabaa road and less than an hour from Alexandria. It is also a short distance from New Alamein City.

Ready Group plans to provide the best services and facilities for residents of Azzar Island North Coast to ensure an exceptional residential experience that meets their needs and desires.

Your investment in this project will be an opportunity to enjoy a unique lifestyle and experience the natural beauty and abundant recreational activities.

Design and Area of Azzar Island North Coast Village

AZZAR Islands North Coast is considered one of the most prominent modern investment projects in the Egyptian real estate market, specifically in the North Coast region, where many investors are looking to capitalize on its opportunities.

Ready Group for Real Estate Development and Investment has successfully introduced the project with a large number of diverse investment opportunities to meet the needs of investors in this market.

The Azzar Island North Coast project is distinguished by its distinctive architectural designs and stunning views of the sea or the lagoon front, while maintaining privacy and ideal distances between villas.

The company offers a wide range of investment units and real estate investment villas in the North Coast, providing investors with suitable opportunities to invest in the Egyptian real estate market.

The Azzar North Coast project offers only one type of investment units, which are villas, with a variety of sizes to meet the different preferences of investors.

Services and features of units at Azzar Island North Coast

Azzar North Coast village combines luxury and comfort, offering many features and services for an exceptional experience. Here’s a summary of the project details:

– A private beach with a variety of services in a creative European style.
– Diverse swimming pools suitable for all age groups and designed luxuriously.
– Artificial lakes with crystal-clear water that add a civilized touch to the design.
– Direct sea views that add a special charm to the place.
– A children’s entertainment area suitable for all ages.
– A diverse selection of upscale restaurants and cafes.
– Security, guarding, and surveillance services around the clock.
– Areas for entertainment, walking, jogging, and cycling.
– A health club and sports club equipped with the latest devices and services.
– Specialized salons for men and women.
– Design inspired by the best tourist villages in the world.
– Competitive prices and easy payment systems suitable for various customers and investors.

The prices of units and payment systems in Azzar Island North Coast

Ready Group is one of the major real estate companies aiming to provide diverse pricing details to cater to the needs of all investors in Egypt.

In the Azzar North Coast project, the company has offered a range of real estate investment units at competitive prices and with extended payment periods.

The project features standalone villas starting from 286 square meters, with prices starting from 24,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
Twin houses are available with a size of 285 square meters at a price of 26,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
Townhouses with an area of 162 square meters are priced starting from 19,000,000 Egyptian pounds,
and townhouses with an area of 165 square meters are priced at 18,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
Additionally, townhouses with an area of 130 square meters are available with prices starting from 9,400,000 Egyptian pounds.

Investing in the Azzar North Coast project will be a golden opportunity to acquire a distinctive investment unit at competitive prices and high-quality designs.

Redi Group is one of the trusted and distinguished companies in the real estate sector, offering you the opportunity to live and invest in the best tourist areas in Egypt.

Payment and installment plans at Azzar Island North Coast are flexible and tailored to accommodate various financial needs

Payment and installment plans are an integral part of the investors’ experience in the real estate market, and Ready Group for Real Estate Development and Investment is one of the leading companies that prioritize meeting the needs of its customers.

Azzar North Coast project stands out by offering a variety of payment plans, allowing investors to acquire investment units with a minimal down payment and installment facilities over several years.

A down payment of 5% is required, and the remaining value of the unit can be paid over 8 years without interest.

This system represents a unique opportunity to acquire a real estate investment unit in a prime location in the North Coast area.

Thus, Reddy Group provides a profitable investment opportunity for investors seeking financial stability and guaranteed long-term returns.

Reedy Group for Real Estate Development and Investment

The Azzar Island North Coast village is a pioneering project by Reedy Group for Real Estate Development and Investment, a company with distinguished expertise in the real estate development field, boasting over 50 years of success and excellence.

The project has been meticulously designed and carefully crafted through collaboration with Durrat Al-Aqaria Company to ensure excellence and quality in execution and planning, resembling the finest integrated tourist projects.

The village boasts a strategic location easily accessible via main roads, and Reedy Group has an extensive record of luxurious and innovative real estate projects worldwide.

Among the company’s previous projects are: Idris East Compound in New Cairo, Azzar 1 and Azzar 2 in Fifth Settlement, Hada’iq Al Mohandseen, Zayed Heights Compound, design of 27 towers in the UAE, and 13 towers in Qatar.