Enjoy everlasting fun and tranquility at Badya Palm Hills Compound, where modern contemporary designs meet privacy, preserving your personal space. Badya project aims to let you experience serene moments within your own unit, while enjoying life in your private unit gardens. The project is entirely designed with a smart home system for a smart city living experience.

Badya Palm Hills Compound is renowned as the sustainable city that respects the environment, making it one of the best compounds globally. Situated in the heart of 6th of October City on a sprawling 3000-acre area with investments reaching 320 billion Egyptian pounds, Badya will be executed in multiple phases.

The project’s developer is Palm Hills Real Estate Company, one of the leading companies in the real estate market in Egypt. The company achieved profits exceeding 300 million Egyptian pounds in the first quarter of 2023, making it the largest real estate investor in Egypt, aiming to execute more innovative projects in the future.

What do you know about Badya Palm Hills 6 October Compound?

When the idea of establishing Badya Palm Hills Compound came to businessman Yassin Mansour, his goal was for this project to be not just a collection of ordinary residential units but a different and distinctive city in Egypt. Yassin drew inspiration from the experiences of sustainable cities in Dubai and Vancouver, Canada, where these cities gained a successful reputation for environmental preservation.

The main objective of creating Badya Palm Hills Compound in 6th of October was to preserve families and children, providing an environment that allows families to spend their lives within the project. Therefore, the city was designed to be clean and smart, focusing on peace, privacy, and security. With this philosophy, the idea of Badya Palm Hills in October came to fruition, where the project achieved strong success, and many units were delivered to customers.

The name “Badya” was chosen because it reflects the project’s philosophy, as the word “Badya” means a vast desert land surrounded by houses, lawns, and water. Indeed, in Badya Compound, you will find vast lands with green spaces, basic and recreational services, and areas for agriculture designated for city residents only, in addition to a large fish farm to meet the needs of the residents of this massive project.

Prime Location Amidst October: Close to Vital Areas and Easy Access to Basic Services

In Greater Cairo’s west, near Sheikh Zayed City in 6th of October, Badya Palm Hills project is meticulously located to prioritize residents’ comfort and convenience. The project is situated in the center of October City to ensure easy access and proximity to all essential services and facilities.

Badya Palm Hills’ location in New October is unique due to its prime position in one of Egypt’s best areas. The project is located near vital areas and important main roads while remaining a self-contained city, ensuring peace and comfort throughout the day without external noise disturbances.

Additionally, Sheikh Zayed City can be reached in just 5 minutes, and the Giza Pyramids area in less than 10 minutes. Badya Palm Hills is only 7 minutes away from the Ring Road, facilitating quick access to various areas. Moreover, the location enjoys proximity to Dreamland Park, Cairo International Airport, and the New Administrative Capital, making it an ideal choice for living and investment.

Modern Design Combining Luxury and Environmental Sustainability

Situated within 6th of October City, Badya Palm Hills project boasts a picturesque architectural view competing with the best European cities. The location was carefully chosen to be at the city’s center, making it easily accessible and close to vital services and facilities.

Badya Palm Hills is Egypt’s largest compound covering 3000 acres, designed with care to be a smart and sustainable city. The design was meticulously planned to ensure comfort and tranquility, with the project achieving great success under the management of Palm Hills Company.

The architectural drawings of Badya Palm Hills Compound won the award for the best sustainable city, with careful city planning and directing roads on the compound’s outskirts to reduce noise and ensure safety. All units boast stunning views of green spaces and water bodies, enhancing comfort and reducing psychological stress.

Badya Palm Hills October Compound enjoys self-sufficiency in all services, with a large service center separate from residential areas to avoid inconvenience. Moreover, all basic and recreational services are available within the city.

The design of green spaces in Badya Palm Hills is exceptional, designed with care to enhance comfort and reduce heat, and residential units feature innovative interior designs ensuring privacy and comfort for residents.

Unit Spaces Meeting the Needs of All Families: From Small Apartments to Luxury Villas

Badya October Project in Palm Hills stands out as one of the projects featuring a variety of housing units, ranging from apartments to penthouses and villas. The spaces of each unit vary according to the design, with some units offering private gardens and separate swimming pools to provide maximum privacy and comfort.

Residential Apartments with Gardens: These units include apartments located on the ground floor of residential properties, with an attached private garden, making them an ideal choice for budget-conscious individuals who want to enjoy a private garden.
Duplexes: These units offer the privacy of a villa with an internal staircase, combining great design features and slightly lower costs, available within Badya Palm Hills Compound.
Other Types of Units: Include a variety of units such as villas with different areas, studios, roof units, and commercial units, with options for full or semi-finished finishes.

Badya Palm Hills October Project is one of the massive projects, covering an area of 3000 acres and consisting of 6 residential neighborhoods, with dedicated service areas for each neighborhood, in addition to using solar energy systems to generate electricity and significantly reduce water consumption.

On the other hand, the project offers residential units with various spaces to suit all needs, ranging from regular apartments to luxurious villas, with luxurious finishes ensuring comfort and luxury for residents.

Excellent Investment Opportunity: Increasing Value and Profitable Returns in a Successful Real Estate Market

When you choose a residential unit in Badya Palm Hills October, your journey towards living in an ideal environment for you and your family or for investment begins. This project features many characteristics that make it attractive for investment and living, making it an ideal target for real estate experts.

Smart City: Badya Palm Hills is not just a collection of buildings; it is a smart city that utilizes technology to enhance quality of life. These features include electronic gates that operate with eye scans, ensuring security and comfort for residents.

Green Spaces: The project includes three large green areas with children’s play areas and relaxation spaces for families, as well as areas designated for barbecues and social gatherings.

Library for Culture: The project features a cultural library containing a large collection of books that help in knowledge and idea development, promoting cultural communication among residents.

Social Club: The project offers a large sports club with a variety of sports and entertainment activities, making it an ideal place for recreation and relaxation.

Security: The city is characterized by advanced security systems that ensure the safety and protection of residents, providing full coverage with surveillance cameras and a trained security team.

Overall, Badya Palm Hills October offers an ideal environment for living and investment, providing all the comforts and security measures for residents.

An Exceptional Living Experience: Comprehensive Range of Premium Services and Facilities

Palm Hills Real Estate Company has introduced a comprehensive array of services and facilities in the Badya Palm Hills October compound, including:

Children’s Entertainment Area: Provides a safe environment for enjoyment and play without parents’ concerns.

Swimming Pools and Artificial Lakes: Cater to all ages and offer moments of relaxation and fun.

Gym and Clubhouse: Fully equipped sports facilities for exercising and enjoying leisure activities.

Diverse Range of Restaurants: Offer a variety of cuisines to satisfy all tastes.

Scenic Views: Enjoy charming natural landscapes featuring greenery, flowers, and plants.

Proximity to International Schools and Universities: Provides easy access to top educational services.

Private Car Garage: Maintains the overall appearance and ensures smooth traffic flow within the project.

Commercial Services Area: Offers shopping and entertainment opportunities for compound residents.

Provision of Private Gardens for Each Area: Makes gardens easily accessible to project residents, enhancing well-being and enjoyment of nature.

In summary, Badya Palm Hills October provides an ideal environment for living and enjoying integrated services and facilities.

Latest Developments in Badya Palm Hills October Project

The latest developments in the city are currently underway, including 2400 homes, the construction of the first social club, and the completion of the first sports field. Additionally, 330 fully finished homes have been completed, and 75 luxury villas are also available. Engineers and workers are working diligently and meticulously to complete the final phase of Badya with utmost success.

According to the official spokesperson for the new Badya Palm Hills October project, construction is currently underway for more than 270 villas, with work scheduled to begin on over 1600 units after the completion of the current units.

Prices and Flexible Payment Systems: An Opportunity to Obtain Your Dream Home in the Easiest Possible Ways

Palm Hills, the developer of the Badya Palm Hills October project, has offered a range of competitive prices to suit everyone, aiming to serve customers and facilitate comfortable living for compound residents to enjoy a luxurious life. Unit prices in Badya Palm Hills vary, starting at EGP 14,450 per square meter and reaching EGP 15,500 per square meter, with unit prices starting from EGP 4,200,000.

As for apartment prices in Badya Palm Hills for 2023:

Prices for one-bedroom apartments start from EGP 6,500,000 and reach EGP 6,900,000.
Prices for two-bedroom apartments start from EGP 12,000,000.
Prices for three-bedroom apartments start from EGP 14,000,000.

As for prices for other units in the compound:

Prices for townhouses start from EGP 12,000,000.
Prices for twin houses start from EGP 4,879,000.
Prices for independent villas start from EGP 17,000,000.

Regarding the payment and installment systems in Badya Palm Hills October compound, they are extremely flexible, making it easier for customers to own a distinctive residential unit. You can acquire your unit without a down payment and enjoy installment plans of up to 10 years.

Trusted Real Estate Developer: Experience and Reputation Built on Quality and Excellence

Palm Hills Development Company is one of the leading and largest companies in the Egyptian real estate market, having become a trusted source for its customers due to its commitment to providing quality and luxury in all its projects to meet the needs of diverse segments.

Founded in 2005 by Mansour & Maghraby Real Estate Development and Investment Company, Palm Hills specializes in developing integrated residential and commercial projects. It is also listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange.

Palm Hills Real Estate Company’s activities are diverse, with several branches abroad in countries such as Singapore and Saudi Arabia, in addition to its activities in Egypt, helping it expand the scope of its projects and achieve the highest levels of quality and customer satisfaction.

Palm Hills always aims to achieve excellent investment returns for its clients and shareholders by providing an ideal work environment for its team and increasing sales annually.

The company is managed by a group of the best investors, businessmen, and engineers, led by Yassin Ibrahim Lotfi Mansour, with Mohamed Al-Amin Ismail Lotfi Mansour serving as Vice Chairman of the Board.

Thanks to its deep experience, Palm Hills has succeeded in implementing many successful real estate projects that have significantly impacted the real estate market.

Palm Hills Real Estate Company owns a portfolio of projects, reaching up to 26 projects at various stages of development nationwide, in addition to its ownership of 5 million square meters for sale in Saudi Arabia.

Palm Hills’ investment projects extend across many governorates and new areas nationwide, covering an area estimated at about 27 million square meters according to its plan to boost the real estate sector in Egypt.

Palm Hills excels in executing its projects with professionalism and commitment to the highest quality standards at all project stages, making it one of the leading companies in the real estate sector.

Palm Hills projects include coastal areas such as New Alamein, Hacienda Bay, Hacienda White, and Hacienda West, in addition to projects in New Cairo, 6th of October, and Ain Sokhna.