“Capital Green New Zayed” – the new pride of Capital Hills Real Estate Development Company, this pioneering residential project is the first of its kind in its rich history of commercial and administrative projects. The company’s successful real estate track record, bearing a great name in the market, positions it prominently in the real estate development world.

Capital Hills stands out for placing the customer at the heart of its strategy, striving to provide projects that suit customers’ needs and aspirations in terms of prices and spaces. The company relies on selecting distinctive locations for its projects and developing them to high standards, aiming to elevate the residential level and achieve an exceptional vision.

“Capital Green New Zayed” is the latest project of the company in the Sheikh Zayed area, designed to be a comprehensive project that meets all residents’ needs independently. It has been developed in an exceptional strategic location in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed, enhancing its attractiveness and giving it an exceptional character.

The compound units stand out for their diversity and affordability, with flexible payment systems that facilitate the purchasing process for customers. The developing company always seeks to meet customers’ needs and provide exclusive features that make “Capital Green New Zayed” an ideal residential destination.

New Capital Green Zayed: A Distinctive Strategic Location in the Heart of New Zayed City

When Capital Hills Real Estate Company executed the “Capital Green New Zayed” project, it meticulously chose its location, enjoying an ideal location close to roads and main arteries. The company understands the importance of the geographic element in accelerating the buyer’s purchasing decision and meeting their needs. For this reason, the “Capital Green New Zayed” project was placed in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed, ensuring a comfortable life for the project’s residents, as they can easily access it in a very short time.

Places Near the “Capital Green Zayed” Project:

– Close to Mall of Egypt.
– Easily accessible via Dakhshour interchange.
– Near the Cairo-Alexandria desert road.
– A short distance from the Media Production City.
– Overlooks 26th of July Axis.
– Adjacent to the Arkana Plaza project.
– Close to the Shooting Club.
– Also near the Pyramids and the New Egyptian Museum.
– Adjacent to famous residential compounds like The Yard Elite and Lake West.

New Capital Green Zayed: A Massive Project on 50 Acres

Capital Hills Real Estate Company always strives for uniqueness and innovation, and therefore, it paid meticulous attention to the design of the “Capital Green Sheikh Zayed” project by the best architects in Egypt. This attention is evident in the project details, where “Capital Green Compound New Zayed” features green spaces and artificial lakes, blending modern and classic styles. Below is the design of “Capital Green Sheikh Zayed Compound”:

– Green spaces and landscaping form the largest part of “Capital Green New Zayed,” with the remaining space allocated for residential units.
– The project includes apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas.

“Capital Green Sheikh Zayed” features exceptional design that combines natural beauty with advanced architecture, providing residents with a unique and distinguished living experience.

New Capital Green Zayed: Luxurious Modern Designs

Capital Real Estate Development Company has provided the best architectural designs, carefully selected by the most skilled architects in Egypt. This is evident in the details of the “Capital Green Zayed Compound” project, which features artificial lakes and green spaces. The project blends classical and modern thought, and the design of “Capital Green Sheikh Zayed Compound” is as follows:

– Allocating the majority of the project to green spaces and landscaping, while the remaining space is dedicated to residential units.
– The project “Capital Green Compound” includes apartments, stand-alone villas, townhouses, and twin houses.

New Capital Green Zayed: Integrated Services and Facilities

Residents always realize the importance of happiness factors in their place of residence, and Capital Hills Real Estate Company has provided a unique experience in the Capital Green Sheikh Zayed Compound by offering a wide range of service facilities and entertainment means available to residents at any time. Comforts in “Capital Green New Zayed” include:

– Green spaces and landscaping suitable for various events and activities.
– A range of restaurants and cafes offering delicious food and drinks.
– Swimming pools to provide complete enjoyment for residents.
– A commercial area to facilitate shopping at any time.
– Parking garages with the latest technologies.
– Sports courts for various games.
– Running and biking tracks for hobby activities at any time.
– A clubhouse containing various entertainment and leisure facilities.
– A 24-hour security team to ensure safety.
– Use of modern surveillance systems to enhance security.

“Capital Green New Zayed” offers all the advantages that customers dream of, from choosing the right location to European-style architectural designs, to diversity in spaces and ease of unit prices and payment systems, making it meet all the residents’ needs entirely.

New Capital Green Zayed: A Variety of Spaces for Residential Units

Let’s get to know the Capital Green Sheikh Zayed Compound project and the details of the best prices and spaces in the following paragraphs:

– The area of apartments on the ground floor within the Capital Green project ranges from 134 square meters to 140 square meters.
– While the area of apartments on the first floor ranges from 140 square meters to 146 square meters.
– The area of standalone villas in Capital Green starts from 228 square meters.
– The area of twin houses starts from 198 square meters.
– While the area of townhouses in the Capital Green Zayed Compound starts from 173 square meters.

Capital Green New Zayed: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems

Customers will find in the new Capital Green New Zayed Compound everything they are looking for in terms of facilitation, reflected in the unit prices in the Capital Green New Zayed Compound. The company ensured that the prices are reasonable compared to the benefits customers receive, while still being within their reach. Unit prices in the Capital Green Capital Hills project are as follows:

Apartments: Prices for apartments in Capital Green New Zayed start from 3,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Townhouse Villas: Prices for townhouse villas in the Capital Green Zayed project start from 5,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Twin House Villas: The price of twin house villas in the Capital Green Sheikh Zayed compound starts from 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
Independent Villas: Prices for independent villas in the Capital Green Compound New Zayed start from 10,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Please note that the mentioned prices for the new Capital Green Zayed Compound may have changed; for the latest prices, you can click here. Capital Hills also offers convenient installment systems to meet customers’ needs, with flexibility in payment and long repayment periods.

Capital Hills has provided distinguished financial facilities in the Capital Green Sheikh Zayed Compound, including reservation and installment systems. These facilities give customers enough time for repayment, allowing them to start with a small down payment and pay the remaining amount over several years. The company offers multiple options for customers to choose the system that suits their needs, and the reservation and installment systems in the Capital Green Sheikh Zayed Compound are as follows:

First System: 10% down payment and the rest installment over 5 years.
Second System: 15% down payment and the rest installment over 6 years.
Third System: 20% down payment and the rest installment over 7 years.
Fourth System: 25% down payment and the rest installment over 8 years.
Fifth System: 30% down payment and the rest installment over 9 years.

Units in the Capital Green Capital Hills project are expected to be delivered within a period not exceeding 3 years (by 2026).

Capital Green New Zayed: A Project by Capital Hills Development Company

Capital Hills Real Estate Development and Investment Company is one of the leading real estate companies in the Egyptian market, developing and constructing real estate projects since 2015. The company has executed many projects in areas such as October, Sheikh Zayed, October Gardens, and the northern expansions of western Cairo.

Thanks to its rich history of successful projects, Capital Hills Real Estate Company has achieved a prominent position among the major real estate companies in Egypt, attracting a large number of customers due to its experience and good reputation. The company has delivered more than 70 buildings and villas in October, Sheikh Zayed, and October Gardens, making it a pioneer in the real estate market in Egypt.

Capital Hills aims to build urban communities based on development and progress, aiming to be the first choice in developing residential and commercial communities. The company is distinguished by innovative designs and new intellectual solutions, focusing on details and dedication to exceeding investment expectations.

Capital Hills Real Estate Company offers a distinctive outlook on innovative residential projects, providing multiple-use spaces and secure facades for companies and investors. The Capital Green Compound project also offers a unique blend of contemporary architecture and interior designs, along with convenient payment options.

Capital Green New Zayed

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