Explore Centrada Plaza Mall in 6th of October, where uniqueness and distinction are unmatched. Located at the heart of 6th of October City, in a prime strategic location within Juhayna Square, it is a vibrant area reflecting unique activity and diversity in its facets.

Centrada Plaza was built by Omar Abdullah Real Estate Development and Investment Company, known for its distinguished history in real estate investment in Egypt and beyond. The project enjoys a strategic location and offers a unique concept in providing services and features.

Centrada October 6 spans a vast area of ​​40,000 square meters, allowing for hosting a range of fantastic services and facilities. Inside the mall, there are units of various sizes starting from 35 square meters, with elegant and luxurious designs adopting the latest global trends.

In addition, our project offers a range of competitive prices and flexible payment systems, making it easy for investors to purchase. The packages vary so that investors can benefit from an installment system of up to 5 years, enhancing sustainable investment opportunities. Discover all the details about this giant commercial project and seize a unique investment opportunity that meets your expectations and fulfills your ambitions.

Prime Location in the Heart of 6th of October: Close to Major Services and Vital Landmarks

Centrada Mall 6th of October boasts a unique strategic location, as the owning company chose a strategic location in the heart of 6th of October City. This commercial and administrative mall is huge and large, located near all the bustling areas populated by residents, and it is close to major important roads leading to downtown Cairo quickly.

Features Near Centrada October:

– The mall occupies a strategic location in one of the most vibrant and active areas in 6th of October City.
– It is located in the heart of Juhayna Square, one of the most famous and vibrant squares in October.
– Its proximity to all services and major roads makes it easily accessible.
– It is located near the Dahshur junction, making it easily accessible.
– It is located in front of the famous Nile University, adding an academic character to it.
– Hyper One can be reached in just five minutes by car.
– Located on 26th of July Axis, one of the most important axes in Egypt, making it close to many vital locations.
– Mall of Arabia can be reached in minutes.

The vital location of the project reflects a high population density, ensuring active circulation for all units inside the mall.

Ample Space for a Comfortable Shopping Experience and Enjoyment of Various Activities

Centrada Plaza Mall shines as one of the largest and finest shopping centers in 6th of October City, featuring a vast space of about 40,000 square meters, allowing us to accommodate multiple-purpose units with diverse designs.

Centrada Plaza Mall was designed with the latest European models and luxurious global designs, with distinctive exterior and front facades of tempered glass to prevent pollution and noise. Green spaces, artificial fountains, and water bodies add a charming artistic touch to a large area of ​​the mall.

The remaining space is allocated to various service units of varying sizes to meet the needs and desires of customers and investors. Centrada Mall includes flexible spaces and various forms to meet the needs of each client, including:

– Commercial units suitable for cafes, restaurants, and retail stores.
– Administrative units that can be used as administrative offices or open workspaces.
– Medical units that suit all specialties and doctors’ needs.
– Financial area hosting spaces for banks, financial companies, and currency exchange offices.

Commercial, administrative, and medical unit spaces start from 35 square meters, allowing you to find the space that meets your needs and expectations at Centrada Plaza Mall.

Integrated Services and Luxury Advantages to Meet Every Visitor’s Needs

Centrada Mall offers a positive work environment that contributes to the creation of companies or projects with comfort, and provides unique units to suit all tastes. The mall offers luxurious services for the comfort of customers, and each floor in the mall includes various surprises for its visitors. Here are the main services:

– Integrated service mall: Centrada Mall offers entertainment services suitable for all family members and meets the expectations of children and youth.
– Banking services: The mall offers banking and financial services with bank branches available.
– Restaurants and cafes: It contains a variety of restaurants and cafes offering a diverse selection of food and drinks.
– Exclusive shopping: It includes stores and shops offering unique goods with international brands.
– Car exhibitions: It features distinctive car exhibitions.
– Telecommunications and tourism services: Telecommunications companies and tourism services are available inside the mall.
– High-quality medical services: It offers distinguished medical services.
– Security and protection: Advanced security and surveillance services are provided.
– Luxurious design and decor: Designs feature modern and elegant decorations with delightful colors.
– Modern surveillance system: It uses modern and advanced surveillance cameras.
– Exterior aesthetics: Panoramic glass facades, water spaces, and a fountain create a distinctive atmosphere.
– Spacious parking: Parking spaces are provided to avoid congestion.
– Emergency and fire system: An excellent system for dealing with emergencies and fires.
– Modern elevators and escalators: Fast elevators and luxurious escalators are provided.

Learn About the Best Prices and Flexible Systems to Achieve a Successful Investment

Centrada 6th of October Mall guarantees you a successful start for your commercial activity or project by offering competitive prices that encourage work and investment, with unit prices starting from 7,920,000 Egyptian pounds.

Available units include:

– Commercial

shops with an area of ​​215 square meters: starting price from 19,350,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Administrative units with an area of ​​110 square meters: starting price from 19,800,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Administrative offices with an area of ​​235 square meters: starting price from 15,275,000 Egyptian pounds.

Centrada Plaza Mall 6th of October offers flexible payment systems that allow you to choose the system that suits your financial circumstances, with the following options:

– Down payment upon contract (5%): 5% of the total unit price is paid upon contract, and the remaining amount is completed in installments for up to five years.
– Buy-to-Let system: Aimed at encouraging investment through special programs.
– Delivery with super lux finishes: All units are announced to be delivered with luxurious finishes.

Signed by a Leading Real Estate Developer, a Guarantee of Quality and Credibility in Every Project Detail

Centrada 6th of October Mall is one of the major projects of Omar Abdullah Real Estate Development Company, which is part of the project portfolio of Omar Abdullah OAD Real Estate Development Company. The company has over twenty years of experience in the real estate field, having delivered many successful projects.

The Centrada Mall project was launched in 2019, and the company has allocated all necessary resources to ensure its success and excellence. It carefully selected the best location for the project in 6th of October City and paid special attention to its designs in a luxurious modern style, aiming to make it attractive to major investors and businessmen.