Get ready to discover the magnificence of life at Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed, the luxurious investment project stamped by Mabany Edris Real Estate Development Company. Located in the Sixth of October City, this project stands out in a vibrant area known for its proximity to public facilities and major roads, making it an unparalleled investment choice.

We pride ourselves on presenting a unique project that integrates seamlessly to provide commercial, administrative, and medical services for all residents of the area. Enjoy the vast diversity in the expansive spaces of our project, offering a variety of units to meet the needs of every client.

With meticulous design and luxurious finishes, Central Avenue Mall offers a competitive price package and flexible reservation and payment systems to facilitate the process of owning the luxurious unit of your dreams. Seize the opportunity to take advantage of our flexible financing offers and own your unit without a reservation deposit, with the possibility of installment over comfortable repayment periods. Join our prestigious community and enjoy an unparalleled living experience in the heart of Sheikh Zayed.

In the heart of Sheikh Zayed: Central Avenue is located in a prime location providing easy access to everywhere.

Mabany Edris Real Estate Development Company has made exceptional efforts in selecting a strategic location for our project, making it close to all major roads and axes that facilitate reaching any destination you can imagine in a short time.

The excellent location gives the project a privileged position in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, known for its beauty and prosperity. The city offers a unique European atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else, with many large residential projects preferred by everyone to live in, escaping from other areas with high population density.

The project is surrounded by important areas, located near sports clubs such as Al Ahly Club and Al Jazeera Club. It also provides easy access to major shopping centers such as Hyper One and Arcan Plaza Mall, and is close to other places such as Americana Plaza and Mall of Arabia. The project also provides easy access to the 26th of July Axis and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and is close to recreational roads, in addition to its proximity to residential projects such as Eko West and The Crown Palm Hills Compound.

Architectural Design: Central Avenue combines elegance and practicality in its unique design.

Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed project is a unique blend of luxury and nature, spanning over a vast area, surrounded by greenery that provides visitors with a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere, enhancing their sense of happiness and comfort. The project includes a variety of commercial, administrative, and medical units with multiple spaces to meet the needs of different clients and facilitate the implementation of their unique projects.

The diversity of units in the project, both in type and size, perfectly meets the needs of clients. Central Avenue Mall overlooks a wide plaza area, providing its units with a stunning natural view. The total space has been strategically invested to provide a variety of services and facilities that meet the needs and desires of visitors.

The architectural and engineering design of the project is an attractive feature for investors, representing a luxurious European-style artistic piece on Egyptian land, making it the focus of everyone’s attention as a future destination in a vibrant and safe area.

The units in Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed project vary greatly, with commercial units, administrative offices, and medical clinics of various sizes to meet the preferences of clients. For example:

Medical clinics range from 77 square meters to 103 square meters.
Administrative offices range in size from 88 square meters to 181 square meters.
The area of commercial units and banks ranges from 170 square meters to 316 square meters.
Special units for jewelry with an area of up to 111 square meters are available.

Effortless Living: Integrated services and luxurious amenities make life at Central Avenue exceptional.

Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall is distinguished by providing a wide range of services and amenities that embody luxury and happiness for its clients and visitors. The mall includes many basic services and entertainment facilities that offer unique experiences for joy and fun.

Elevators and escalators: Facilitate movement between the floors of Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall.
Central and unit air conditioning: Maintains a comfortable climate inside the mall, with separate air conditioning for each unit.
Plaza view: The mall overlooks a large plaza that provides a stunning natural view.
ATMs: Facilitate financial transactions for visitors with multiple ATMs.
24-hour security: A security and surveillance team works to maintain the safety and security of customers.
Regular maintenance and cleaning: Providing periodic maintenance and cleaning services within Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed project.
Restaurants and cafes: A dedicated area for restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of international and local dishes.
High-speed internet services: The mall provides high-speed internet services for additional comfort.
Green spaces and dancing fountains: Beautify the overall appearance of the mall with green spaces and dancing fountains.
Solar energy usage: The mall operates on solar energy to achieve environmental sustainability.
Large garages: It contains large garages to facilitate parking without traffic congestion.
Large conference hall: A large conference hall is available for holding meetings and events.
Electric generators: Providing electric generators in case of power outages.

Smart Investment: Competitive prices and flexible payment systems for an exceptional investment opportunity.

Mabany Edris Real Estate Development Company has introduced its new project, Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed, which boasts several advantages, from its strategic location in the heart of 6th of October City to the vast space serving various units, between commercial, administrative, and medical, providing wide options to meet the desires of clients looking to start a new project.

Competitive prices come as a golden opportunity to invest in one of the best new cities, varying according to the area of the units. For example, prices for medical clinics and centers start from EGP 6,000,000, administrative offices start from EGP 5,000,000. The price per square meter in banks and commercial units inside Central Avenue Mall starts from EGP 145,000, while jewelry shops are offered at a price per square meter starting from EGP 155,000.

The reservation and payment systems at Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed offer flexibility and ease. Customers can reserve their units without a contract deposit and install them over 4 years, or pay a 10% reservation deposit and install the remaining amount over 5 years, or pay a 15% reservation deposit and install the remaining amount over 6 years.

Guaranteed Quality: With a strong reputation, the real estate developer of Central Avenue offers a guarantee of quality and excellence.

Mabany Edris Real Estate Development and Investment Company is one of the prominent companies in the Egyptian real estate market. The company has succeeded in launching many investment and residential projects, among which shines Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall project, a architectural masterpiece in the heart of the 6th of October area. In this project, the company has provided a comprehensive range of commercial, administrative, and medical services with the aim of ensuring the success of investors in one of the most distinguished new areas.

Among the previous real estate projects undertaken by the company are:

– Green 6th of October Compound.
– The Block Mall 6th of October.
– Rafida Medical Complex in Sheikh Zayed.
– Palm Gardens Compound.
– Mansouria Compound.
– Egyptian Complex Project.
– Tivoli Dom Zayed Restaurants Chain.

The company’s experience in these diverse projects enhances its position as a leading player in the real estate development industry in Egypt.

Smart Investment with a Promising Future: Discover the Advantages of Investing in Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed

Let us take you on a journey to the world of investment opportunities and excellence, where Central Avenue Mall is located right in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City, the beautiful and flourishing city that offers a unique European atmosphere. It is a city that hosts giant residential projects, where everyone gathers to enjoy a unique quality of life away from the high population density in other areas.

The location of Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall is distinguished by its strategic location, as it is located near Al Ahly Club and El Gezira Club, and also close to Hyper One and Arcan Plaza Mall. It is easily accessible from other places such as Americana Plaza and Mall of Arabia, and it is also distinguished by its distance from 26th of July Axis and Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, making it easily accessible by customers and residents of the area.

Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Project extends over a vast area, including a green natural cover that provides visitors with psychological comfort and tranquility, and the units vary between commercial, administrative, and medical with multiple spaces, enabling all customers to find what suits their needs and helps them execute their own projects.

The reservation and payment process at Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall is characterized by flexibility and facilitation, as customers can reserve their units without paying a down payment and install the amount over a period of up to 4 years.

Mabany Edris Real Estate Development and Investment Company occupies a prominent position in the Egyptian real estate market, where it has succeeded in implementing many investment and residential projects. The Central Avenue Sheikh Zayed Mall project is considered one of the company’s architectural masterpieces, offering a variety of commercial, administrative, and medical services to ensure the success of investors in this unique and new area.