The project of Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound, which is considered one of the latest creations of Karnak Real Estate Development Company, will unveil an unparalleled investment opportunity, as it enjoys a distinguished strategic location in the heart of New Sheikh Zayed.

Compound Belva New Zayed offers a variety of spaces to meet different needs, making it an ideal choice for diverse clients. Additionally, the unit prices in Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound are characterized by diversity and suitability for various age groups.

The designs of Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound shine with a luxurious European touch, reflecting meticulous attention to detail and harmony in design with high-quality standards. These unique designs are overseen by top architectural consultants, making Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound an architectural masterpiece among the finest compounds in New Sheikh Zayed. Benefit from this luxurious and investment-oriented living experience in one of the region’s leading real estate projects.

In the heart of Sheikh Zayed, discover an ideal location that combines tranquility with proximity to urban amenities.

In the Belva Sheikh Zayed project, happiness and quick decision-making in the purchasing process come through choosing a distinctive location that allows customers to maximize their benefits. The project’s location has been carefully selected, located in the Sheikh Zayed area overlooking Nahda Street, facilitating transportation and movement between the project and surrounding areas.

Belva Zayed Compound is close to many main areas and axes, connecting it to all vital and major areas within the city. This allows customers and residents to meet their needs and accomplish their tasks easily within short time frames.

Places near Belva Compound:

Close to main roads, including the Desert Road to Alexandria.
A short distance separates Belva project from Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt.
Only a few minutes away from Mall Hayar One.
Close to many universities, including October University.
A short distance from Juhayna Square and Shooting Square.
Easy access from Sphinx International Airport to Belva Compound.
Also close to Media Production City, enhancing ease of access and communication with various facilities and vital areas.

Stand out with a unique design that combines elegance and comfort, creating an exceptional residential environment.

In the Belva project, initiated by Karnak Real Estate Company, we offer the best architectural designs by selecting leading engineering talents for their uniqueness. To ensure the project is executed in a distinguished European style, the company has chosen the talented architectural consultant Raaf Fahmy El Ghani for this task. The design stands out with creativity and compatibility with current customer needs, proudly competing with the most beautiful compounds in October.

The total area of the Belva project extends over 18.5 acres, with significant focus on green spaces and landscapes, providing the project with a wonderful natural ambiance. Belva Zayed comprises 19 buildings, designed in a ground floor and 5 repeated floors format, giving the project a unique character and contributing to achieving exceptional peace of mind for residents.

Enjoy luxurious living spaces and open facilities that embody the splendor of modern design.

The owning company has succeeded in achieving extreme diversity in the unit spaces within Belva Compound, aiming to meet the diverse needs of residents whether they prefer small or large spaces. This ensures they enjoy peace of mind and happiness at all times. The large space of Belva Compound significantly contributes to achieving this diversity, with unit spaces in Belva Compound as follows:

One-bedroom apartments: The area of these apartments in Belva Compound starts from 70 square meters.
Two-bedroom apartments: The area of apartments consisting of two bedrooms in Belva Sheikh Zayed project starts from 115 square meters.
Three-bedroom apartments: The area of apartments consisting of 3 bedrooms in Belva Compound starts from 160 square meters.

These diverse spaces reflect exceptional interactivity and meticulous attention paid by Karnak to meet the preferences and needs of all customers in Belva Compound.

Rest assured with suitable prices and convenient payment systems that make investing in Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound an opportunity not to be missed.

The developing company has launched extremely competitive prices in Belva Sheikh Zayed project, aiming to make them reasonable and compatible with the features available within the project. These prices come with an exclusive package of variations to meet the diverse needs of customers. Prices per square meter in Belva project start from 50,000 Egyptian pounds.

Prices for two-bedroom apartments in Karnak Belva Compound:

Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 90 square meters start from 4,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 105 square meters start from a total price of 5,250,000 Egyptian pounds.
Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 110 square meters start from a total price of 5,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 120 square meters start from a total price of 6,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 130 square meters start from a total price of 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Prices for three-bedroom apartments in Karnak Belva Compound:

Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 135 square meters start from 6,750,000 Egyptian pounds.
Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 145 square meters start from 7,250,000 Egyptian pounds.
Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 155 square meters start from 7,750,000 Egyptian pounds.
Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 165 square meters start from 8,250,000 Egyptian pounds.
Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 185 square meters start from 9,250,000 Egyptian pounds.
Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 198 square meters start from 9,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

Belva Compound Duplex Villas Prices:

Duplex units with an area of ​​260 square meters are priced at 13,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

For those interested in paying cash, they enjoy a discount of up to 23%. This policy aims to make purchasing a unit in Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound possible and convenient for many customers.

Enjoy integrated services and luxurious amenities that meet all your daily needs and make your life more luxurious.

The company offers a comprehensive range of facilities and services in Belva Sheikh Zayed project, carefully selected to ensure complete comfort for residents and their families. The project includes a wide range of entertainment and leisure facilities that enhance the daily life of residents. You can learn about the highlights of these services in Compound Belva Zayed as follows:
– Belva Sheikh Zayed Project boasts more than one top-level swimming pool to provide comfort and entertainment at any time.
– Green spaces are available in Belva Compound, providing distinctive views for units and suitable for social gatherings.
– Belva Compound includes a variety of restaurants and cafes to meet different food needs.
– Belva Project Sheikh Zayed features a commercial area housing the most famous international brands.
– Belva Sheikh Zayed provides advanced gymnasiums equipped with the best sports equipment to meet fitness needs.
– There is a modern garage inside the project fully secured.
– Running and biking tracks are available in Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound.
– A security team works around the clock to ensure the safety and security of residents.
– The project is equipped with advanced surveillance cameras to increase security levels.
– Maintenance and cleaning services are available throughout the week to keep units in good condition.
– There is a clubhouse serving Belva Compound residents.
– A Kid’s Area is provided for enjoyable children’s time with a variety of beloved games.

The Belva project offers all the features that customers seek in their residential units. The project boasts a strategic location in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, making it close to vital landmarks. It is designed according to the finest architectural designs and offers diverse spaces by the developing company. Additionally, competitive prices and flexible payment systems are available, along with all facilities, services, and entertainment options.

With a trusted and experienced real estate developer, your investment is guaranteed success and stability.

El Karnak Developments is one of the prominent companies in the real estate development field, with 25 years of experience. Founded in 1999, the company has implemented many diverse projects, especially in Alexandria. The company has now decided to launch its latest projects in Sheikh Zayed City.

Thanks to its extensive experience in the real estate market, El Karnak Real Estate Company has succeeded in building strong trust with its customers. The company is known for its good reputation in the real estate field due to offering the best prices and distinguished payment systems that meet customer needs.

The company looks forward to implementing more projects in the future to enhance its position as a leading real estate company. The company also aims to change the concept of real estate by achieving a delicate balance between owning an affordable residential unit and using the best construction materials and unique property designs.

Among the previous projects of El Karnak Real Estate Company:

– Miami City Project in Alexandria.
– Smouha Elite Project in Alexandria.
– Al-Montazah Elegance Project in Alexandria.

Benefit from attractive investment features and environmental sustainability in Belva Sheikh Zayed Compound.

Sheikh Zayed City is one of the distinguished new cities known for luxury and progress. This city is a sanctuary and a destination for anyone seeking a unique life, offering all amenities and luxuries. In the new Sheikh Zayed compounds, you will find the quality and precision you are looking for, represented in a long history of experience for major and strong real estate companies in this field.

Discover the benefits of real estate investment in the Sheikh Zayed area, as the article explains why you should make the decision to invest in this area in particular, and presents a unique range of new Sheikh Zayed projects.

The Sheikh Zayed area is a vibrant and distinctive place close to major road networks and main axes, where all residential neighborhoods are characterized by luxury and organization. The area has been divided based on modern scientific standards, enabling individuals to live in a completely coordinated life far from randomness and unjustified congestion. The road spaces feature wide widths ranging from 40 to 50 square meters.

All units, streets, and buildings intertwine with beautiful green spaces of trees and flowers everywhere, with magnificent natural landscapes that cannot be described in words as much as they can be seen in pictures, helping you relax and feel belonging to a world within a world that cannot be controlled.

The new Sheikh Zayed area offers a diverse range of the best health services ever, in addition to countless essential medical centers and specialized clinics, making your investment in the new Sheikh Zayed projects a vital decision.