Get ready for an exceptional living experience with the launch of “Compound Elevations New Zayed” by Sumou Real Estate Investment Company. This project is ideal for those seeking luxury and tranquil living in the heart of nature. The compound is designed to cater to privacy enthusiasts, offering an exclusive range of luxurious villas.

Compound Elevations New Zayed allows you to enjoy a distinctive lifestyle, with residents benefiting from all the entertainment and leisure amenities that add a touch of happiness to their daily lives. With unmatched competitive prices and flexible installment plans, you can make the most of this unique opportunity to enjoy a high level of quality and luxury.

Join the Elevations community and get ready to fulfill your dreams in a place that combines luxury and elegance in the heart of New Zayed.

Location of Compound Elevations New Zayed

Sumou Real Estate Company pays great attention to carefully selecting the locations of its projects, and this is evident in the prominent location of Compound Elevations New Zayed. The project enjoys a prime location in Basin 2 within the Green Belt area, facing Gate 5 in the Sheikh Zayed district. The serene location offers residents an ideal atmosphere and living opportunities that combine vibrancy with privacy.

Places Near Elevations Project:

– Elevations New Zayed is located near the Wahat Road and 26th of July Axis.
– Elevations New Zayed is close to the Axis and Dahshour Link.
– Elevations Sheikh Zayed Compound is minutes away from Mall of Arabia.
– Elevations Sumou Developments is a short distance from Sphinx Airport.
– The Elevations project is conveniently located near the Middle Ring Road in just a few minutes.
– Access to Compound Elevations is easy via the exclusive Square and Juhayna Square in just a few minutes.
– Elevations Zayed is near the Media Production City.
– Elevations location provides easy access from Nile University.
– Elevations New Zayed is located near Ivory Sheikh Zayed Compound and Lake West 3 Sheikh Zayed.

Immerse yourself in an exceptional living experience with modern architectural design and luxurious details.

Nestled within vast green spaces, the units of Compound Elevations New Zayed shine to offer its residents a unique experience of privacy and tranquility. The project introduces diverse designs, including townhouses, twin houses, and standalone villas, adding touches of luxury and variety to Elevations New Zayed. The unity of the units reflects a cohesive spirit, bringing residents together in the heart of Sheikh Zayed.

Stretching across an area of approximately 10 acres, the Elevations project boasts a natural elevation reaching up to 18 meters, giving Elevations New Zayed a modern and contemporary touch. The design harmoniously blends with nature, with glass facades and mirrors glistening under the sunlight, captivating everyone with the beauty of Elevations Zayed’s unit designs.

Choose from a variety of unit spaces to meet your unique needs and lifestyle.

Sumou Real Estate Company has demonstrated its ability to achieve significant diversity in unit spaces in the new Elevations New Zayed compound, relying on advanced expertise from experienced designers and architects. The total space was utilized perfectly to meet various requirements, ranging from small to large spaces, catering to the diverse needs and preferences of a wide customer base in Compound Elevations New Zayed.

The area of townhouse villas in the Elevations Sheikh Zayed project ranges from 286 to 293 square meters.

Twin Houses:
The area of twin house villas in Elevations Compound New Zayed starts from 335 square meters.

Standalone Villas:
The area of standalone villas in the Elevations New Zayed compound starts from 438 square meters.

With expertise and professionalism in design and planning, Sumou Company has succeeded in presenting a diverse collection that meets the varied expectations and needs of its clients in the Elevations Zayed project.

Explore Our Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Plans to Realize Your Real Estate Investment Dreams

To acquire the residential units they dream of in Elevations Compound, customers are offered a range of competitive prices that cannot be found anywhere else. Samou Development has successfully achieved the delicate balance between distinctive spaces and reasonable prices, making financial factors not a barrier for investors interested in purchasing units in the new Elevations Zayed, where the prices are as follows:

– Townhouse Villas:
– Prices for townhouse villas in the new Elevations Zayed Compound start from 6,200,000 Egyptian pounds.

– Twin House Villas:
– As for the prices of twin house villas in the Elevations project, they range between 8,900,000 and 9,200,000 Egyptian pounds.

– Stand-alone Villas:
– The prices of stand-alone villas in Compound Elevations range between 12,500,000 and 13,500,000 Egyptian pounds, and also reach up to 17,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment Plans in Compound Elevations New Zayed:
Elevations New Zayed Compound offers a variety of installment systems, where customers can choose the option that suits them:

– First System:
– Pay 5% down payment and install the rest over 5 years.

– Second System:
– Pay a 10% down payment and install the rest over 6 years.

– Third System:
– Pay a 15% down payment and install the rest over 7 years.

Units in the Elevations project are delivered within 3 years, with a semi-finished delivery service provided by Sumou Development.

Enjoy a Luxurious Living Experience with a Range of Services and Amenities

The establishment of the new Elevations Zayed Compound witnessed the creation of a vibrant community aimed at providing a comfortable and enjoyable living experience for residents. Samou Development’s commitment is reflected in providing all facilities and services that cover the smallest details, in addition to focusing on the entertainment aspect to provide means of entertainment and recreation throughout the day. Here’s a look at those facilities and services:

– Commercial Area:
– The Elevations New Zayed Compound includes a commercial area that facilitates shopping and getting daily needs for residents.

– Restaurants and Cafes:
– Compound Elevations New Zayed offers a variety of restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and beverages for residents.

– Swimming Pools:
– The swimming pools at Elevations Compound provide a top-notch relaxation experience throughout the day.

– Sports Clubs:
– Elevations New Zayed project includes sports clubs that provide all favorite games for residents.

– Gyms:
– Residents in Elevations El Sheikh Zayed Compound benefit from fully equipped gyms for exercising.

– Running and Cycling Tracks:
– Running and cycling tracks are spread throughout the new Elevations Zayed project to meet the hobbies of residents.

– Kids Area:
– The Kids Area in Elevations Sheikh Zayed Compound offers the best beloved games for children.

– Security and Guard Services:
– A security and guard team works at Compound Elevations New Zayed around the clock to ensure complete safety in the compound.

– Surveillance System:
– The best surveillance cameras are used inside Elevations Compound to enhance the security factor in the project.

– Electric Generators:
– Electric generators are available in the Elevations project to ensure continuous electricity supply.

– Maintenance and Cleaning Services:
– Maintenance and cleaning services continue in Elevations Compound throughout the week to maintain the excellence of the units.

Discover Unique and Innovative Investment Opportunities

The new Elevations Zayed Compound combines all the features that residents aspire to have in residential units. The project boasts a prime location in the heart of New Zayed, where the developer company has ensured the implementation of modern designs and achieved great diversity in unit spaces, offering suitable prices to meet the needs of all customers. Additionally, the project features easy payment systems and provides all facilities, services, and means of entertainment needed by residents.

Get to Know the Real Estate Developer Behind this Project

Sumou Development is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia. The company has gained the admiration of luxury and distinction enthusiasts thanks to its execution of innovative projects and the provision of excellent services. The name of Jetts Real Estate stands out due to the diversity of the price packages it offers, in addition to providing several payment systems, making it the optimal choice for those interested in real estate investment.

Among the previous projects of Sumou Development:

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– Royal Lagoon Compound in the Fifth Settlement.
– Ayl Plaza Tower in the Fifth Settlement.
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