Experience the charm of life on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea with Crystal North Coast, where the luxurious opportunity unfolds for those seeking serene and distinctive moments amidst the stunning nature. Crystal North Coast is considered a precious gem sparkling on the seashore, proudly situated as a unique crystal piece.

Surrounded by the charm of nature, Crystal North Coast village is embraced by the azure sea and enveloped by lush greenery. Anyone passing through here can enjoy the beauty of this unique village. Indulge in moments of relaxation and luxury within this village, away from the city hustle and bustle.

Crystal North Coast chalets boast diverse designs and varied spaces to meet different customer needs. What sets these units apart is their stunning sea views, allowing you to enjoy a charming vista directly from within your unit. Own unforgettable moments and experience something exceptional at Crystal North Coast, where luxury and tranquility converge.

Crystal North Coast: Prime Location at Kilometer 258 on the Alexandria-Matrouh Road

Crystal North Coast village stands out for its prime location at kilometer 258 in the Sidi Haneesh area of the North Coast. Delta Real Estate Company carefully selected this location based on its deep understanding of the area’s appeal, as evidenced by its proximity to the following:

– Just a 15-minute drive from Marsa Matrouh Airport.
– Only 11 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh city, making it very close.
– It takes only 5 minutes to reach Almaza Bay village.
– Located 30 minutes away from Alexandria city.
– It enjoys proximity to areas like Amwaj village and Masaya.
– It is also close to the North Coast marinas.

Crystal North Coast village combines a strategic location with proximity to various key destinations, making it an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a peaceful life alongside its strategic and convenient presence.

Crystal North Coast: Sprawling Across 50 Acres

Crystal North Coast project boasts a vast area spanning approximately 50 acres, where the company has meticulously divided this space to provide a diverse range of services, occupying the majority of the total area. As for the development of residential units with various sizes, the remaining space has been thoughtfully utilized, with only about 18% of the area allocated to buildings and infrastructure.

Crystal North Coast: World-Class Designs Inspired by Modern Architectural Style

Great care has been taken in designing the Crystal North Coast project to the highest quality standards, where spaces have been optimally utilized to create residential units characterized by modern and attractive designs. This design allows residents to enjoy direct views of the sea and the surrounding beautiful nature, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and comfort at every moment.

The sea view at Crystal North Coast is breathtaking, extending for about 600 meters, allowing customers the opportunity to enjoy magnificent panoramic views and breathe in the fresh sea air. Additionally, the project features a width of approximately 120 meters, enhancing the sense of spaciousness and openness.

The project is divided into 6 unique zones, each designed in a unique and luxurious style that perfectly meets the residents’ needs. A variety of residential spaces, such as luxurious villas and apartments, are provided to suit the needs and tastes of the residents. Clients in each zone enjoy facilities tailored to them, such as entertainment areas, fitness facilities, pools, and beautiful gardens.

Crystal North Coast: Global Services and Features Meeting All Needs

Crystal North Coast Village offers a variety of services and amenities, making it one of the prominent villages in the Sidi Heneish area on the coast. Among these prominent services and facilities:

1. Food and Beverage:
Various restaurants and cafes offering a diverse range of delicious dishes and beverages.

2. Health Services:
Health services such as spa, sauna, and jacuzzi, also offering beauty services.

3. Outdoor Barbecue:
Outdoor barbecue areas are available for hosting barbecue parties.

4. Security and Protection:
24-hour security service provided by a professional security team.

5. Swimming Pools:
Swimming pools for different age groups with a lifeguard team to ensure customer safety.

6. Fitness Center:
A sports gym equipped with the latest sports equipment and a team of specialized trainers.

7. Aqua Park:
An aqua park area with various entertainment activities.

8. Children’s Entertainment Areas:
Dedicated children’s areas with numerous games, well-secured for children’s safety.

9. Cleaning and Maintenance Services:
International cleaning and maintenance services for units.

10. Electricity:
Electric generators for stable electricity throughout the day.

11. Shopping Centers:
Shopping centers including famous international brands.

12. Hypermarket:
A hypermarket offering various local and international products.

13. Sports Courts:
Sports courts for various sports activities such as tennis, football, and basketball.

14. Medical Centers and Clinics:
Medical centers and clinics within the village to meet the needs of residents in this aspect.

Crystal North Coast: Units with diverse areas to meet all preferences

The development company has implemented a variety of chalets in its project, designed with different areas, as follows:

– Chalet with an area of 180 square meters:
Consists of a ground floor and a roof.

– Chalet with an area of 65 square meters:
Includes two bedrooms.
Consists of a ground floor and a roof.
Features a garden.

– Chalet with an area of 115 square meters:
Includes 3 bedrooms.
Includes a garden, roof, and ground floor.

– Chalet with an area of 50 square meters:
Consists of one bedroom.

– Chalet with an area of 45 square meters:
Studio design.

These units have been carefully designed to meet various needs, allowing customers to choose the unit that best suits their needs and preferences.

Crystal North Coast: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Plans

Crystal North Coast offers competitive prices starting from 1,000,000 Egyptian pounds and reaching up to 8,000,000 Egyptian pounds. These exceptional prices represent a great opportunity for anyone seeking successful investment.

The payment plans in Crystal North Coast are distinguished by their diversity, where the customer can own their unit through four different systems:

First System:
– Installment over 6 years.
– 10% down payment.

Second System:
– Installment over 7 years.
– 15% down payment.

Third System:
– Installment over 8 years.
– 20% down payment.

Fourth System:
– Installment over 12 years.
– 25% down payment.

These diverse options are designed to meet the needs of customers and facilitate the process of owning their unit in Crystal North Coast, making investment in this project more attractive and feasible.

Crystal North Coast: Developed by Delta for Real Estate Development Company

Crystal North Coast is one of the coastal projects developed by Delta for Real Estate Development Company, which was established in 1986. Over this long period, the company has succeeded in building a distinguished reputation among real estate development companies.

Delta Real Estate projects are characterized by their implementation according to international standards, and the company’s success is attributed to its owners who have extensive experience in this field. Additionally, a team of distinguished architects works for the company, benefiting from their vast experience to achieve progress and continuous improvement in all projects.

Some of Delta Real Estate’s previous works include:

– Delta Smart Residential.
– Delta Flowers Residential.
– Delta Sharm El Sheikh.
– Delta Stars.
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