Introducing New Zayed Compound Elevations by Elkarnak: A Touch of Luxury and Excellence

Explore the exceptional blend of luxury and excellence at New Zayed Compound Elevations by Elkarnak, where artistry and architectural brilliance converge in the heart of 6th of October City. Every detail epitomizes excellence, crafting a lifestyle reminiscent of European residential complexes.

New Zayed Compound Elevations boasts a unique location that combines residential living with investment opportunities. Situated near vibrant areas and major thoroughfares, it offers easy access to various surrounding destinations. Occupying a vast area of 18.5 acres, the project allows for diversity in designs and aesthetics.

Choose to reside in a fully-integrated community at Elkarnak Compound, where the owning company provides all essential and additional facilities and services to meet residents’ needs. Don’t forget to take advantage of competitive pricing packages and flexible payment programs to achieve the dream of ideal living.

Ideal Location in Elkarnak New Zayed Compound Between Tranquility and Urban Life

Unique urban communities stand out for their strategic locations in sought-after areas, catering to the needs of those seeking luxurious residential units and lucrative investment opportunities. Elkarnak Real Estate embodies this ethos by selecting a distinctive geographical location in the heart of 6th of October City.

Specifically located in New Sheikh Zayed City on Nuzha Street in Parcel 3, it enjoys proximity to vibrant, service-oriented areas and upscale neighborhoods. This area boasts diverse educational and healthcare facilities, in addition to its proximity to major governmental entities, facilitating paperwork and government transactions.

Nearby Areas of New Zayed Elkarnak Compound:

Easy Access: Proximity to the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road and the Dakhshur Link Road facilitates accessibility.
Convenient Presence: The compound is close to Hyper One and Al Ahly Club headquarters, adding to residents’ convenience.
Entertainment and Shopping: The compound is situated near Zayed Park, allowing residents easy access to entertainment and shopping venues.
Quick Connectivity: The nearby location to Sphinx Airport and Media Production City ensures quick connectivity to key areas.
Efficient Transportation: Access to Wadi Degla Club and 26th of July Corridor is made easy within a few minutes.

Enjoy Vast Spaces and Unique Elegance at New Zayed Elkarnak Compound

The space at New Zayed Elkarnak Compound is one of its key features that make it unique and of interest to customers. The project stretches across a vast area of 18.5 acres, carefully divided between residential units, forming a small part of the total area. Nevertheless, it features immense diversity in spaces and types to meet customers’ preferences and needs.

Green spaces and water bodies occupy the majority of the area at Elkarnak Compound, stretching between buildings and embodied in artificial lakes, swimming pools, and dancing fountains. These amenities add cheerful colors and elegance to the project, creating an atmosphere of charm and joy.

Elkarnak New Zayed is designed based on consultations with experts and advisors in the field, in collaboration with a prominent architectural and engineering design firm led by Engineer Raaf Fahmy, who has contributed to the successful implementation of several real estate projects.

Among the prominent factors the developer has focused on is providing green spaces in areas facing residential units, giving residents a direct view of the charming natural landscapes. Building sizes vary, ranging from 13.5 square meters to 30 square meters, with some buildings overlooking full-width streets.

Choose from a Variety of Units with Spaces that Meet Your Needs and Exceed Your Expectations

A variety of residential units have been implemented to perfectly meet customers’ preferences and needs. These units feature diverse spaces to suit the needs of small and medium-sized families, with unit spaces starting from 70 square meters within Elkarnak New Zayed Compound.

Residential buildings consist of a ground floor followed by 5 repeated upper floors, offering the following spaces:
– One-bedroom apartment spaces start from 70 square meters.
– For two-bedroom apartments, the space ranges from 90 square meters to 115 square meters.
– Three-bedroom apartment spaces range from 145 square meters to 160 square meters.
– Duplex units start with a space of 200 square meters.
– Penthouse units start with a space of 200 square meters.

Unique Living Experience: Comprehensive Services and Unparalleled Advantages at Elkarnak New Zayed

Negative daily habits and practices that encourage laziness have been transformed into positive habits, as Elkarnak Sheikh Zayed Compound offers integration in a diverse range of services and facilities. You’ll live a comfortable and stable living experience that enables you to enjoy all aspects of your life. Here’s a glimpse of the services and facilities offered:

– Trained security and guard team working around the clock.
– Well-distributed surveillance system and electronic gates.
– Regular maintenance and cleaning services to keep the project in general.
– Commercial area featuring world-renowned and local brands.
– Electric car charging stations within the compound.
– Running and cycling tracks around residential buildings.
– Sports and social clubs offering diverse sports activities.
– A variety of restaurants and cafes offering delicious food and drinks.
– Private garage for a residential unit or residential building.
– Hypermarket to provide various food items and goods.
– Electric generators and fire fighting systems.
– Multiple religious facilities for various religious ceremonies.
– Clubhouse and Kids Area within Elkarnak New Zayed.

Affordable Prices and Flexible Payment Systems: A Smart Investment Opportunity in Your Own Property

Elkarnak Real Estate Development Company recognizes the importance of competitive pricing to attract customers seeking distinctive residential units in upscale neighborhoods. Therefore, the company has introduced an enticing pricing package for its units in New Zayed Elkarnak Compound. Here are some details about the prices:

– The price per square meter within the residential units in Elkarnak Compound starts from 50,000 Egyptian pounds.

  Prices for One-Bedroom Apartments in Elkarnak Compound:

– One-bedroom apartments with an area of 70 square meters start from 3,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– One-bedroom apartments with an area of 78 square meters start from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
– One-bedroom apartments with an area of 85 square meters start from 4,250,000 Egyptian pounds.

  Prices for Two-Bedroom Apartments in Elkarnak Compound:

– Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 90 square meters start from 4,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 105 square meters start from 5,250,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 110 square meters start from 5,500,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 120 square meters start from 6,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Two-bedroom apartments with an area of 130 square meters start from 6,500,000 Egyptian pounds.

  Prices for Three-Bedroom Apartments in Elkarnak Compound:

– Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 135 square meters start from 6,750,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 145 square meters start from 7,250,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 155 square meters start from 7,750,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 165 square meters start from 8,250,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 185 square meters start from 9,250,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Three-bedroom apartments with an area of 198 square meters start from 9,900,000 Egyptian pounds.

  Prices for Duplex Villas in Elkarnak Compound:

– Duplex units with an area of 260 square meters start from 13,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Regarding Payment and Installment Systems:

– Units can be reserved without any down payment and the full amount can be paid in installments over 4 years.
– Pay 5% down payment and install the remaining amount over 6 years without interest.
– Pay 10% down payment, then 5% after 3 months, and install the amount over 7 years.
– Pay 15% down payment, then 5% after 3 months, and install the amount over 8 years.
– Pay 20% down payment, then 5% after 3 months, and install the amount over 9 years.

Quality and Excellence: Get to Know the Innovative Real Estate Developer Behind Elkarnak New Zayed

Established in 1999, Elkarnak Real Estate Development and Investment Company has been tirelessly working to provide clear solutions that help customers improve their quality of life. The carefully selected team has extensive experience in the field, allowing the company to execute numerous real estate projects, both investment and residential, with a high level of quality and elegance to ensure their success. Some of the prominent projects under the company include:

– Samouha Elite Project in Alexandria.
– Miami City Project in Alexandria.
– Al-Montazah Elegance Project in Alexandria.

Benefit from Smart Investment Opportunities and Excellent Returns in New Zayed Elkarnak Compound

Investing in New Zayed Elkarnak Compound is worthwhile for several reasons:

– Strategic Location: Elkarnak Compound enjoys a prime location in the heart of 6th of October City, making it close to vibrant areas, commercial centers, and key services.
– Unique Architectural Design: The compound features advanced and attractive architectural design that reflects luxury and distinction, making it a masterpiece that catches attention.
– Comprehensive Facilities: The compound offers a range of diverse facilities, including green spaces, swimming pools, shopping centers, and sports clubs, creating an integrated living environment.
– Building Quality: Elkarnak Real Estate Development Company is known for its reputable construction and real estate development, enhancing confidence in the quality of residential units.
– Competitive Prices: Elkarnak Company provides competitive prices and flexible payment options, making investment in the compound more attractive.
– Excellent Investment Opportunity: Investing in the compound can be a good opportunity for achieving good financial returns in the long term, especially given the increasing demand for real estate in areas like 6th of October City.