Enjoy a luxurious living experience in the heart of creativity and exquisite design at Ever West 6th of October. Discover a blend of elegance and luxury, offering you the perfect place to realize your dreams of distinctive and exceptional living.

Ever West Sheikh Zayed compound is one of the most splendid residential compounds, where residential units blend with vast and enchanting green spaces. This breathtaking view allows residents to enjoy a serene atmosphere and peace of mind in the heart of nature.

Book your residential unit now at Ever West 6th of October and secure a bright future for you and your family. Benefit from the ideal location on 26th of July Axis, close to all services and facilities in 6th of October city. Enter the world of luxury and enjoy the best living experience.

Perfect Strategic Location in the Heart of 6th of October: Close to Everything You Need

Ever West 6th of October shines on 26th of July Axis, offering you a prominent location easily accessible through several roads and main axes, making it one of the prominent destinations in the area.

Nearby Places Adjacent to Ever West 6th of October:

– Proximity to Dar Al Fouad Hospital: The compound enjoys its proximity to Dar Al Fouad Hospital, just minutes away.
– Easy access via Dahshur Link: Ever 6th of October can be easily accessed via Dahshur Link, facilitating movement between surrounding areas.
– Close to Universities: Ever West Sheikh Zayed compound is approximately 10 minutes away from Nile University, Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology, and Zewail University.
– Close Distance to Mall of Arabia and the Airport: The distance to Mall of Arabia is about 5 minutes, and the same time to Sphinx International Airport.
– Near Ikea and Park Yards Mall: Ever West Sheikh Zayed compound is only 5 minutes away from Ikea for household furniture, providing easy access to Park Yards Mall and The Axis compound, as well as its close proximity to Dream Land.

Enjoy Spacious and Elegant Living: Unique Spaces to Meet All Your Needs

The area of Ever West Sheikh Zayed compound extends over 40 acres, with its units ranging from various-sized residential apartments to medical, administrative, and commercial units. These units feature spaces that uniquely meet each client’s needs, allowing the client to choose the unit that perfectly suits their requirements.

– Residential Apartment Space: Starting from 110 square meters, the residential apartment units at Ever West allow you to specify the space that suits your personal needs and preferences.
– Medical Unit Space: The medical units’ area starts from 40 square meters, giving you a variety of options to choose the unit that meets your medical practice or investment needs.
– Administrative and Commercial Unit Space: The administrative units’ area starts from 80 square meters, allowing companies and businesses to benefit from effective spaces to organize their activities efficiently.

Innovative Architectural Design: Precise Details and Modern Style Combining Beauty and Practicality

Ever West 6th of October compound has been developed and executed under the auspices of Creed Real Estate, enlisting Maharem Bakhoum Company and MG Company, both of which are among the largest and most prominent contracting companies, to participate in planning and executing this investment project.

Despite the large inclusiveness of the compound, 80% of the area was chosen for green spaces and charming natural landscapes, with recreational parks, while the remaining 20% was reserved for constructing residential buildings and other facilities.

Ever West 6th of October was designed with a spirit that combines luxury and environmental sustainability, where vast green spaces constitute a significant part of the environment, creating a peaceful and comfortable environment for residents. These spaces stand out for their diversity and attractive design.

Residents can enjoy green gardens, recreational parks, walking paths, and biking trails. While the remaining portion of the area (20%) is allocated for constructing facilities and residential buildings, which are implemented using the latest construction techniques and modern designs, to perfectly meet the customers’ needs.

Ever West is a prominent example of achieving the perfect balance between green spaces and residential infrastructure, providing an integrated and comfortable living environment that allows residents to enjoy the highest quality of life.

Enjoy a comprehensive lifestyle: luxurious services and exclusive perks for residents

Ever West October 6th distinguishes itself with a unique array of services and features that make it exceptional, ensuring a distinguished future for you and your family when booking your residential unit there. This residential compound is a comprehensive facility, providing residents with all the services and amenities they need.

Key services and features offered by the project:

– Wonderful green spaces: Comprising 80% of the total area of Ever West, creating a serene and luxurious environment for residents.
– Beautiful man-made lakes: Adding extra beauty to the area and providing entertainment and leisure facilities.
– Strategic location: Easy access via roads and main axes on the 26th of July axis.
– Unit diversity: Residential, medical, and administrative units catering to different requirements.
– Fully equipped sports club: Sports fields and various recreational activities.
– Safety and security: A comprehensive security system with surveillance cameras and electronic gates.
– Walking, jogging, and cycling tracks: For enjoying a sporty atmosphere full of activity.
– Multiple swimming pools: Meeting the needs of adults and children alike.
– Private garage: For residents’ convenience and to avoid congestion.
– Children’s recreational areas: To provide a safe and entertaining environment.
– Integrated commercial mall: Including commercial stores with various necessities and international brands.
– Social club: To enhance communication and bonding among residents.
– Barbecue and party areas: For hosting enjoyable events and diverse celebrations.

The project is executed using the latest construction technologies and modern designs, offering luxurious and diverse residential units characterized by spacious areas and contemporary designs, while providing all the comforts and services residents need.

Smart investment and competitive prices:Flexible payment options to suit all budgets

Cred Developments, the developer of the compound, has ensured competitive prices that suit the needs of all customers and investors. This allows them to reserve residential units at prices that surpass those available in other compounds, while benefiting from the unique services provided by the project.

Regarding payment and repayment systems, the company has provided convenient options for customers, allowing them to reserve their units with a low down payment and a flexible repayment period. It is planned to receive the units in 2026, and the repayment systems for residential units vary according to the type of unit, as follows:

– Repayment systems for residential apartments: A 10% contract deposit, with the remaining value of the unit payable over 8 years without interest, with equal installments.
– Repayment systems for administrative and medical units: A 10% deposit, with the remainder payable over 7 years without interest.

These options allow customers to achieve the optimal balance between flexible repayment and taking advantage of the features offered by Ever West October 6th.

Signed by a trusted developer: High quality and a successful history in the real estate industry

Cred Real Estate Development, the developer of Ever West Sheikh Zayed Compound, is one of the best real estate development companies in Egypt and worldwide. The company was founded in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, in 1982, under the name “Kassell Real Estate” as a result of an alliance between Kassell Company and Egypt Exchange Company. Later, its name was changed to Cred.

Cred is distinguished as one of the leading companies in the real estate sector, having successfully implemented huge projects in Egypt, establishing residential, commercial, and administrative projects costing around 8 billion pounds, achieving unprecedented success and sales.

Cred collaborates with leading experts in the fields of contracting and engineering, such as:

– Ashi & Bushsnag Company ABC
– MIG – Masrya International Group MIG
– MIRG Real Estate Consultancy
– Progate Developments
– EBC Company, one of the largest consultancy companies in Egypt.

These partnerships reflect the company’s commitment to providing the highest levels of service and quality in all stages of project development, contributing to the achievement of success and highlighting its projects in the best possible light.

Among the leading projects of Cred Real Estate Development:

– Kassell Landmark Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
– Kassell Gate Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
– East Side Mall in the New Administrative Capital.