Get ready for a unique living experience in the heart of 6th of October City with Garden Gate October Compound, the residential project that embodies excellence and luxury. Developed by IGI Real Estate Development, known for its good reputation and high quality in project execution.

Enjoy the best strategic locations that embody a unique vision for residential life. Garden Gate Compound features green spaces and beautiful gardens, creating a tranquil and refreshing environment for residents. Walk through the beautiful pathways and enjoy the beauty of the charming natural landscapes.

Experience modern design and spacious layouts in the residential units offered by Garden Gate October. Discover apartments and villas that meet the needs of different families, as each unit is carefully designed to ensure comfort and privacy. We focus on using spaces effectively, providing good ventilation and natural lighting for an exceptional living experience.

In the heart of October, close to vital areas and services.

The project’s location is one of the prominent factors that distinguish Garden Gate Compound, as the developer has carefully chosen a strategic location that enhances uniqueness and convenience. The project is located on Wahat Road, away from the city’s noise and close to major axes.

Nearby places to Garden Gate include:

Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia, to meet shopping and entertainment needs.
October University and Egypt University, to ensure easy access to higher education for project residents.
Easy access to main roads such as Fayoum, Ring Road, Wahat, Dahshur, and Fuka, providing excellent connectivity to key areas and important facilities in the city.

By carefully choosing its location, the developer ensured that Garden Gate is a distinguished place that combines tranquility with easy access to essential services and necessary facilities.

Spacious units and green spaces extending over a large area.

IGI Real Estate Development excelled in developing Garden Gate October Compound, designing it on a wide area with extreme care to ensure the satisfaction of all customers and meet their diverse tastes. The residential units have been diversified and varied meticulously, providing multiple options to meet diverse needs.

Additionally, the company has provided green spaces throughout the compound, creating an exceptional environment that encourages relaxation and beautification. These green spaces have been carefully designed to be an additional attraction point, adding to the compound’s appeal and enhancing the quality of life for residents.

Units to Suit All Needs, From Studios to Luxury Apartments

Garden Gate Compound offers a diverse range of residential units, including:

– Residential apartments starting from 71 square meters, providing multiple options to suit the needs of different residents.
– Villas with spacious areas, starting from 173 square meters, to offer a luxurious and comfortable living experience.

Discover Our Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Plans

IGI Real Estate Development is committed to meeting the needs of customers looking for distinctive homes amidst the greenery at affordable prices. Garden Gate October Compound shines as a residential project offering competitive prices with luxurious amenities.

The payment systems in Garden Gate October offer high flexibility, allowing customers to choose the system that suits them. These systems include:

– Installment over 7 years with a 10% down payment: An opportunity to pay over seven years with a 10% down payment.
– Installment over 8 years with a 15% down payment: The option to pay over eight years with a 15% down payment.

These systems provide opportunities for customers to achieve ownership through convenient methods, allowing them to choose between long-term installment without interest or other options that meet their financial needs conveniently.

Enjoy a Range of Luxurious Services and Integrated Facilities

Garden Gate Compound in 6th of October City stands out as one of the prominent residential projects, thanks to its provision of a range of services and facilities that comprehensively meet the residents’ needs, including:

1. Security Services:
– A 24/7 security system with permanent guards to ensure the residents’ peace and safety.
– Distribution of surveillance cameras throughout the compound to enhance security and ensure safety.

2. Recreational Services:
– Diverse pools for adults and children, along with designated areas for gathering and relaxation.
– Green spaces and beautiful gardens to enjoy fresh air and stunning natural landscapes.
– Dedicated play areas for children with a variety of safe and enjoyable games.

3. Sports Facilities:
– Gymnasiums, tennis courts, and football fields.
– Health facilities such as spa, jacuzzi, and sauna for exercising and relaxation.

4. Medical Services:
– A medical center offering basic healthcare services and specialized clinics.
– A pharmacy within the compound to meet the residents’ needs for medicines and medical supplies.

5. Sports and Fitness Facilities:
– Running tracks and sports halls.
– Tennis courts and swimming pools to promote fitness and health.

With these services and facilities, Garden Gate Compound is considered an ideal community for living in luxury and comfort under the enchanting sky of nature.

A Unique Residential Experience with Exceptional Recreational Facilities and Services

Garden Gate October Compound is one of the distinguished projects under IGI Real Estate Development, where the company has offered a range of advantages that have made it attractive to investors and buyers alike. Here are some of these advantages:

 Prime Location:

The compound enjoys a strategic location in the heart of 6th of October City, facilitating access to main thoroughfares and highways and providing proximity to many vital areas in Cairo.

 Modern Design:
The compound features a modern and appealing design, providing diverse residential units to suit different individuals and families, ensuring efficient space utilization, privacy, and comfort.

 Beautiful Natural Landscapes:
Surrounded by green spaces and beautiful gardens, the compound creates a peaceful and comfortable environment for residents, allowing them to enjoy fresh air and beautiful natural landscapes.

 Safety and Security:
The compound provides a comprehensive security system, including guards, surveillance cameras, and round-the-clock security, to ensure the residents’ safety and property protection.

Facilities and Services:
The compound offers a variety of facilities and services such as pools, social clubs, sports centers, commercial areas, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and cafes to meet the residents’ daily life needs.

A Project by a Reputable Real Estate Developer with Trusted Experience

The Garden Gate project represents one of the leading residential projects launched by IGI Real Estate Development, a company with a long history spanning over 27 years in real estate development. Founded in 1994, the company has earned a good reputation across the Arab world by delivering distinguished projects that meet customers’ needs at the best prices.

Among the previous projects successfully executed by IGI Real Estate Development are:

– Ashgar City October Compound.
– Oak Park October Compound.
– Gardenia Park October Compound.
– Ashgar Heights October Compound.
– Gardenia Springs Fifth Settlement Compound.
– Ashgar Residence October Compound.
– Hay Al-Ashgar.

These past works reflect IGI’s commitment to delivering distinguished projects that meet customer expectations and achieve significant sales success.

Modern Architectural Design Blending Luxury with Practical Functions

Designing the residential units in Garden Gate October Compound requires advanced self-design skills and effective interaction. However, I can offer some ideas and tips on the interior and exterior design of those units:

Residential Unit Design:

Use of Colors: Choose calm and comfortable colors to enhance a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.
Providing Ventilation and Natural Lighting: Design large windows to allow sufficient natural light to enter and improve ventilation.
Effective Space Utilization: Organize furniture in a way that enhances the use of space effectively without feeling crowded.

 Green Spaces:

Plant Diversity: Plant a variety of plants to improve the aesthetic appearance and enhance fresh air.
Outdoor Seating Areas: Add comfortable outdoor seating areas to enjoy the beautiful weather.

 Compound Facilities:

– Health and Sports Clubs: Add sports clubs and health facilities to promote a healthy lifestyle.
– Swimming Pools: Establish pools for recreation and relaxation.

 High-Quality Finishes:

– Use of High-Quality Finishing Materials: Ensure comfort and durability.
– Decorative Details: Add decorative details that enhance a unique and aesthetic touch to the units.

 Gathering Places:

– Create designated areas for gathering and social interaction: Enhance community spirit.

These are general ideas that you can modify and adapt according to your preferences and project needs. For specific and detailed design, you may need to collaborate with an interior designer or architect to ensure the project’s vision is achieved perfectly.