Explore Garden Leaks Hyde Park October – the new address for luxury and smart investment in the Sheikh Zayed area! This integrated residential complex by Hyde Park offers a diverse range of unique residential units. Its dazzling and luxurious design makes it the perfect choice for those seeking housing in a comprehensive place with superior services and competitive prices.

Advantages that make you choose Garden Leaks Hyde Park:

– Strategic location:
Located in the vibrant and distinguished area of 6th of October, close to the most important landmarks in the region.
– Unique design:
Enjoy the experience of living in a luxurious environment with a design that combines luxury and practicality.
– Privacy and security for families:
It provides a safe and private haven for families who care about the safety and privacy of their children.
– Competitive prices and payment facilities:
Hyde Park offers competitive prices and convenient payment options, making it possible to obtain elegant housing.
– Diverse spaces:
Choose from a variety of units with inspiring spaces that meet the needs of all families.
– Integrated services:
Providing luxurious and diverse services that ensure the comfort of residents and meet all their needs.
– Stunning natural views:
Enjoy stunning natural views that add a peaceful atmosphere and beauty to the project.
– Exceptional investment opportunity:
Garden Leaks Hyde Park October is a promising investment option, providing facilitations in payment systems.

Enjoy luxury living and smart investment in Garden Leaks Hyde Park October, where luxury meets comfort.

Enjoy a modern and unique design that combines elegance and practical functions in every detail.

The designs of the Hyde Park October project pride themselves on embodying the spirit of modernity and charm, blended with family warmth, to be the ideal place for many families. Eklego, famous for its distinctive designs, has designed the Garden Leaks Hyde Park October, making the compound an architectural masterpiece. The project consists of 25% luxury apartments and 75% twin and townhouses, with most units enjoying a 360-degree view of green spaces.

Garden Leaks Hyde Park October spans over 69 acres, designed as a model for the best residential cities around the world. You can receive your unit with full super lux finishing, as the units range from residential apartments to penthouses with various areas according to each client’s choice and the space that suits them.

Units include one-bedroom and two-bedroom apartments, as well as units consisting of three living rooms. All units combine modern design and practical functions to meet the needs and preferences of all customers.

Choose from a variety of units with ideal spaces that meet all your needs and preferences.

A space of 69 acres has been allocated to create lakes and gardens in the Garden Lakes Hyde Park October compound, which is distinguished by a unique design that combines modernity and charming natural details. The project features vast green spaces and diverse residential units.

Garden Lakes Hyde Park includes a variety of units, including apartments and duplexes, totaling 360 units of various sizes, including some consisting of two bedrooms and others consisting of three.

Garden Lakes Hyde Park West October has been designed in a modern style to allow apartments to overlook the stunning natural landscapes. The project includes private entrances for residential units on the upper floors, allowing residents direct access from ground level.

Unit sizes in the Garden Lakes Hyde Park October compound range from 104 to 171 square meters on the ground floor, while sizes on the first and second floors range from 132 to 171 square meters. As for the third-floor spaces, they range from 135 to 181 square meters, while rooftop areas start from 95 square meters.

Benefit from competitive prices and convenient payment options that make investing in Garden Lakes Hyde Park October a feasible option.

Spaces in Hyde Park West October vary, with small units available starting from EGP 10,560,000, while prices for larger units with luxurious finishes reach a maximum of EGP 13,330,000. This wide price range makes the compound a suitable choice for all segments of society.

Distinctive services for customers provide an opportunity to purchase residential units in New Cairo with easy payment conditions and extended payment periods, enabling them to achieve their real estate investment dreams.

Hyde Park offers a variety of booking options within Garden Lakes Hyde Park, including booking in dollars or Egyptian pounds, with payment periods extending up to 7 years. The offer also includes project delivery, in addition to installment facilitations for the remaining amount over a period of up to 9 years.

Units in the Garden Lakes Hyde Park October compound will be delivered in a fully finished state within a period of up to 4 years, ensuring the availability of your dream home in the near future.

Discover the Garden Lakes Hyde Park community in the heart of October, surrounded by essential services and amenities.

The Garden Lakes Hyde Park 6th of October compound is one of the multifunctional projects, boasting a strategic location in the heart of the 6th of October area, specifically in a vital location that provides privacy and tranquility within Garden Lakes Hyde Park for those looking to enjoy luxurious living. You may have seen many attractive and unique projects in the area, but often these projects are in remote areas that require long development times. Therefore, the Garden Lakes Hyde Park 6th of October compound stands out with its strategic location and features that have made it the focus of those seeking the perfect residence.

Nearby places to Hyde Park Garden Lakes:

– The project is a short distance from major malls such as Mall of Egypt, Mall of Arabia, and Arkan Mall.
– The Garden Lakes Hyde Park compound is located in an area near Galleria 40, Park Street, and Andrea in Sheikh Zayed.
– The Garden Lakes Hyde Park is located near the famous Egyptian Museum and the Pyramids, which can be reached in a short time.
– The Garden Lakes Hyde Park compound is adjacent to The Axis October complex and Chillout October Park.



Experience luxurious living with a wide range of services and amenities, from entertainment facilities to green spaces.

The Garden Lakes Hyde Park project was designed to achieve the desired goal of providing a comprehensive urban environment. The real estate developer has provided a diverse range of amenities and services, including:

– Providing extensive gardens and landscaping within the Garden Lakes Hyde Park 6th of October compound.
– Wonderful water views, including crystalline lakes, waterfalls, and fountains.
– A variety of swimming pools with different designs and sizes.
– Equipping the Kid’s Area with monitoring systems to ensure children’s safety.
– Suitable recreational areas for all ages.
– Equipped gymnasium under the supervision of specialists.
– A social club and spaces for sports activities such as football and tennis.
– Efficient services for facility maintenance and repairs.
– Cleaning and sanitization workers for units within the Garden Lakes Hyde Park 6th of October compound.
– Luxurious restaurants and cafes offering high-level services.
– Providing all famous brands in shops and malls.
– Underground garages to preserve cars in Hyde Park West October.
– Sites for organizing family gatherings on occasions.
– Dedicated walking and jogging tracks, as well as bike trails.
– The presence of a prestigious Club House in Garden Lakes Hyde Park.
– Three electronic entrances for the Garden Lakes Hyde Park 6th of October compound.
– Surveillance cameras throughout the complex.
– Personnel from the security team at most entrances and all perimeters of the compound.
– A large store containing all daily needs, canned and food items.
– Designated barbecue areas.
– Beauty centers for women in Hyde Park West October.
– Diverse educational services about the Garden Lakes Hyde Park compound, including international schools and nurseries.
– Providing health services, such as pharmacies offering home delivery service, and a range of medical facilities and specialized clinics.

Trust a reputable real estate developer offering high-quality projects, as Garden Lakes Hyde Park bears the signature of a well-known developer in the market.

Hyde Park Developments is the real estate developer for the Hyde Park West Garden Lakes project. The company was founded in 2011 and has since become one of the leading real estate developers in Egypt and the world. Essam Mohamed Mahmoud Abu Hamed heads the company’s board of directors.

Among the previous projects carried out by Hyde Park Developments are:

– O West Compound.
– Hyde Park Business District.
– Sun Capital Compound.
– Hyde Park North Coast.
– Sea Shore North Coast.
– Hyde Park Town.
– Hyde Park Fifth Settlement.
– Implementation of the Badia Compound.
– Finally, the implementation of Garden Lakes 6th of October.