Hills of One compound in New Sheikh Zayed is a unique residential project executed by the team of People & Places Real Estate Development Company. This project serves as a platform to fulfill customers’ dreams of acquiring a modern lifestyle characterized by comfort and privacy. The compound offers residents the experience of living in European-style atmospheres, with a wide range of diverse apartments and villas available.

The project ensures residents’ comfort with a strategic location situated in one of the most vibrant areas, allowing residents quick access to vital landmarks and essential facilities. The compound is executed with the latest global standards, providing diversity in unit spaces to meet residents’ needs and preferences.

The compound is a blend of luxury and innovation, designed to meet the requirements of modern life. The company offers a wide range of choices at competitive prices, with flexible booking and installment programs to facilitate the unit acquisition process. The project offers happiness through a variety of service facilities and entertainment means, making it an exceptional place to live.

Hills of One New Sheikh Zayed: A Distinctive Strategic Location in the Heart of New Sheikh Zayed City

People & Places Real Estate Development Company distinguished itself by selecting a prime location for its compound, realizing that the location is the true measure of success in real estate projects. The location was carefully chosen to provide a luxurious and happy life for residents. The project enjoys a prime location near the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, making it close to vital and famous landmarks. The project offers the possibility to meet residents’ living and entertainment needs at any time.

The compound is located near large shopping malls, recreational and shopping areas, and essential services. Additionally, it is characterized by its proximity to foreign universities and international schools. It is connected to a wide network of roads and main axes, facilitating access to all important areas inside and outside Zayed. The vitality of the location can be illustrated by looking at the following nearby places:

Roads and axes:
– Dahiya Wessal Road
– El Dabaa Road
– Al Wahat Road
– Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis
– July 26 Axis
– Rod El Farag Axis

Shopping malls:
– Hyper One
– Dandy Mall
– Mall of Arabia
– Mall of Egypt

– Nile University
– Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology
– October University

Important landmarks:
– Sphinx Airport
– Media Production City
– Egyptian Museum
– Pyramids of Giza

– Al Hossary Square
– Shooting Square
– Juhayna Square

Thanks to this prime location, Hills of One compound is the optimal choice for those seeking a comprehensive and comfortable life in the heart of the Zayed area.

Hills of One New Sheikh Zayed: Luxurious Modern Designs

Architectural designs are the soul of any residential project, and Hills of One compound is the ideal choice for those seeking elegance and luxury. It is executed by the most skilled designers and architects in Egypt, using global standards in its construction and design. It achieves harmony and fluidity between green spaces and units, creating a complete architectural masterpiece. During the construction process, the company ensured the provision of open landscape spaces and artificial lakes, facilitating the flow of air and sunlight to all units.

Regarding interior designs, People & Places Real Estate Development Company ensured the use of high-quality materials during finishing operations. The company adopted the philosophy of high-rise buildings that provide residents with psychological comfort, while allowing sufficient entry of light and heat into the units. This makes it an architectural masterpiece among the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed.

The project extends over a total area of ​​approximately 167 acres, with a large portion dedicated to green spaces and landscapes. The compound is characterized by a variety of housing units, including apartments and villas, to meet diverse needs and preferences.

Hills of One New Sheikh Zayed: Comprehensive Services and Facilities

People & Places Real Estate Development Company has succeeded in providing an exceptional experience for residents in Hills of One compound in New Sheikh Zayed through a distinctive range of facilities and services that enhance their comfort and well-being. Here is a list of the services available in the compound:

Green spaces:
– Various green spaces around the units provide comfortable views.
Barbecue areas:
– Designated areas for barbecue parties at any time.
Restaurants and cafes:
– Providing a variety of restaurants and cafes for easy access to food and beverages.
Commercial area:
– A commercial area featuring international shops and brands to meet shopping needs.
Parking garages:
– Car parking spaces below the units to facilitate parking and prevent congestion.
Electronic gates:
– An electronic gate system that facilitates entry and exit operations and enhances security.
Swimming pools:
– Swimming pools designed to suit all ages and provide a unique experience.
Sports courts:
– A range of sports courts for playing games and sports activities.

In addition to the mentioned services, Hills of One compound stands out for providing a comprehensive range of additional services:

Health services:
– Health clubs equipped with spa and Jacuzzi facilities.

Entertainment and socialization:
– Social clubs to organize various events.

Shopping and entertainment:
– An integrated commercial area containing a wide range of shops and brands.

Medical care:
– Comprehensive medical care through top-level medical centers.

Security and comfort:
– A security and guarding team working around the clock.
Modern surveillance systems.

– Electric generators to avoid power outages.
Firefighting systems to maintain safety.

Clean environment:
– Use of alternative energy to maintain a clean environment.

Waste management:
– Waste collection points and efficient waste management.

Maintenance and cleanliness:
– Continuous maintenance services to maintain project quality.

Enjoy an exceptional lifestyle in Hills of One compound in Sheikh Zayed, where all your needs are met and a comprehensive environment for comfort and entertainment is provided.

Hills of One New Sheikh Zayed: A Variety of Spaces for Residential Units

People & Places Real Estate Development Company has shown creativity not only in design but also in the optimal use of spaces, giving the project a unique character that satisfies customers. The company ensured diversity in unit spaces to meet diverse needs and cater to different tastes. It carefully chose spaces that suit the nature of the units, ensuring complete psychological comfort for residents and accommodating their needs and those of their families. Unit spaces in the compound range from 185 square meters and above.

Hills of One New Sheikh Zayed: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems

People & Places Real Estate Development Company offers its clients easy payment systems, in addition to highly competitive prices that align with the size of the features provided by the project. The best price per square meter has been set, which positively influenced the final unit prices. Through these prices, the company aims to facilitate the unit purchase process for customers, without any additional financial burdens. Unit prices in Hills of One compound start from 12,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

People & Places Real Estate Development Company always relies on ways to make it easier for customers to achieve their dream of purchasing their units. For this purpose, the company has provided flexible booking and installment systems that give customers flexibility in paying unit costs. Customers can book with a low down payment, with the possibility of paying the remaining amount over several years without interest. Booking in the compound starts with a 5% down payment, and the remaining amount can be paid in installments over 8 years.

Hills of One New Sheikh Zayed: A Project Developed by the Leading People & Places Real Estate Development Company

The compound is one of the leading projects presented by People & Places Real Estate Development Company, the leading company in real estate development for several years. During this period, the company has successfully implemented many distinguished projects, earning the respect and trust of customers. The company strives diligently to keep up with developments in the real estate market and deliver them as quickly as possible.

The company’s work includes applying the highest global standards in construction and development, aiming to provide a real estate product that meets customers’ aspirations at the present time. The company carefully selects suitable locations for projects and appoints the best consultants and architects to design them. Additionally, the company offers all the features that customers seek in pricing programs and payment plans, making it one of the best real estate companies in Egypt.

Among the company’s most notable works:

– The Village in the North Coast.
– Implementation of several projects in Al Narges and Beit Al Watan.