In the heart of October, dreams of exceptional housing come true through the Isola Villas compound. This project represents a unique opportunity for those seeking a residential experience that combines luxury and sophistication, offering residents a unique blend of stunning nature and integrated services.

Upon entering the Isola Villas compound, you will be amazed by the distinctive urban design and open spaces of the residential units. These features allow natural light to flow throughout the home, creating a bright and comfortable environment. But excellence doesn’t stop there; the residential units also offer distinctive views of the charming natural landscapes, making it an ideal place to relax away from the city hustle.

Egyptian Group for Real Estate Development has distinguished itself by paying meticulous attention to detail in designing the Isola Villas compound, aiming to provide an exceptional residential experience that exceeds customers’ expectations. In this article, we will explore all the exciting details about this project, from its elegant design to its prime location and luxurious amenities.

Isola Villas, developed by Egyptian Group for Real Estate Development, is considered an integrated residential community that pays attention to the finest details of family life. The project allows residents the opportunity to live in a happy and secure environment within Isola Villas compound, while meeting their aspirations in terms of unique design, prime location, and diverse spaces. And the opportunity doesn’t stop there; the project also offers attractive prices and convenient installment systems, making it the optimal choice among October compounds.

Living in the heart of October – Isola Villas provides you with a distinguished location that combines tranquility and easy access to amenities.

Careful steps were taken in the implementation in the heart of 6th of October City to launch Isola Villas compound, and the site was carefully chosen under a deep understanding of the utmost importance of the strategic location in the success of any residential project. The compound is located in the Green Belt area of Sheikh Zayed, on the main axis of the Alexandria Desert Road and the Middle Ring Road.

Live in luxury and relaxation at Isola Villas:

When you step into Isola Villas, you will find yourself in a world of excellence and comfort. The residential units are meticulously designed, providing open spaces that allow natural light to flow, creating a warm and comfortable environment. But excellence doesn’t stop at the boundaries of residential units; it extends to charming views of the surrounding natural landscapes, making it easy to enjoy moments of tranquility away from the bustle of daily life.

The strategic location of Isola Villas compound:

The location of Isola Villas compound was carefully chosen to place residents in one of the finest areas in October. The project is located in the Belt area of Basin 11, a vital and precise choice. This exceptional location makes the compound close to main roads and major axes, facilitating access to vital places and key locations.

Places near Isola Villas October:

Fayoum Road, Ring Road, Ahmed Zewail Road.
Juhayna Square, Shooting Square.
Police Club, Zamalek Club.
Mall of Egypt, and Mall of Arabia.
Boulevard Axis, 26th of July Axis, Dahshur Link.

Isola Villas compound allows easy access to these key locations and offers housing that combines comfort and diversity in strategic presence.

Luxurious homes with multiple designs – Discover spaces and designs that meet your aspirations at Isola Villas

Egypt Group for Real Estate Development stands behind the launch of its new residential project, Isola Villas, which was implemented on an area of ​​15 acres. This vast area was carefully utilized to provide integrated residential life for its clients.

Types and spaces of Isola Villas October:

Isola Villas October offers distinctive diversity in its residential units, including apartments, villas, penthouses, and administrative offices, all designed with different spaces:

Residential apartments:
Spaces ranging from (190-340) square meters.
Spaces start from 380 square meters and reach up to 450 square meters.
Spaces start from 490 square meters and reach up to 503 square meters.
Administrative units:
Spaces start from 45 square meters.

Isola Villas was meticulously designed, with the company relying on the best construction details to ensure the luxury of the buildings exceeds global standards. The project is characterized by allocating 85% of the total area to natural landscapes and green spaces, creating a quiet and attractive environment.

Project area:

The total area of ​​the Isola Villas project in October is approximately 15 acres. El Masria Group used the best design companies to ensure the provision of a unique division in the project, making it perfectly meet the needs of residents. The spaces of the units vary to suit different preferences, and the vast size of the compound allows residents to enjoy a distinctive living environment.

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Own at competitive prices – Learn about the convenient payment systems that make investing in Isola Villas more attractive

The developer announced competitive prices for Isola Villas compound, with villa prices starting from 7,500,000 Egyptian pounds. It is worth mentioning that the prices of these residential units are subject to change depending on the type and size of the unit.

Payment systems in Isola Villas October:

Isola Villas offers flexible payment systems that allow customers to achieve ownership in a way that suits their needs. Here are the details of the payment systems:

First system:
Pay 5% down payment and installments over 5 years.
Second system:
Installments over 6 years and 10% down payment.
Third system:
Installments over 7 years and 15% down payment.
Fourth system:
Installments over 8 years and 20% down payment.

Thanks to these convenient options, it becomes easy for investors to take advantage of the features of Isola Villas compound and achieve the dream of luxury housing in a convenient and facilitated manner.

Smart and Sustainable Investment – Gain the Opportunity to Invest in a Project with Exceptional Investment Features with Isola Villas

Isola Villas October stands out as a guaranteed investment opportunity for several reasons, which include:

Prime Location:
The project boasts a strategic location in the heart of 6th of October City, facilitating access to schools, universities, hospitals, and commercial centers due to its proximity to major transportation routes.
Luxurious Designs:
Each villa is carefully designed to provide the highest levels of comfort and elegance, with spacious layouts, high-quality finishes, and advanced amenities.
Security and Privacy:
The compound features an advanced security system and round-the-clock surveillance, ensuring safe, peaceful living with the desired privacy.
Facilities and Services:
The compound offers a diverse range of facilities and services catering to all residents’ needs.
Good Investment:
Your investment in Isola Villas October presents a unique opportunity considering the continuous growth of October properties and the increasing demand for residential units in this area.

By providing these features, Isola Villas aims to fulfill the dream of living in a tranquil and upscale area, making it an ideal choice for both residence and investment.

Enjoy Distinctive Living – Integrated Services and Luxurious Advantages Make Isola Villas Your Optimal Choice

Isola Villas October excels in providing all the services and facilities that meet the needs of various segments of society, making it uniquely stand out among real estate projects. These services reflect the developer’s serious commitment to achieving the satisfaction of all its customers, with services in the project diversifying as follows:

Entertainment Services:

Dedicated play areas for children with modern toys and complete safety measures.
Green spaces and beautiful gardens for nature enjoyment and relaxation.
Swimming pools designated for adults and children of all ages.

Commercial Services:

Shopping centers featuring a variety of international and local brands.
Hypermarket offering a wide range of local and international products.

Sports Services:

Well-equipped gymnasiums with the latest sports equipment.
Sports fields for various athletic activities.

Security Services:

An advanced security system and round-the-clock surveillance.
The use of the latest surveillance cameras to cover all compound areas.

Medical Services:

Medical clinics and centers operating around the clock.
Pharmacies available with delivery service within the compound.

Entertainment and Comfort Facilities:

Surveillance cameras throughout the compound to enhance security.
Vast green spaces for enjoying leisure time and family holidays.
Equipped swimming pools to provide entertainment at any time.

Additional Facilities:

High-quality electrical generators to ensure continuous power supply.
Restaurants and cafes serving delicious meals for compound residents.
Play areas for children and family entertainment.

Additional Comfort Services:

A mosque designed in the latest Islamic styles.
Gyms, spa areas, and jacuzzis for relaxation and entertainment.
Garage gates with remote technology for each residential unit.

Isola Villas Features:

Providing security through surveillance cameras and an advanced security system.
Wide green spaces for relaxation and recreation.
Swimming pools equipped to the highest standards.
Continuous electricity supply through high-quality electrical generators.
A variety of restaurants and cafes.
Areas for children’s entertainment and family enjoyment.
Providing medical services and a comprehensive health system.
Regular maintenance and cleaning to preserve the project.
Providing commercial shops for quick shopping.
Providing delivery services for pharmacies within the compound.

From the Developers’ Creations – Isola Villas Comes to You by a Real Estate Developer with an Excellent Reputation and Proven Experience

“El Masria Group for Real Estate Development” launched its new residential project in October, known as “Isola Villas Compound”. This project is one of the successful initiatives that achieved high sales rates and gained the admiration of many investors and customers.

Established in 1987, “El Masria Group for Real Estate Development” has built a strong reputation over more than 35 years of activity in real estate development, gaining the trust of customers.

The company’s projects include diverse projects in several areas in Egypt, including New Cairo, Ain Sokhna, and October. Due to the quality of the company’s projects, “El Masria Group” has become the first choice for investors and customers.

Among its prominent projects:

“Isola Villas October Compound.”
“Al Masria Class Compound.”
“Al Masria Beit Compound.”
“Al Masria Simple Compound.”
“Al Masria Plaza Compound.”
“Al Masria Royal Compound.”
“Al Masria Badr Compound.”
“Al Masria Castle Compound.”
“Al Masria Imperial Compound.”
“Al Masria Heights Compound.”