Ivoire Sheikh Zayed Compound shines as one of the most luxurious residential projects, proudly presented by Pre Real Estate Development Company, in the heart of one of the finest areas of Sheikh Zayed City, which is considered one of the most important residential areas in Egypt.

Ivoire Compound features exceptional brilliance in architectural and engineering design, expressing the developer’s commitment to meeting the high tastes of customers and providing a comprehensive lifestyle.

Pre has ensured in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed to provide all necessary services and facilities to make residents’ lives free of any hassle, in addition to covering green spaces and landscaping.

Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed boasts features that make it the optimal choice for customers and investors seeking a unique residential experience in Sheikh Zayed City.

Seize the opportunity and book your unit in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed now, with competitive prices and flexible payment plans that meet customers’ needs.

Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed has achieved tremendous success in Sheikh Zayed, thanks to the increasing number of continuous customers and investors. This project is a source of pride for Pre Real Estate Development Company, with growing demand in recent times.

Ivoire Compound provides all the services and facilities residents need, whether educational, recreational, sports, commercial, security, and many other services, allowing residents to enjoy a comfortable life within the compound without the need to leave.

Ivoire Compound is an ideal choice for those seeking tranquility and sophistication at the same time, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. This project represents a symbol of luxury and sophistication, with the real estate company keen on achieving luxury and excellence standards in all aspects of the project.

Enjoy living in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed, the perfect location that combines tranquility and proximity to amenities.

The developer of Ivoire Compound has made a wise strategic decision in choosing the location of this magnificent project, opting for the heart of Sheikh Zayed City to be a strategic location that combines comfort and easy access to key services. The location of Ivoire Compound in Sheikh Zayed is characterized by its strategic proximity to many vital areas, enhancing the living experience exceptionally.

Proximity to main roads:

The company enhances the location of Ivoire Compound with its extreme proximity to 26th of July Axis and the Ring Road, providing residents with easy access and mobility in all directions of the city, with quick access to Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt.

Enjoy shopping and entertainment:

In addition, the location of Ivoire Compound allows residents to enjoy its proximity to major shopping centers such as Mall of Arabia and Mall of Egypt, providing them with multiple opportunities for shopping and entertainment without the need to travel long distances.

Outstanding geographical location:

Luxury and accessibility blend in Ivoire Compound’s location near the city’s main axes, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a home in a vibrant and integrated area. This strategic location allows residents to enjoy a distinctive lifestyle and easy access to all aspects of daily life with ease and smoothness.

Enjoy the luxurious modern design in Ivoire Compound, where art and comfort meet in every detail.

The design of Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed is characterized by luxury and sophistication, exceptionally relying on luxurious Italian style. This design reflects the great attention provided by the developer company to the project’s details, incorporating all compound units within a frame characterized by charm and attractiveness, giving the place an exceptional atmosphere.

In addition, all units boast charming views overlooking the vast green spaces, as a result of the utmost care provided by the developer company to beautify the compound’s environment. This design aims to create a calm and comfortable environment that helps customers relax and get away from the city’s hustle and bustle.

The residential units in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed are distinctive with their unique design, as the company ensured to provide diverse and spacious areas, allowing customers to choose the unit that perfectly meets their needs. Additionally, these units are designed separately, preserving customers’ privacy and creating a private living environment that suits their individual requirements.

Unique designs and luxurious residential spaces in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed meet your needs and impose a sophisticated lifestyle.

The developer company has transformed an area of ​​77 acres into an urban masterpiece by implementing Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed. This project is a wise investment in the vast space, as Pre Real Estate Development Company greatly benefited from this space to create a unique living environment.

The main focus was on allocating the largest part of the space to vast green spaces and providing diverse services that comprehensively meet residents’ needs. This reflects the company’s commitment to creating an integrated and healthy living environment.

The remaining space was effectively utilized to create diverse residential units, ranging from lofts to duplexes and luxurious villas. These units are designed with extreme care to blend with the distinguished urban design, which relies on modern Italian style, adding artistic and aesthetic dimensions to the compound.

Additionally, the developer company ensured to provide breathtaking views for residential units overlooking the vast green spaces, giving each residential unit a touch of attractiveness and natural charm, enhancing the exceptional residential experience in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed.

Choose from a variety of units that meet your residential needs in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed.

Ivoire Compound in Sheikh Zayed offers a diverse range of residential units to meet the needs of different customers, characterized by unique design and space diversity to achieve a unique residential experience. Here are the details of the unit spaces:

Stand-alone villas in Ivoire Zayed:
They are characterized by areas starting from 278 square meters minimum.
Their spaces vary up to 344 square meters, allowing customers to choose the villa that suits their needs and preferences.
Duplexes in Ivoire Zayed:
The duplex units offer diverse spaces ranging from (220-300) square meters.
This diversity in spaces allows residents to choose the unit that suits their lifestyle and individual needs.

Units in Ivoire Compound boast modern designs and precise details that enhance comfort and luxury. This wide variety of spaces allows customers to choose their dream home in an environment that combines luxury and elegance.

Learn about attractive prices and easy payment systems in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed and easily get your dream home.

The diversity of prices in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed shows the remarkable variation provided by the developer company to meet the needs of different customers, as the price of each residential unit is influenced by its type and area. Despite this diversity, the compound’s prices, in general, show significant competitiveness, and here are the price details:

Stand-alone villas:
Starting price from 15,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
Starting price from 7,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
Villa units with areas exceeding 300 square meters:
Starting price from 22,499,000 Egyptian pounds.

Customers can choose from these diverse units, suitable for various residential needs and preferences.

Easy payment systems:

The developer company provides flexible payment systems to facilitate the purchase process. Customers can benefit from a repayment period of up to 8 years, with a down payment of 10%. Installments are made equally without additional interest, making it easier for customers to own their residential unit in Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed smoothly and easily.

An exceptional experience thanks to unique services and amenities at Ivoire Compound, providing the highest level of comfort and facilities.

Ivoire Compound in Sheikh Zayed is considered an ideal haven, featuring a comprehensive array of services and facilities meticulously curated by Pre Real Estate Development Company, making this project stand out above others in the Sheikh Zayed area. These services and facilities come in diverse and unique offerings that cater to the aspirations of every resident, including:

1. Unique culinary experience:

A fully integrated complex of restaurants and cafes offering a variety of local and international cuisines, creating an ideal place to enjoy diverse culinary experiences.

2. Diverse sports activities:

Sports courts in Ivoire Compound offer various spaces for sports activities such as tennis and basketball, providing opportunities for activity and vitality.

3. 24/7 medical services:

Healthcare services include clinics, medical centers, and pharmacies operating round the clock to meet the residents’ needs promptly.

4. Security and surveillance:

Providing 24/7 security services, with the compound guarded by a trained security team and an advanced surveillance system.

5. Children’s entertainment:

Dedicated playgrounds equipped with the latest toys to ensure the entertainment and happiness of the little ones.

6. Outdoor barbecue areas:

Designated areas for barbecue parties to gather family and friends in a serene and enjoyable atmosphere.

7. Distinctive commercial services:

Diverse shopping centers containing a variety of international and local brands.

8. Modern fitness center:

A gym equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and specialized trainers to guide residents on their fitness journey.

9. Nature enjoyment:

Walking paths, cycling, and yoga in a charming natural environment with vast green spaces.

In summary, Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed combines diversity, entertainment, and comfort, making it a comprehensive destination for luxurious living in the Sheikh Zayed area.

Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed, crafted by a trusted real estate developer, offers you an exceptional residential experience.

Pre Real Estate Development Company stands out as a leading provider of residential projects, with Ivoire Compound Sheikh Zayed shining as a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Founded in 2017, the company reflects outstanding experience in the real estate development industry.

Pre relies on a professional and qualified team and owners with extensive experience in the real estate development industry. The company has achievements exceeding 800,000 square meters, reflecting dedication to achieving innovative and successful investment projects.

The company has a strong reputation and a history full of successes, making its projects a preferred choice for many clients and investors. The company offers attractive investment opportunities, thanks to the high sales figures it achieves.

Among the company’s previous projects:

– The Brooks Compound in New Cairo.
– Jabal El Ein Village in Sokhna.
– Stone Park Compound in New Cairo.
– Stone Residence Compound in Nasr City.
– El Hadeeqa Compound in 6th of October.

These projects reflect diversity and excellence in providing innovative housing solutions, enhancing the position of Pre Real Estate Development Company as a prominent player in the real estate development industry.