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Where is the Jefaira North Coast Village located

Enjoy the charming view of the pristine Mediterranean Sea and the soft sandy beach when you visit the distinguished location of Jefaira Bay on the North Coast, located at kilometer 200 on the Alexandria/Marsa Matrouh Road.

This unique location is specifically situated in the Ras El Hekma Bay area, just 20 kilometers from the Dabaa Road, and stretches along a beach that is 3.6 kilometers long.

Explore the areas near Jefaira Bay on the North Coast, where you can easily reach Marsa Matrouh within 100 kilometers, as well as New Alamein.

Additionally, Jefaira North Coast Resort is located 65 kilometers away from Marassi North Coast Village and is close to other villages such as La Vista North Coast Village and Mountain View Ras El Hekma.

Book your spot now at Jefaira North Coast Resort, which is approximately 300 kilometers from Cairo and 200 kilometers from Alexandria, and enjoy the breathtaking views and nearby enjoyable areas.

How to design Jefaira North Coast Resort

Jefaira North Coast village is distinguished by its elegant design inspired by the shape of the Mediterranean Sea islands, which translates to “the perennial source of fresh water” in Italian.

The village spans 1300 acres, with a width of 3500 meters and a depth of 2200 meters, and it is designed on a terraced system, allowing each unit to enjoy a breathtaking view of the sea. The village consists of several phases, including “The Furl,” “The Cribs,” and “The Quayside.”

The majority of the Jefaira North Coast’s area is allocated for green spaces, artificial lakes, and recreational activities, while the other part is dedicated to diverse residential units, including apartments, villas, and chalets. Details of these luxurious units can be found in the Jefaira North Coast project.

The units in Jefaira North Coast come in various sizes

The units in Jefaira North Coast come in a variety of residential options for sale, including apartments, chalets, standalone villas, and townhouses. These units are designed in rows, ensuring each unit has a stunning view of the sea. The units include:

– “The Cribs,” comprising 123 apartments and one-bedroom studios starting from 40 square meters with an 8-square-meter terrace.
– “The Quayside” phase, located approximately 700 meters from the beach, offering a wide range of units, including two-bedroom apartments, park chalets, twin houses, standalone villas, and attached villas starting from 166 square meters.
– The first phase, “The Furl,” situated directly on the beach, featuring 3 or 4-bedroom residential units designed in both modern and Mediterranean styles, including residential apartments starting from 168 square meters and standalone villas starting from 238 square meters.

Services and Features of the Jefaira North Coast Project

Jefaira North Coast offers all the services needed for you and your family, ranging from exceptional summer recreational services to essential amenities like education and healthcare, making it an ideal place to live year-round. Jefaira North Coast’s services include:

All residential units in Jefaira North Coast feature a private swimming pool, with pools conveniently located throughout the village for both adults and children.
The Jefaira North Coast compound boasts multiple crystalline lakes and vast areas of landscaped gardens.
The village has a long seaside promenade for walking and enjoying the beautiful scenery, as well as dedicated tracks for various sports like walking, running, and cycling.
Jefaira North Coast has a natural coastline extending over 3.6 kilometers with soft sandy beaches and azure waters.
There is a dedicated children’s entertainment area in Jefaira North Coast, featuring a variety of fun games.
Jefaira Ras El Hikma boasts the largest commercial area with a wide range of malls, shops, restaurants, and upscale cafes.
Security and surveillance services, including a comprehensive camera system, surround the chalets and villas in Jefaira North Coast.
An international hotel in Ras El Hikma provides luxurious accommodation for guests of Jefaira North Coast village.
Five sports clubs and a gym are established within Jefaira Ras El Hikma, along with over five beach clubhouses in Jefaira North Coast compound.
Jefaira Inertia Marina offers fishing and yachting facilities for enthusiasts.
Jefaira Bay North Coast features a large conference hall for private meetings and events.
Jefaira Bay North Coast is home to the best international schools, institutes, and prestigious colleges established by Inertia.

Jefaira North Coast Chalet Prices

Inertia Real Estate Company has introduced several privileges to ensure the success and confidence of investors in the Jefaira North Coast project, alongside the aforementioned features.

The prices of residential units in Jefaira North Coast are commensurate with their size and the features and services they offer. For example:

  • Prices for chalets in Jefaira North Coast start from 6,747,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • The price of a townhouse in Jefaira North Coast project starts from 10,861,000 Egyptian pounds.

Payment systems available in Jefaira North Coast

Inertia Real Estate has offered various reservation and installment plans for residential units in Jefaira North Coast, whether chalets or villas, to make owning a unit in Jefaira North Coast easier and more convenient for its clients. These plans include:

The Furl Phase: It involves paying a 10% reservation deposit and settling the remaining unit value over 6 years, with unit delivery upon full completion within two years from the contract date, along with payment facilitation.
The Cribs Phase: It entails paying a 10% reservation deposit and settling the remaining unit value over 8 years, with unit delivery upon full completion within four years, along with payment facilitation.
The Quayside Phase: It includes paying a 10% reservation deposit and settling the remaining unit value over 8 years, with unit delivery in Jefaira Bay North Coast within 8 years upon full completion, along with payment facilitation.

A brief about Inertia Company

Jefaira North Coast Village is one of the largest projects of Inertia Egypt Real Estate Development Company. Established in 2007, Inertia Egypt is a prominent company that has delivered numerous successful real estate projects in Egypt. The company owns land covering an area of ​​6 million square meters, with an investment value of up to 22 billion Egyptian pounds, and has achieved profits of 3.2 billion Egyptian pounds.

Previous projects by Inertia Egypt include:

– Joulez 6th of October Compound
– Brix 6th of October Compound
– West Hills October
– Soleya October Compound
– Veranda Sahl Hasessh Resort
– G-cribs El Gouna
– Medipoint Sheikh Zayed
– Medipoint Mena Plaza.