Enjoy the high life at Katameya Gardens in New Cairo, where excellence and luxury are embodied in every detail. This luxurious residential complex is an integral part of modern real estate projects, striving to provide an exceptional living environment that combines comfort and elegance.

Thanks to its strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, Katameya Gardens compound offers easy access to key areas in the city, providing residents with more convenience and flexibility in exploring tourist attractions and shopping.

Katameya Gardens boasts unique architectural designs that blend the beauty of heritage elements with modern development. The stunning green spaces add natural beauty to the residential surroundings, creating a serene and comfortable environment that uniquely meets the needs of residents, adding a sense of tranquility and relaxation to their daily lives.

Katameya Gardens New Cairo: Prime Location in the Heart of New Cairo

Katameya Gardens compound enjoys a strategic location in the New Cairo expansion area, close to South 90th Street and many vital locations and major projects.

The selection of the site by North Africa Investment and Real Estate Development Company for Katameya Gardens compound exemplifies high craftsmanship, as site selection is one of the key aspects to ensure the success of the project. The prime location aims to facilitate access from anywhere, enhancing the compound’s appeal.

Katameya Gardens is characterized by its proximity to vital locations such as the American University, the Desert Road, Tag Sultan, Hyde Park, the Middle Ring Road, and South 90th Street, providing residents with easy access to these key areas and adding more convenience and diversity to their lives. It also strategically close to Nasr City and Maadi, making it an ideal choice for living in a vibrant and integrated environment.

Katameya Gardens New Cairo: Expansive Space of 100 Acres

The Katameya Gardens project in New Cairo spans an area of approximately 100 acres, with this vast space divided to perfectly meet the needs of residents:

The majority of the total area of the project is occupied by spacious green areas, along with water bodies, essential facilities, main services, and recreational areas, adding an environmental and aesthetic character to the community.

A smaller portion of the total area of the project is allocated to diverse residential units, allowing residents to choose from a variety of housing options and designs to meet their needs and personal preferences.

Katameya Gardens New Cairo: Global Services and Amenities Meeting All Needs

Katameya Gardens compound in Fifth Settlement shines with multiple features that make it an ideal destination for those seeking a unique place for residence or successful real estate investment. These features stand out as follows:

1. Unique Architectural Design: Katameya Gardens compound is distinguished by its unique architectural design that blends modern and heritage elements inspired by Egyptian culture, creating an attractive aesthetic ambiance.

2. Beautiful Green Spaces and Gardens: The compound boasts beautiful green spaces and gardens that provide a peaceful and comfortable environment for residents, contributing to a sense of relaxation and comfort.

3. Security and Privacy: Katameya Gardens compound pays great attention to security and privacy, with an advanced security system including electronic gates and surveillance cameras.

4. Integrated Infrastructure: The compound features integrated infrastructure including road networks, lighting, sewage system, water, and electricity with high technology.

5. Multiple Entertainment Facilities: The project offers various entertainment facilities such as swimming pools, sports courts, children’s areas, fitness centers, shopping areas, and restaurants.

6. Commercial Services and Facilities: Katameya Gardens compound in New Cairo offers a variety of commercial services and facilities such as schools, hospitals, and shopping centers, making it a fully serviced community.

7. Diverse Residential Units: Katameya Gardens compound includes diverse residential units in terms of size and design, allowing residents to choose the unit that suits their needs and preferences.

North Africa Investment and Real Estate Development Company has launched a comprehensive package of services and facilities at Katameya Gardens compound in Fifth Settlement, meeting the needs of residents, including:

Educational Services: Private and international schools with high standards located within Katameya Gardens.
Health Services: The compound provides a comprehensive medical center with the latest medical equipment and pharmacies to meet the residents’ medication needs.
Entertainment Services: Katameya Gardens offers various entertainment venues suitable for barbecue parties and recreational events.
Sports Services: The project includes sports courts within a sports club for various sports activities.
Swimming Pools: Katameya Gardens offers a variety of swimming pools suitable for all ages and skill levels.
Kid’s Area: The children’s area includes many suitable games for young children.
Mosque: The mosque in Katameya Gardens accommodates a large number of worshippers.
Hypermarket: The hypermarket in Fifth Settlement provides all household needs for individuals.
Shopping Center: The project includes a shopping center featuring various retail stores.
Social Club: Katameya Gardens provides a social club for various activities.

Katameya Gardens New Cairo: Diverse Units to Meet All Preferences

Katameya Gardens in New Cairo offers a diverse range of residential units, including:

Independent Villas: Providing privacy and luxury, with areas starting from 610 square meters.
Twin Houses: Offering a perfect blend of comfort and modern design, with areas starting from 450 square meters.
Townhouses: Allowing you to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle, with areas starting from 235 square meters.
Apartments: Providing convenient and modern living options to meet different needs.
Duplex Apartments: Offering a unique opportunity to benefit from additional spaces, creating a distinctive residential environment.

With this diversity in unit types, residents can choose the unit that suits their unique needs and preferences in Katameya Gardens compound.

Katameya Gardens New Cairo: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Plans

North Africa Investment and Real Estate Development Company has introduced a range of competitive prices within Katameya Gardens compound in New Cairo. The value of each residential unit varies according to its type and area within the project. These prices represent a suitable option considering the excellent services provided by the company to residents.

 Apartment Prices:

– Prices for apartments for sale in Katameya Gardens start from 2,750,000 Egyptian pounds.

 Unit Prices:

– Prices for townhouses for sale in Katameya Gardens start from 5,220,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Prices for twin houses for sale in Katameya Gardens start from 9,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Prices for independent villas for sale in Katameya Gardens start from 15,200,000 Egyptian pounds.
– Prices for iVilla units for sale in Katameya Gardens start from 8,550,000 Egyptian pounds.

 Payment Plans: North Africa Investment and Real Estate Development Company offers an easy payment system that allows customers to pay for the unit price comfortably, including:

– Paying a reservation deposit of 15% of the total unit price, and the rest can be paid over 5 years in equal installments without interest.

Katameya Gardens New Cairo: Developed by North Africa Investment and Real Estate Development Company

North Africa Investment and Real Estate Development Company is the developer of Katameya Gardens project in Fifth Settlement, boasting a strong reputation in the real estate development field. The company was established in 2005 and has since executed numerous commercial and residential projects in various locations across different cities.

Among the notable works of North Africa Investment and Real Estate Development Company are:

– Nest Alam Project in Marsa Alam.
– Nest Plaza Project in Al Sadat City.
– Arabian Knights Hotel in Marsa Alam.
– Al Qasr Project in Al Sadat City.
– Marjana Resort Project in Taba City.
– Nest Cairo Compound in New Cairo.