Explore with us Keeva Sabbour 6th of October Compound, which is one of the masterpieces of residential projects successfully developed by the leading real estate company with its rich history, Al Ahly Sabbour.

Keeva Sabbour October Compound is distinguished by its unique modern designs, making it an exceptional choice for those seeking luxurious villas in the finest areas of 6th of October City. The compound is built on a vast area, featuring a variety of residential units with different designs and sizes, providing a diverse range of options to meet all the needs of our valued clients.

Moreover, Al Ahly Sabbour Real Estate offers unparalleled prices in 6th of October City, with flexible payment systems extending up to 10 years and the lowest down payment for contracting. Join us for a unique investment opportunity and enjoy an unparalleled living experience in Keeva Sabbour October Compound by Al Ahly.

Keeva 6 October Keeva Sabbour: Prime Location on Dahshur Road

The location of Keeva Sabbour 6th of October Compound boasts a strategic advantage on Dahshur Road directly, enjoying its proximity to the area’s prominent landmarks and connecting to the main roads and axes, making access to and from the compound very easy from all directions. The compound features a range of amenities that make it an ideal choice.

The developer chose 6th of October City due to its unique advantages, making it a successful investment destination. In this context, the city was chosen to establish the Keeva Sabbour project.

The compound is centrally located between Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia, as well as being close to major hospitals such as Dar Al Fouad Hospital. It is also characterized by its proximity to other vibrant areas such as Palm Parks Compound and Swan Lake, alongside the presence of a variety of international universities, including the University of Egypt.

Keeva 6 October Keeva Sabbour: Vast Space Extending Over 144 Acres

Keeva Sabbour 6th of October Compound is built on a vast area of up to 144 acres, making it one of the largest residential projects in Egypt and even in the Middle East. A large part of this space is dedicated to green spaces and water bodies.

Green spaces are among the most important factors contributing to creating an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility, and the project’s goal is to provide all the means that ensure the comfort of clients within Keeva Compound.

Additionally, the residential buildings are meticulously designed with high luxury, with special attention to modern interior decorations that enhance the distinction of the compound and make it one of the most upscale projects in the area.

Keeva 6 October Keeva Sabbour: Global Services and Amenities to Meet All Needs

Keeva Sabbour 6th of October Compound offers a comprehensive range of basic and entertainment services, providing all the comforts and luxuries for its residents. These services include:

-Children’s recreational areas: Keeva October Sabbour features dedicated recreational areas for children, with a variety of modern games to meet their interests and entertain them.
-Swimming pools: Several swimming pools are available for adults and children, allowing residents to enjoy fun and refreshing times.
-Security and guard system: The security and guard system works around the clock to maintain the project’s security and that of its residents.
-Enchanting landscapes: The project enjoys beautiful natural landscapes that promote relaxation and peace of mind.
-Social club: A social club provides an opportunity for families and friends to gather and enjoy their time together.
-Cafes and coffee shops: Equipped cafes and coffee shops offer the highest level of service, allowing residents to enjoy delicious drinks and food.
-Green spaces and water bodies: Extensive green spaces and picturesque water bodies cover a large part of Keeva Sabbour 6th of October Compound.
-Clubhouse: An entertainment center catering to the needs of entertainment enthusiasts in the compound.
-Sports courts: Various sports courts, including tennis and football courts, are available to meet different needs.
-Mosque and private garage: A large mosque accommodating many worshippers is available, along with a private garage for cars for the comfort of compound residents.
-Shopping mall: A shopping center with many commercial stores and famous international brands for shopping enthusiasts.

Keeva 6th of October: Units with Diverse Areas to Meet All Desires

The range of residential units within Keeva Compound varies between apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and independent villas. Here are the details of the areas for each type:

Independent Villas:
– 360 square meters
– 340 square meters
– 330 square meters
– 295 square meters
– 265 square meters

Twin Houses:
– Starting from 265 square meters.

– An area ranging between 225 and 265 square meters.

– 112 square meters consisting of two bedrooms.
– 118 square meters.

Keeva 6th of October: Competitive Prices and Flexible Payment Systems

Al Ahly Sabbour Company is keen to offer a package of competitive prices that surpass other offers in the 6th of October area within Keeva Compound, including the following prices:

– Residential apartments starting from 1.5 million Egyptian pounds.
– Townhouse units starting from 3 million Egyptian pounds.
– Corner townhouse units starting from 4 million Egyptian pounds.
– Twin houses starting from 5 million Egyptian pounds.
– Independent villas starting from 7 million Egyptian pounds in the Keeva project.

Several payment and installment options have been provided to suit various needs, in addition to facilities that facilitate the ownership process within Keeva Sabbour. Among the prominent payment methods:

– 5% down payment, with an installment period of up to 10 years without interest.
– 8% down payment, with an installment period of up to 9 years without interest within the Keeva Compound project.
– 10% down payment, with an installment period of up to 10 years without interest.

Keeva Sabbour: Developed by Landmark Sabbour Real Estate Development Company

Al Ahly Sabbour Company founded the Keeva 6th of October Compound project and is among the leading companies in real estate development in Egypt, enjoying a respected reputation and history in the Egyptian market.

Established in 1994, Al Ahly Sabbour made substantial investments in creating residential, administrative, and industrial projects. The company has achieved numerous remarkable accomplishments in the real estate sector over the years, developing distinctive projects that have made it one of the leading investment giants.

Al Ahly Sabbour is a pioneer in delivering projects characterized by development and seriousness to meet the needs of its clients, and it is committed to introducing everything new and innovative in its projects.

Among the previous projects of Al Ahly Sabbour:

– Laviner.
– Amwaj.
– Jaya.
– Katameya Hills.
– Green Square.
– Odessa.
– Layan El Sahel.
– Jaya El Sahel.