Get ready to discover the magic at the heart of 6th of October City, where La Casa Sheikh Zayed compound shines as an architectural masterpiece blending excellence and elegance. Beyond Development Real Estate Company presents this splendid project, one of the prominent residential projects designed to provide an ideal and vibrant lifestyle.

Enjoy the finest details of your life within La Casa Sheikh Zayed compound, where Beyond Development Real Estate Company offers a unique experience. Founded in 2020, the company has proven its worth through its outstanding projects. With a strategic location chosen, close to all vital areas, thanks to the extensive experience of the real estate developer.

With multiple spacious residential units, Compound La Casa Sheikh Zayed perfectly meets the aspirations and needs of customers. It comes with a range of competitive prices, making it a breakthrough in the real estate market. Take advantage of easy reservation and installment systems to make the investment process smoother and more attractive.

Compound La Casa Sheikh Zayed Location:

Beyond Real Estate Development understands the importance of choosing a distinctive geographical location as a key to the success of real estate projects. Therefore, La Casa compound has a strategic piece of land in Sheikh Zayed City, specifically in the Green Revolution area. This area combines the tranquility of the environment with the availability of all integrated life facilities, making it easy for its residents to enjoy their lives without the need to search for services and facilities outside the area.

The location of Compound La Casa by Beyond Holding provides easy access to several key locations, located minutes away from Al Nuzha Street and Zayed Park. Additionally, it is conveniently close to the Cairo Ring Road and reputable universities such as Nile University, Zewail University, and Future University.

The project also provides easy access to Dahshur Link Road and Al Wahat Road, located near Hyper One Mall and Mall of Arabia. Moreover, it is situated near Yamor New Zayed Compound, providing residents with easy access to shopping and entertainment centers in the area.

An innovative project by a trusted real estate developer, distinguished by a successful history and exceptional designs.

Compound La Casa Sheikh Zayed represents a new chapter in the history of Beyond Real Estate Development Company, which launched its journey in the Egyptian real estate market in 2020. The compound is a continuation of a series of successful projects executed by the company with the aim of providing high-quality and efficient residential and investment complexes. The company has a record of achieving satisfaction and gaining wide trust from customers and investors.

Among Beyond Real Estate’s previous projects are:

– Four Corners Mall, 6th of October: distinguished by its strategic location and integrated facilities.
– Royal Plaza October Mall: offering a luxurious and diverse shopping experience in the heart of October.
– Zayed Gate Sheikh Zayed Mall: a modern and integrated commercial center meeting the community’s needs.
– Plus 1 Sheikh Zayed Mall: reflecting modern design and upscale facilities that match modern life aspirations.
– West Arena Sheikh Zayed Mall: an entertainment center offering a unique and diverse experience for visitors.
– Zayed Poly Clinics Sheikh Zayed: providing comprehensive and high-quality medical services to the local community.

A wide and diverse space meets the needs of all families, blending privacy and social interaction.

Beyond Real Estate Development confirmed that La Casa Sheikh Zayed compound occupies a vast space, with the total area not yet disclosed. The distribution of interior space has been revealed, with 75% allocated to green spaces and landscape areas, providing enchanting views showcasing the project’s magnificence, along with a wonderful lighting system enhancing its beauty.

Twenty-five percent of the total area of the La Casa Zayed Compound project is allocated to buildings and residential units. The units consist solely of residential apartments with multiple sizes and wonderful designs catering to all customers’ preferences. The residential buildings consist of a ground floor and 3 repeated upper floors, providing an efficient and aesthetic distribution of residential spaces.

Luxurious units with diverse spaces, meticulously designed to meet the various needs of families and individuals.

La Casa Compound offers you diversity in spaces, where the effective use of total area has been optimized to meet customers’ needs with diverse features. To achieve this efficiency and enjoy the features, you need to invest in a luxurious unit within the project. The apartment spaces vary as follows:

Two-bedroom apartments:
Spaces ranging from 168 square meters to 235 square meters.
Three-bedroom apartments:
Starting from 172 square meters.
Ground floor units:
Include private gardens ranging in size from 62 square meters to 105 square meters.

Prices of La Casa Sheikh Zayed Compound’s new phase in 2024

The savvy investor always benefits from the special offers provided by real estate companies, and in this context, Beyond Real Estate Development Company has been keen to offer competitive prices for its project, La Casa Zayed Compound. This reflects its understanding of the real estate market trends and customer needs, as all units in the project enjoy ideal specifications and attractive prices. Below are the price details:

The price per square meter in La Casa Compound by Beyond Holding is 22,000 Egyptian pounds.
The estimated total price for residential units is 4,000,000 Egyptian pounds.
You can enjoy a massive discount of up to 14% when purchasing a residential unit in the project.

As for the payment and installment systems in La Casa Zayed Compound, they have been carefully designed to meet the needs of all customers, as follows:

A down payment of 15% upon contract signing, then 5% as a second installment after 3 months, and the remaining amount can be paid over 5 years without interest.
Maintenance fees amount to 320,000 Egyptian pounds, and garage fees are estimated at around 100,000 Egyptian pounds.
All contracted units will be delivered by the year 2025.

An exceptional experience thanks to integrated services and diverse amenities that meet daily life and entertainment needs.

Currently, everyone is looking for safe homes that contribute to creating an enjoyable family atmosphere for all family members. For this reason, Beyond Real Estate Development Company has provided many recreational activities to help achieve these aspirations and make residents feel distinguished and happy. This comes alongside integrated essential facilities that meet residents’ needs and maintain their comfort within the project. Here are some service details:
Advanced security services:
To maintain residents’ safety and enhance security throughout La Casa Sheikh Zayed Compound.
Sports fields and tracks:
Providing spaces for various sports activities and safe mobility using bicycles.
Equipped gymnasiums:
To regain fitness and maintain good health.
Pharmacies and medical clinics:
To provide medications and healthcare to residents.
Commercial area and restaurants:
Including a range of international and local brands and diverse restaurants.
Clubhouse and Kids Area:
To provide more luxury and entertainment for residents.
Secure parking spaces:
With large garages to protect residents’ properties.
High-speed internet networks:
For quick connections to the outside world.
Green spaces and swimming pools:
To provide beautiful views and enjoyable relaxation areas.

In addition, La Casa Compound Zayed offers several swimming pools and water features to achieve a comprehensive living experience.

A modern and unique design that combines authenticity and elegance, focusing on construction details and the use of high-quality materials.

When you enter La Casa Zayed Compound, you will feel comfortable and mentally balanced, a feature that has become the main destination for customers seeking a comprehensive and distinctive life free from any disturbance that may affect the area’s residents. This feeling is attributed to the innovative architectural design of the project, where the vast green spaces provide panoramic views in the opposite direction of all residential units.

La Casa Compound Beyond Holding project is distinguished by a unique architectural design that combines a blend of cultures and urban styles, making it a fully serviced residential project. The design features a European style, with the simple influence of classic and modern styles dominating the compound, thus maintaining the privacy of residents in all aspects.

A unique investment opportunity that combines stability and attractive returns, with strong growth expectations in the real estate sector.

Investing in La Casa Sheikh Zayed Compound can be an excellent choice for several reasons, here are some reasons that may encourage you to make this decision:

Strategic location: La Casa Compound enjoys a prime location in the Sheikh Zayed area, making it close to essential services, entertainment facilities, and educational institutions.
Distinctive architectural design: The project features a unique architectural design that combines classic and modern styles, providing a beautiful and comfortable residential environment.
Green spaces and natural landscaping: The compound offers attractive green spaces and natural landscapes, enhancing the quality of life and providing a peaceful and comfortable environment.
Integrated services: La Casa Compound offers many integrated services, including high-level security, sports facilities, commercial areas, medical centers, making it a complete community.
Good investment opportunities: Investing in real estate in a developed and in-demand area like Sheikh Zayed could be a good future investment opportunity in terms of expected property value appreciation.
Flexible payment policies: The developer may offer flexible payment systems and suitable financing options, making it easier for you to invest in this project.
Diverse units availability: La Casa Compound allows you to choose a unit that suits your needs and budget, whether it’s a multi-bedroom apartment or another unit.
Area growth expectations: Growth and development expectations of the area can play a role in making investing in La Casa Compound an attractive option.