Discover a world of luxury and tranquility, free from pollution and noise with Lugar New Zayed project, the latest creation by Gates Real Estate in the heart of Sheikh Zayed City. Gates New Zayed offers a unique and integrated experience, providing all the amenities of daily life to make it easier and more comfortable.

By selecting the perfect geographical location in one of the most vibrant areas and our magnificent global design, we have made Gates New Zayed project a unique place with all the beautiful details. The project features providing residential units of various sizes that meet your needs, at affordable prices that suit your financial capabilities.

Don’t miss the opportunity to fulfill your dreams, reserve your residential unit today in the latest residential projects and take advantage of the opportunity to live at the highest levels of luxury in reality. We are here to make your life more beautiful and comfortable; seize the opportunity and be part of this prestigious world.

Enjoy a Prime Location in the Heart of New Zayed with Lugar Compound

In the world of residential projects, the location is one of the main factors that determine investment success, and in this context, Gates Real Estate stands out for its careful selection of the location of the new Lugar Zayed Compound. The project is strategically located on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, opposite Sphinx Airport, making it close to main roads, vital axes, and prominent landmarks.

Some nearby landmarks to Lugar Compound include:

– Access to Duhur Link Road within 15 minutes from Lugar New Zayed.
– Gates New Zayed project is located near Mall of Egypt and Mall of Arabia.
– A short distance separates the compound from the Media Production City.
– A few steps away from the Giza Pyramids.
– Minutes away from the Shooting Club.
– Next to Gates New Zayed project, there are Park Valley Compound and Midgard Compound.

This strategic location embodies Gates’ vision of providing a distinguished and comfortable residential environment, enhancing the project’s attractiveness to customers and investors seeking a unique lifestyle and prime location.

Luxurious Spaces that Meet All Your Needs in Lugar New Zayed Compound

Get now a residential unit that fulfills your dreams in the new Lugar Gates Zayed project, where the developer has provided a wide range of residential units with various spaces, giving you the freedom of choice. The available unit spaces vary as follows:

– The area of residential units in Lugar New Zayed Compound starts from 65 square meters and reaches 255 square meters.
– The area of villas, consisting of two floors in Lugar New Zayed project, ranges from 135 to 150 square meters.
– Townhouse area in the compound starts from 185 to 190 square meters.
– The area of Stand Alone Villas in the compound starts from 255 square meters.

These spaces represent diversity and harmony that allow you to choose the unit that suits your needs and personal preferences. Take advantage of the opportunity to own a residential unit that meets your expectations in the new Lugar Gates Zayed project.

Exceptional Design Combining Luxury and Modernity in Lugar New Zayed

To achieve its unique vision in the Lugar New Zayed project, Gates Real Estate relied on the best designers and architects. The engineering plans and designs were meticulously crafted according to the highest international standards, and the compound was implemented with the latest distinguished European models of luxury and sophistication, using the finest building materials and colors harmonious with the surrounding nature.

The residential units in Lugar New Zayed are designed to be part of green spaces and artificial lakes, creating an atmosphere that reflects comfort and relaxation. The project is divided as follows:

– The new Lugar Zayed project covers an area of ​​62 acres.
– Green spaces, artificial lakes, and recreational facilities constitute the largest part of the project area, while the remaining residential buildings.
– Lugar New Zayed project includes residential buildings consisting of a ground floor and about 3 floors, where each floor consists of 4 apartments, in addition to villas of different sizes.

This meticulous design and the use of high-quality materials ensure that the living experience in Lugar New Zayed is unique and comfortable.

Transparent Details and Tempting Prices with Flexible Payment Systems in Lugar New Zayed Compound

Prices in Lugar Compound have been diversified to ensure the availability of a residential unit that suits the budgets of all customers. The company has offered a range of prices, starting from EGP 2,400,000 for apartments with an area of ​​65 square meters, and prices go up to over EGP 15 million for standalone villas with spacious areas.

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Details of unit prices in Lugar New Zayed Compound:

– Apartments with an area of ​​65 square meters start from EGP 2,400,000.
– Apartments with an area of ​​145 square meters start from EGP 5,300,000.
– Apartments with an area of ​​150 square meters start from EGP 7,200,000.
– Standalone villas start from EGP 6,500,000.
– Townhouses with an area of ​​185 square meters start from EGP 8,300,000.
– Townhouses with an area of ​​190 square meters start from EGP 8,400,000.
– Standalone villas start from EGP 15,000,000.

The payment and repayment systems in Lugar New Zayed Compound allow installment over 7 years with a down payment starting from EGP 50,000 for residential apartments and EGP 100,000 for villas.

Enjoy a unique experience with unmatched services and amenities at Lugar Compound.

By owning a residential unit in the new Lugar Zayed project, you will enjoy unique benefits provided by the developing company to make the living experience in the project complete without the need to leave. These benefits include:

Prime Location:
Lugar New Zayed Compound offers an easily accessible location through main roads and axes, making it attractive to customers and investors.

Luxurious Designs and Diverse Spaces:
The compound features residential units with the highest quality and luxurious designs, with diverse spaces and attractive prices.

Natural Views:
Units are designed to enjoy direct views of green spaces and artificial lakes, providing a sense of comfort and relaxation.

Advanced Electronic Entrances and Security:
The presence of electronic entrances allows easy entry and exit without congestion, ensuring security through a security team and surveillance cameras.

Financial Services and Facilities:
Providing ATMs, waste disposal systems, and flexible payment systems to facilitate financial transactions for residents.

Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly:
The project relies on solar panels to generate electricity and reduce energy consumption, as well as providing areas for waste collection and disposal in environmentally friendly ways.

Religious and Social Facilities:
Includes a large, equipped mosque, as well as areas for barbecues to spend enjoyable times with family and friends.

Technology and Safety:
Using the latest alarm technologies and fire-fighting systems, and providing intercoms in all units to facilitate communication with security personnel.

Comfort and Central Air Conditioning:
Providing central air conditioning and shower systems to provide a comfortable and luxurious residential environment.

In this way, residents can enjoy a unique and integrated lifestyle within the Lugar New Zayed project.

Jetts Real Estate Company seeks to meet the needs of customers and make them happy by providing a wide range of entertainment and essential services in the new Lugar Zayed Compound, including:

Maintenance and Cleaning:
Maintenance and cleaning services are provided throughout the day and week by a specialized team.

Commercial Area:
A large commercial area has been established to meet the needs of residents for international brands and outlets.

Sports and Social Clubs:
The compound includes a luxurious social club with facilities for various sports and recreational activities.

Swimming Pools:
Various swimming pools are provided for all ages, in addition to covered pools for veiled women.

Gyms and Health Clubs:
Gyms are equipped with the latest equipment and sports facilities, and a health club is provided with spa and jacuzzi.

International Cuisine:
Restaurants and cafes are designed uniquely to provide a unique dining experience.

Shopping Mall:
The large shopping mall provides all necessary services within the compound.

Childcare and Education:
Providing high-quality international nurseries and schools, as well as suitable recreational and educational areas for children.

Medical and Health Facilities:
Providing equipped medical clinics and specialized medical teams, in addition to pharmacies to meet health needs.

Parking Facilities and Banks:
Private garages are provided, as well as several banks to facilitate banking services.

Recreational Areas:
Providing recreational areas for children and families including games and entertaining activities.

Business and Meeting Facilities:
The possibility of holding meetings and deals in rooms and halls equipped with the latest technologies.

Entertainment and Theme Parks:
The presence of an amusement park and areas for entertainment and recreational events suitable for all age groups.

With these services, residents of Logar New Zayed Compound can enjoy a complete and enjoyable lifestyle within the project.

Confidence in Excellence: Leading Real Estate Developer behind Lugar New Zayed Compound

Jetts Real Estate Development Company recently launched its latest project, Lugar New Zayed Compound, which has achieved great success recently. The company was founded in 2018 and is distinguished by implementing innovative real estate projects and providing distinguished and integrated services, making it popular among customers and investors across the Arab world.

Jetts offers a variety of pricing packages, making it the first choice for those interested in real estate investment. The company also provides flexible and diverse payment systems, making it easy for customers to achieve their real estate goals in a way that suits them.

Additionally, Jetts is keen on providing modern and innovative designs that meet the needs of customers and align with the latest market trends. The company strives to provide homes and real estate projects that are characterized by quality and uniqueness, effectively competing with global real estate projects.

Among the previous projects of Jetts Real Estate Development Company:

– Sheikh Zayed’s Breef Compound.
– Space October Mall.
– Venia Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
– Odaz Mall in the New Administrative Capital.
– Catalan Compound in the New Administrative Capital.
– West Jet 6 October Mall.
– Plaza Espana Mall in Sheikh Zayed.