Namaa Al Khaleej witnessed the launch of its latest project, October Axis Plaza Mall, to create a new artistic masterpiece in the real estate world. This project comes as part of the company’s series of consecutive successes in the October area, showcasing the company’s uniqueness and commitment to providing unique experiences.

October Axis Plaza Mall stands out with its ideal location on 26th of July Axis, making access to and from it easy and convenient.

The company ensured equipping the mall with all essential and recreational facilities to enhance its status and make it stand out compared to neighboring projects.

The project offers diversity in spaces, meeting diverse needs and providing multiple investment opportunities for investors.

The company provides opportunities to benefit from competitive pricing plans, making investing in October Axis Plaza Mall attractive and inspiring.

Additionally, the company offers flexible payment systems that allow investors to maximize their investment opportunities.

October Axis Plaza Mall reflects the company’s commitment to achieving more successes and providing unique investment experiences in the real estate world.

October Axis Plaza: A Strategic Location for Easy Access and Customer Attraction

The location of October Axis Plaza ensures strategic positioning for accessibility and customer appeal. Carefully selected by Namaa Company, the mall is situated on 26th of July Axis near major intersections and roads, aiming to provide easy access for visitors and investors. This keen focus on location reflects the company’s vision of making the project a focal point for numerous customers.

1. Proximity to Key Centers: October Axis Plaza Mall is conveniently located just 8 minutes away from Egypt University, about 6 minutes from 6th of October University, and a mere 2 minutes from MSA University, making it a center of interest for visitors throughout the day.

2. Nearby Medical Facilities: Approximately 8 minutes away from Dar Al Fouad Hospital, October Axis Plaza Mall serves the medical units within the project and ensures the availability of healthcare services.

3. Close to Clubs and Entertainment: The project enjoys proximity to 6th of October Club, a 5-minute drive away, and El Sayed Club, just 10 minutes away, providing residents and visitors with diverse entertainment options.

4. Near Major Commercial Centers: October Axis Plaza is approximately a 10-minute drive from Mall of Egypt and about 5 minutes away from Mall of Arabia, offering consumers various opportunities for shopping and entertainment.

5. Close to Famous Malls in October: Namaa Gulf Project is strategically located near prominent malls in October, such as West Gate Mall and Valley October Mall, making it a distinguished investment destination in the area.

October Axis Plaza offers an unparalleled luxurious and comfortable living experience due to its strategic location and proximity to daily life and entertainment centers.

Unique Design: A Blend of Elegance and Modernity

October Axis Plaza stands out prominently in the project landscape of 6th of October, boasting renowned Gulf-inspired designs. Carefully crafted using the latest technologies and modern architectural elements, it perfectly aligns with the diverse requirements and needs of customers.

1. Multi-Purpose Modern Design: The design of October Axis Plaza incorporates a modern layout spanning across a basement, ground floor, and two upper floors, allowing for diverse activities within the project and enhancing its appeal to a wide range of users.

2. Versatile Functionality: Strategically divided to include commercial units for shoppers, administrative units for business owners, and medical units for healthcare services, the project creates a comprehensive destination catering to various needs.

3. Integrated Shopping Experience: The unique design of the mall provides a seamless shopping experience, blending architectural beauty with the highest levels of comfort and technological amenities.

4. Harmonious Integration: Designed to complement the Gulf-inspired aesthetic and the surrounding environment, the project adds aesthetic value to the real estate scene in 6th of October.

Through exceptional and integrated design, October Axis Plaza embodies a commitment to providing a unique and distinguished experience for users, whether they seek enjoyable shopping, modern administrative spaces, or high-quality medical services.

A Mall Design Distinguished by Luxurious Spaces Providing a Comfortable and Attractive Environment for Visitors

The space of October Axis Plaza Mall exudes luxury and grandeur, with a total area of 18,018 square meters. The project features a large facade stretching 180 meters directly overlooking the 26th of July Axis. The spaces have been carefully designed to accommodate all types of activities and needs for visitors and investors of October Axis Plaza.

1. Luxurious Facade: The project boasts a large facade that serves as a symbol of luxury, making it attention-grabbing and enhancing the project’s appeal.

2. Space Diversity: The available spaces in October Axis Plaza range from 39 to 337 square meters, providing customers with a wide array of options to choose the unit that suits their needs and business activities.

3. Exceptional View: The project enjoys an exceptional view of the 26th of July Axis, enhancing its value as a distinguished investment destination and adding a special charm to the real estate experience.

4. Golden Investment Opportunity: Mehwar Plaza Mall presents a golden opportunity to enter the world of real estate investment, as the diversity in spaces offers unparalleled opportunities for investors and business owners.

With its magnificent space and luxurious design, October Axis Plaza Mall is a unique place that combines luxury and diversity, allowing customers to enjoy a unique shopping and investment experience.

Prices are competitive and payment plans are flexible, making investing in Mehwar Plaza October a tangible opportunity.

Gulf Growth Company has demonstrated uniqueness in the Mehwar Plaza project, where its advantages extend beyond just design and superb spaces, but also to offering competitive pricing plans that reflect its vision in serving the interests of customers and investors. The company carefully studied the Egyptian real estate market to provide inspiring prices in Mehwar Plaza Mall October, where the price breakdown shows diversity and deep understanding of market needs.

1. Commercial Spaces:

Spaces start from 39 square meters with prices starting from 2,600,000 Egyptian pounds.

2. Administrative Offices:

Spaces start from 46 square meters with prices starting from 2,567,000 Egyptian pounds.

3. Medical Clinics:

Medical units are available in spaces starting from 42 square meters with prices starting from 2,971,000 Egyptian pounds.

4. Reservation and Payment Systems:

The company offers flexible systems to meet various financial needs of customers, with installment options over 6 years. Customers can pay a 5% reservation deposit and the remaining amount is installable over 4 years, or pay a 10% reservation deposit and install the amount over 5 years without interest. Another option allows paying a 15% down payment of the total unit price and installment of the remaining amount over 6 years.

5. Reservation Seriousness:

Reservation seriousness is set at 100,000 Egyptian pounds for shops and 50,000 Egyptian pounds for offices and clinics.

Mehwar Plaza October offers investors and customers a unique opportunity to benefit from luxury and diversity, with flexible payment systems that meet various needs and make investing in it a real and sustainable opportunity.

A wide range of services and amenities to meet the needs of every visitor, from upscale restaurants to entertainment areas.

The Mehwar Plaza October project presented by Gulf Growth Company is not just a real estate project but a community that cares about every aspect of life and business. The services and facilities in this project blend in a way that makes it a perfect choice for businessmen and investors, thanks to the company’s excellent expertise in real estate.

1. Vibrant Plaza Area:

Mehwar Plaza Mall features a vibrant plaza area with renowned cafes and restaurants, providing visitors with a unique dining experience.

2. 24/7 Safety and Security:

Security and guarding services at Mehwar Plaza Mall operate around the clock, reaching the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

3. Advanced Surveillance System:

Modern surveillance cameras are spread across every corner of the Mehwar Plaza October project, enhancing the level of security and comfort.

4. Large and Convenient Parking:

The project boasts a large parking garage serving visitors and unit owners, preventing car congestion and providing convenient parking spaces.

5. High-Speed Internet:

Providing high-speed internet connections to enhance business productivity and efficiency at Mehwar Plaza October.

6. Scenic Views:

Each unit in Mehwar Plaza Mall October enjoys breathtaking views directly overlooking 26th of July Axis, adding a touch of beauty to the place.

7. Meeting Rooms and Conference Halls:

Providing modern meeting rooms and conference halls to serve administrative units with ease.

8. Smart Technology:

Providing advanced elevators, smart gates, and reception desks to ensure smooth navigation and avoid crowding at Mehwar Plaza Mall.

9. Entertainment and Relaxation:

The Gulf Growth project features indoor gym and spa facilities to meet relaxation and fitness needs.

10. Storage and Additional Services:

Providing dedicated storage spaces to serve commercial units, along with a large mosque and a children’s play area.

11. Integrated Banking Services:

ATM machines are available inside Mehwar Plaza Mall to facilitate banking services.

Through these comprehensive services, Mehwar Plaza October provides an exceptional experience for residents and investors, offering everything they need to achieve business success and enjoy a comfortable and sustainable life.

Sustainable and robust investment opportunities enhance sustainable returns on investment.

Combining unique advantages and exceptional services offered in the Mehwar Plaza project with competitive pricing plans and leading reservation and payment systems, this project becomes a guaranteed investment aimed at attracting both customers and investors alike. Thanks to the strategic thinking and ambitious vision of Gulf Growth Company, Mehwar Plaza Mall provides high-level services that make it a preferred destination for global companies and brands.

1. Competitive Pricing Plans:
Pricing plans are carefully designed to be competitive in the Egyptian real estate market, providing successful investment opportunities.

2. Reservation and Payment Systems:
Providing flexible reservation and payment systems that cater to the various needs of customers, making it easy for them to take full advantage of available investment opportunities.

3. Attraction for Global Companies:
Mehwar Plaza Mall includes a well-thought-out strategy to attract global companies and brands, providing an ideal environment for establishing and expanding businesses.

4. Excellence and Uniqueness in October:
The project aims to be a beacon for the October area, combining luxury and excellence to become an essential part of the urban identity in the region.

5. High-Level Services:
Providing high-level services, including entertainment facilities, upscale restaurants, and advanced security and guarding systems.

6. Attracting Customers and Investors:
Mehwar Plaza Mall works on attracting customers through a unique shopping experience and offers investment opportunities for investors.

With a focus on achieving excellence and meeting the needs of various segments, Mehwar Plaza Mall emerges as an exceptional investment and shopping destination that reflects advanced vision and deep understanding of market requirements.

From the development of a reliable real estate company, with experience and a track record of successful projects.

Namaa Alkhaleej Developments, known as Namaa Alkhaleej Developments, was established in 2019, and within a short period, it achieved a series of prominent successes. This success is attributed to the visionary leadership of the Chairman of the Board, Engineer Muaath Almukhaddab, who chose to enter the world of urban development in Egypt through multiple projects that reflect the company’s commitment to comprehensive development.

Future Vision:
Namaa Alkhaleej Developments reflects an ambitious vision for the future, as it plans to expand its activities in the field of real estate development in Egypt. The company positions itself as a strategic partner in achieving large-scale projects that contribute to the development of Egyptian communities.

Previous Projects:
Namaa Alkhaleej Developments has a rich history of successful projects, including:

– Mall R7 Sadat City:
This project represents a model of leading real estate development in Sadat City, designed to be a modern commercial center that meets the needs and aspirations of the local community.

– Sadat City Mall Cars:
This project features a unique concept that combines shopping and entertainment, making it a distinctive destination for residents and visitors in Sadat City.

– Mall Center 9:
The Mall Center 9 project is a qualitative leap in the world of shopping and entertainment, combining modern design with diverse facilities.

Future Aspirations:
The future plans of Namaa Alkhaleej indicate a continued focus on innovation in delivering innovative projects that meet the growing market demands and contribute to improving the quality of life for the communities it serves.