Enjoy a life of beauty and distinction at Marvel New Zayed compound, where architectural heritage comes to life in 111 acres of natural beauty and creativity. This project embodies the art of real estate development with a unique style, blending elegance and innovation, bearing the hallmark of Marvel Real Estate Development Company.

Marvel New Zayed compound is located near the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, opposite Sphinx Airport, providing easy access to vibrant areas. The residential offerings in the project vary to include luxurious apartments, duplex units, independent villas, townhouses, and twin houses, all integrated with your unique lifestyle.

Marvel Real Estate Development Company offers the best payment systems, with a down payment starting from only 5%, and installment plans over 8 years. Marvel New Zayed surpasses expectations with its high quality, utilizing the best materials in construction.

As for prices, Marvel compound enjoys the most competitive prices ever, making it the optimal choice to fulfill your dreams of a dream home.

Experience a unique life at Marvel New Zayed, where luxury, comfort, and distinction meet in one place. Book your unit now and enjoy an exceptional living experience.

In the heart of natural beauty – Enjoy a unique location for Marvel New Zayed compound

Marvel New Zayed’s location stands out as an ideal residential destination in New Sheikh Zayed City, carefully chosen by the developer for its unique location on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, providing easy access and mobility to anywhere with ease. Marvel Sheikh Zayed enjoys a strategic location in front of Sphinx Airport, providing great convenience for travelers and easy access.

The location of Marvel New Zayed compound presents an unparalleled investment opportunity due to its proximity to many vital areas in the city.

Nearby places from Marvel New Zayed compound:

Minutes to reach Sphinx International Airport.
Direct view of Cairo-Alexandria desert road.
A distance of only a few minutes to reach the Dabaa road from Marvel New Zayed.
Proximity to upscale residential projects such as: Riverz Sheikh Zayed compound, The Estates Sheikh Zayed project, Beverly Hills project, Bell-Vie project, Sodic Vye compound, providing a luxurious environment around you.
Nearby to: Mall of Arabia, Arkan Plaza, Hyper One.

Marvel New Zayed provides you with everything you need, whether you’re looking for a home to live in or a promising investment opportunity, while providing commercial facilities, shopping centers, leading international schools, hospitals, and other vital areas.

Spacious areas meet luxury living needs at Marvel New Zayed compound

Marvel New Zayed compound, spanning 111 acres, stands out as one of the best locations in New Sheikh Zayed City, carefully chosen by Marvel Real Estate Development Company to be a leading destination in the housing world. The company has allocated a large percentage of the project’s total area to ensure the presence of green spaces, artificial lakes, facilities, and services.

80% of the area has been allocated to these vital elements, enhancing the focus on greenery and public facilities to create a comfortable and attractive atmosphere for residents. As for the remaining 20% of the area, it has been allocated to luxurious and diverse residential units in Marvel New Zayed, such as luxurious residential apartments, townhouses, twin houses, and luxury villas.

These units have been carefully designed to meet the needs and aspirations of customers, combining modern design with luxurious details and spacious living spaces. Through a harmonious blend of green spaces, essential and recreational facilities, Marvel compound offers a comprehensive living environment with comfort and distinction, where residents can enjoy lush green spaces, pathways, beautiful lakes, in addition to distinctive services and facilities.

Uniqueness and elegance in every detail – Contemporary design defines Marvel New Zayed compound

Marvel compound stands out with its splendid and innovative architectural design, combining beauty and engineering design in a harmonious way that inspires creativity and attracts attention. Marvel Real Estate Development Company enlisted one of the largest architectural design companies in Egypt to produce architectural art that exceeds expectations and harmonizes with modern aspirations.

Upon entering Marvel New Zayed compound’s gate, you will feel like you’re in a charming atmosphere resembling Switzerland, characterized by elegance and luxury. The buildings feature modern and elegant designs, using distinctive lines and bold geometric shapes to give the buildings a unique and distinctive atmosphere.

The residential units within Marvel compound have been strategically distributed, providing panoramic views of the green spaces and attractive lakes, in addition to using large windows and full-height doors to achieve the flow of natural light throughout the unit.

And with the use of high-quality finishing materials, the project aims to provide a luxurious and elegant residential experience, as Marvel New Zayed is considered an ideal embodiment of distinguished and innovative architectural design, with its unique and harmonious beauty.

Exceptional experience – Luxurious services and unparalleled advantages at Marvel New Zayed compound

Marvel compound stands out by providing a comprehensive range of facilities and services that meet the needs of residents, where the developer has allocated vast spaces of the project to provide basic services and create a safe and comfortable environment for customers. Among these services:

Regular maintenance and cleaning system: Aimed at ensuring the highest level of services for Marvel residents.
Green spaces and lakes: Adding beauty and tranquility, and creating a peaceful and comfortable atmosphere for residents.
Covered parking spaces: To provide convenience for residents’ mobility.
Commercial centers and shops: Meeting daily and monthly shopping needs.
Restaurants and cafes: Offering a variety of foods to suit all tastes.
24/7 security and protection system: Using advanced surveillance techniques to secure the compound.
Swimming pools and relaxation areas: To provide opportunities for enjoying leisure and entertainment times.
Health clubs and fitness centers: Equipped with the latest equipment to promote physical fitness.
Sports fields: For practicing various sports games.
Barbecue areas, promenades, and outdoor entertainment areas: To enhance social interaction and enjoy outdoor times.
Comprehensive medical center: Providing basic healthcare services.
Clinics and specialized centers: For medical consultations and diagnosis.
Pharmacies: To meet medical supply needs.

Choose from a variety of units – Meet your needs in diverse spaces at Marvel New Zayed compound

Marvel Real Estate Development Company, the developer of the compound, distinguished itself by providing a diverse range of residential units with the best modern contemporary designs available today, accompanied by a complete brochure for each unit featuring a wide range of spaces to meet different needs. The areas of units in Marvel New Zayed range from 60 square meters up to larger.

Types of available units include:

Residential apartments: Designed in a modern style suitable for modern life needs.
Duplex units: Providing a unique living experience and multi-story designs.
Luxurious independent villas: Combining luxury and independence in unique designs.
Townhouses and twin houses: Offering multi-story units that suit various lifestyles.

This diverse selection demonstrates Marvel Real Estate Development Company’s commitment to meeting the diverse aspirations and needs of all customers in Marvel New Zayed.

Get a life of luxury at affordable prices and convenient payment plans at Marvel New Zayed Compound.

Marvel Compound prices are considered the best currently available. Marasem Company proudly competes with current market prices and stands out by offering the lowest prices compared to the large area, prime location, and modern design you will experience. Prices per square meter in Marvel New Zayed start from 63,000 Egyptian pounds.

As part of the reservation process, a check is required: 100,000 Egyptian pounds for residential apartments, while villas and twin houses require a check of 150,000 Egyptian pounds, which will be fully refunded.

The developing company provides a wide range of payment options in Marvel New Zayed to meet the needs of customers and investors. Starting with a down payment of 5% with the possibility of installment over 8 years, giving buyers great financial flexibility and easy access to the luxury real estate market.

Another prominent aspect of the payment system in Marvel New Zayed is the provision of a delivery period of only 3.5 years, ensuring the quick and immediate receipt of residential units, allowing buyers to enjoy luxury living in a very short time.

A Vision Beyond Expectations – Get to Know the Real Estate Developer Behind Marvel New Zayed Compound

Marasem Real Estate Development occupies a leading position as a developer of the Marvel Compound, specializing in delivering distinguished real estate projects in Egypt, with extensive experience dating back to its establishment in 1997. The company offers a range of luxury residential projects in New Cairo City, with its constant commitment to providing high-quality projects.

Among the prominent projects implemented by the company are:

– Fifth Square New Cairo: A project distinguished by its elegant design and superior quality, where the company succeeded in meeting customer expectations and gaining their trust.
– Lake Residence Compound: A luxurious residential project featuring integrated facilities and a unique design, reflecting the company’s commitment to providing exceptional living experiences.
– Fifth Square Mall New Cairo: A comprehensive commercial center embodying uniqueness and innovation in commercial space design.

These projects demonstrate the company’s continued reputation-building through the delivery of high-quality and unique projects, enhancing customer confidence and reflecting its visionary approach to real estate development.

Benefit from Leading Investment Opportunities – Discover the Features of Investing in Marvel New Zayed Compound

Upon entering Marvel New Zayed Compound, you will experience a unique and distinctive living environment. Let us take you on a tour to explore the life of Marvel Marasem, where facilities and services enhance communication and interaction among customers.

Residential units in Marvel New Zayed Compound boast luxury and modern design, delivered with full finishing to the highest quality standards, using the best materials in construction and finishing. These units provide all the comforts and modern amenities to meet customer needs.

Facilities and services include private and public gardens, swimming pools, barbecue areas, sports courts, entertainment and relaxation areas, and many other services that we will explore in this article. Additionally, social events, parties, and seasonal festivals are organized to promote social interaction and strengthen bonds within the community.

Cultural and entertainment activities also include fitness classes, workshops, music concerts, and art exhibitions. These activities aim to enhance communication and cohesion within the community, providing a vibrant and lively environment.