The dream of owning a residential unit in Sheikh Zayed has captured the hearts of many. To achieve this dream, Kaizen Urban Developments has launched its modern residential project, Midgard Residence Sheikh Zayed. This project is one of the most prestigious compounds in the Sheikh Zayed area, distinguished by its luxury and meticulous design.

Midgard Residence: Luxurious Living in the Heart of 6th of October

Kaizen Urban Developments, a leading real estate developer in Egypt, has meticulously chosen the location for its flagship project, “Midgard Residence.” The project is strategically situated on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in Sheikh Zayed, offering residents a prime address and unparalleled connectivity.

Proximity to Key Landmarks and Amenities:

  • New Giza: A thriving urban development with a mix of residential, commercial, and entertainment offerings.
  • Grand Egyptian Museum: A world-class museum showcasing the rich history and antiquities of Egypt.
  • New Giza University and ESLSCA University: Prestigious educational institutions providing high-quality education.
  • Smart Village: A modern technology hub with multinational companies and research centers.
  • Sphinx International Airport: An international airport offering convenient travel options.
  • Media Production City: A vibrant hub for the media and entertainment industry.
  • Dream Park: An amusement park offering fun and entertainment for all ages.
  • The Yard Elite Compound: A luxurious residential community with high-end amenities.

“Enjoy a modern and unique lifestyle with the designs of Midgard Residence, which combine elegance and comfort.”

The vast expanse of the compound, spanning 32 acres, represents one of the key factors that contributed to providing a wide range of services by the developing company. This space has been distributed among extensive green areas and housing units in a balanced manner.

The largest allocation of space in Medgard Residence is dedicated to green areas, reaching 85%, while 15% is allocated to housing units. The units have been meticulously designed, with all of them enjoying exceptional views of the green landscapes, enhancing the living experience in an elegant and distinctive style.

Choose from a variety of spacious and diverse units that cater to your individual needs and preferences.

Customers are provided with the opportunity to choose their residential units within Medgard Residence, where spaces have been diversified widely to meet various needs. The development company has introduced residential apartments with varying sizes ranging from 130 to 240 square meters, offering a diverse selection that allows customers to choose the unit that best suits their needs and preferences.

Get your dream home at affordable prices and with easy payment plans that meet your financial needs.

Prices of units in Medgard Residence Sheikh Zayed vary depending on the type and size of the residential unit, with the general price per square meter starting from 29,000 Egyptian pounds. This price is considered competitive compared to other residential compounds in the Sheikh Zayed area.

For a two-bedroom apartment with an area of 130 square meters, the price starts from 3,900,000 Egyptian pounds.
For a three-bedroom apartment with an area of 187 square meters, the price starts from 4,400,000 Egyptian pounds.
For a four-bedroom apartment with an area of 213 square meters, the price starts from 6,000,000 Egyptian pounds.

Customers are given the opportunity to own a residential unit within Medgard Residence and pay in installments through 5 payment plans, where they can choose the system that suits their needs. A payment of 50,000 Egyptian pounds is required to confirm the reservation. The systems are as follows:

– Installment over 6 years with no down payment.
– Installment over 7 years with a 7% down payment.
– Installment over 8 years with a 10% down payment.
– Installment over 9 years with a 15% down payment.
– Installment over 10 years with a 20% down payment.

A luxurious experience awaits you at Midgard Residence October, including comprehensive services and unique advantages that make it your optimal choice.

Enjoy a luxurious lifestyle within Midgard Residence Zayed, offering a wide range of integrated services and facilities to meet customers’ daily needs. These services include:

Security Services:
A security team works to guard the compound 24/7, ensuring the comfort and safety of residents.

Spacious Green Areas:
Residential units overlook green spaces, providing a comfortable environment for relaxation and leisure.

Barbecue Areas:
Designated outdoor barbecue areas for enjoyable times with family and friends.

Equipped Health Club:
Pools, jacuzzi, sauna, and relaxation treatments for serene moments.

Children’s Entertainment Areas:
Electronic games, water games, and outdoor play areas for children.

Fully Equipped Gyms:
Gym, fitness center, and courts for tennis and basketball.

Multiple Swimming Pools:
Pools for adults and a children’s pool for swimming and relaxation.

Comprehensive Medical Center:
High-quality medical services including doctor consultations and medical examinations.

Pharmacy and Shopping Centers:
Pharmacy and shopping centers featuring international and local brands.

A store offering various local and international products.

Regular Maintenance and Car Garage:
Regular maintenance for residential units and a car garage to prevent congestion.

Benefit from all these advantages within Midgard Residence Zayed compound for a luxurious and comfortable living experience.

Quality and sustainability assurance come with the trusted real estate developer, renowned for its excellent reputation in the market.

“Kaizen Urban Real Estate Company” has launched a new residential complex in Sheikh Zayed named “Midgard Residence Sheikh Zayed”. This company is considered one of the leaders in the real estate sector in the Arab world, enjoying a good reputation among customers and investors.

The company aims to achieve excellence and build a distinguished position among its competitors, also striving to satisfy its customers. Therefore, in its latest projects, it has chosen a prime location and announced flexible payment systems to facilitate the purchasing process for customers.